GBOC25: Zella Paine 1

I am starting over the 25 count portion of the challenge, this time with a vampire. Her activity will be to turn 25 sims into vampires.

Zella Paine is Gloomy, Erratic, and Outgoing. Her aspiration will be to create a Vampire Family.

As she is a vampire, it is imperative that she has shelter as soon as possible. She downloads a shell from the gallery and then redecorates it, spending all her funds.

The house is ready, it has the basics, and there is space to grow.

The first thing Zella has to do is to improve her knowledge of vampire lore and to become a Minor Vampire so that she can pick up the Vampire Creation power.

About the time I begin to consider who will be her baby daddy, Caleb drops by to welcome her to the neighborhood. Perfect.

She takes a lot of pictures and they become good friends.

Then she romances him up to the point where he agrees to become her boyfriend.

Then she has Caleb and Lilith move in with her. I considered having her move into their house, but I like this house better. As empty as it is. Caleb and Zella immediately celebrate in the Sims-way, woohoo style. And Lilith didn’t seem to care.

This isn’t just regular woohoo either. Zella has to raise one child to young adult, so she doesn’t see any reason to delay. Oh, and they are not married yet.

After they have their woohoo, Zella spends most of the money they brought into the household to add a basement, furnish the kitchen and living room, and add a room for the child.

Then everyone finds a job. Lilith takes a position as a Painter, Caleb is taking the new Salaryman career, and Zella enters the Social Media career.

Then it is time for meditation before everyone starts to work on their job requirements and Zella will hopefully get to spend some more time on vampire lore.

Zella creates her Social Media profile and then she gets back to reading. Once she becomes a Minor Vampire she is able to purchase Vampire Creation along with a few others. She also takes the Withered Stomach weakness. This means it is time to turn her first offspring.

My vampire sims are always really boring in the beginning, because I insist on getting them Perfect Sun Resistance as soon as possible. So they read until Vampire Lore is mastered and then they bore themselves silly researching vampires online.

I believe I may let Zella head out to turn the first of her offspring before she obtains sun resistance simply to move along her aspiration. And to get that much done before the baby arrives.

Zella’s aspiration requires her to turn five sims now. Of course she is going to start with Wolfgang Munch.

1. Wolfgang Munch

2. Morgan Fyres

3. Victor Feng

4. Lily Feng

5. Judith Ward (Silversweater)

While she has been making Good Friends with her offspring before turning them, because Judith is a celebrity, Zella had to turn her before she could make friends.

She takes a break and heads out to the Geek Festival for her career, and Bjorn comes over to chat with her. Bjorn is not on her list to turn, but who knows what will happen later.

Geek festival sucks. Zella is supposed to play video games for two hours, but she can’t since she doesn’t have her sun protection yet.

She keeps trying until I am concerned she will die, so she gives up on that task and heads home. Surprisingly, she will still get a promotion tomorrow.

Speaking of promotions, both Lilith and Caleb came home with a promotion today.

And then they both become Grand Masters and finish up buying the powers and taking the weaknesses that I want them to have. Now I can mostly ignore them and they won’t die in the sun.

Zella heads back out to continue turning her list. Next on the list is Duane.

Nani doesn’t even care and she heads off to play in the water.

Moving on from Duane, Zella tracks down the Pleasant twins. She is able to turn Angela before work, but Lilith slipped out to class.

That evening she calls her offspring over. They should be completing their transformations soon. The first five complete their transformations and Zella sends them home.

Lilith drops by the house, so Zella takes advantage of that and gets her turned.

She has some time to kill so she works on her social media profile. The baby should be coming soon – she took today off for family leave so it is just a matter of hours.

Zella is still waiting on the baby but while waiting she has reached Grand Master.

They have the stereo with the highest attraction, and it is almost pissing me off. They will drop what they have been told to do in order to go dance.

Zella’s erratic behavior leads her to run around outside naked. In the rain.

It is baby time, and Zivah has joined the challenge.

Zella is off for more offspring, and there is a fire at Don Lothario’s house.

While she is working on Don, Duane wanders by and completes his transformation in the street. Love his dark look.

Zella turns Don Lothario.

Then she turns Bella Goth. In the background, Angela Pleasant completes her transformation.

When she arrives at the Landgraab household, Nancy sets herself on fire.

That doesn’t deter Zella and she brings Nancy into the fold.

She was initially undecided between Candy and Yuki but in the end it was Yuki. For no other reason than I like Yuki’s hair better.

Another house, another fire. I don’t even know who this sim is, but whatever. I believe this was at Yuki’s house.

The last sim for the moment is Johnny Zest. Zella has now turned 13/25 sims.

Back home, she and Caleb have some fun on Love Day.

Maybe more fun that she needed. She is home alone with Zivah when she finds out she is pregnant again.

I don’t even remember what this was.

She is offered the chance to change jobs to Painter, level 5. She accepts and now she has to learn how to paint. Really well. Don should be the next to turn, but he hasn’t yet.

She invites Duane over for some vampire training, and that completes her aspiration. She had all of the remaining milestones done, so once it registered that she had trained 3/3 offspring everything else completed.

She tells Caleb the good news and then they just sort of chill for the evening. She needs to turn 12 more sims but that will be in the next update. Her current score is 140.


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