GBOC25: Zella Paine 2

Time is passing by and it is soon time for Zivah to become a toddler. Caleb helps her out of the bassinet, teaches her to walk, and she rolls Silly. Lilith and Zella are busy working on their painting skill.

Silly, adorable toddler.

Pain in the ass toddler. She refuses Caleb’s suggestion that she learn to use the potty.

Nancy was randomly walking by and completed her transformation, so Zella invited over the remaining sims that had not completed the transformation and they all did the thing as soon as they arrived.

Zivah is tired and wants to go to bed. But Caleb still needs to get her back on the potty.

After reaching level 2 in the potty, it is time for Zivah to master communication.

She doesn’t get all the way there – but close.

Caleb gets her changed and puts her to bed. I love these new pajamas from Snowy Escape.

Yeah, she is still cranky, but a good sleep should help her out.

Zella needs to head out for more sims to turn but I wanted to give Zivah a chance to get some sleep before leaving her at home. She needs to become a top-notch toddler before she ages up or Zella needs to reach turn 25 sims first.

Zella heads off for another round of turning vampires. She is being deliberate about who is turned, making sure they are good friends before she turns them, and then making sure they aren’t too pissed off after she turns them. This is her next door neighbor, Lanuola Tanielu.

Venessa Jeong

Ulrike Faust

Bjorn Bjergsen

This is not one of Zella’s offspring. Apparently now that she is turning a lot of vampires, they are invading the worlds.

Zoe Patel

Zella takes a break and heads home to check on Zivah. She has mastered communication here.

Her heart is broken when Zella leaves her behind and goes to work.

She is pissed and exhausted but also so close to mastering movement.

I left her on the slide too long. She has a desperate need for the potty and her bed. She didn’t make it to either one, first pooping her diaper, and then passing out on the floor.

Lilith needed to visit the museum and then Zella went for another sim – Akito Takahashi.

Zivah has mastered the potty.

Zella goes into labor and gives birth to twins – Zoey and Zach.

Zivah gets up to eat and notices the two new babies in the house.

Zivah is a very sad little girl at the moment.

Zivah needs some cheering up so Zella plays with her for a really long time. They finally quit when Zivah masters movement. That is three skills for her, just leaving imagination and thinking.

Akito is still hanging out at the house since he hasn’t completed his transformation yet. Lilith is tired of being alone so she makes some serious moves on him. It turns out that MCCC married him off to Lanuola while I wasn’t looking, but Lilith doesn’t care. She isn’t interested in marrying him.

Just in the woohoo opportunities.

Zella begins working on the last of the sims. Starting with Liberty Lee.

Luna Villareal

Annika Bauer

Izzy Fabulous

Baby Ariel

and #25 is Siobhan Fyres

Lilith discovers she is pregnant after her shower fling with Akito.

Zivah has been working on her imagination which means there are a lot of messes to clean up.

Zella has initiated 25 conversions. She is waiting for the last one to complete the conversion before calling the challenge done.

Zivah masters imagination and is only lacking thinking with four days remaining. Not a problem, if we are still here at that time.

Zella keeps inviting her unturned offspring over so that they will turn as soon as possible. In the meantime, she is working on mastering painting.

The twins have become toddlers. Zoey is Clingy.

Zack is Wild.

I went into CAS to update Zoey and Zack and came back to Zivah pooping again.

I am going to miss Zella.

Painting is mastered. That makes three skills she mastered – Vampire Lore, Photography, and Painting.

The trouble with having all of the toddlers in the same room. Zivha wakes up scared.

And her crying wakes up Zoey and Zack.

Liberty is the last to turn. She was at work so the others completed their transformations while waiting on her to get home.

Zella, Caleb, and Lilith each put a toddler back to bed, and they add a stereo to play lullabies to sooth the little ones.

Liberty ends the challenge on a shocking note. Apparently she was struck by lightning after completing her transformation. The challenge ends with 205 points earned and none lost.


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