GBOC50: Shannon Tierney

The next challenge I am going to attempt is the 50 count activity. I am bringing one of my previous sims out of retirement – Shannon was originally created to test out the Sliding Doors in Sims 4. So, now she gets another shot at life. She will be fulfilling 50 whims, which is actually right up her alley as the Sliding Doors challenge is whims-based. Shannon’s traits are changed for this challenge: Romantic, Materialistic, and Family-oriented . Her aspiration is to become Fabulously Wealthy.

Of course, Shannon also gets a makeover for this challenge and then she settles down on an empty lot in Newcrest. Not just any empty lot, of course. She moves into Twin Oracle Point. I considered letting her move in with her future spouse, but instead she will build something (or download something) in Newcrest.

I will not be taking pictures of every whim, but to get her started, her first whim is for bees. Not a tent or a house, but bees. And an umbrella stand.

Now we take a break for a final exam and then Shannon will decide what we are going next. Or I might if she doesn’t give me something to work with.

Since I am not limited to fulfilling her whims, she calls for a job as a Painter. I was going to choose Secret Agent, but that is the career she had in her first Sliding Doors. Painting is good because she can earn a lot of money that way.

Shannon sets up a painting easel and she begins learning how to paint.

And then she sees him. Marcus Flex. Jogging by.

She puts on her charms and he falls for her hard. So hard that he forgets he doesn’t like commitment.

They head out for a date, which goes really well.

Really, really well.

And then she wanted a pool. Random.

Back to reality, she takes advantage of his really romantic mood and proposes, and he accepts.

Realizing that he prefers to avoid commitment, Shannon suggests that they elope immediately. No chance to change his mind this way.

Shannon spends his money to add on to the house.

And then she finds out she is pregnant.

Marcus takes the news well. And then he heads off for a long jog.

Shannon isn’t worried. And she is liking the beginnings of her new kitchen.

Yeah, Marcus is thrilled about the baby. So thrilled that he spends a few hours hysterical. But he survives the hysteria and heads home.

Marcus tries to get some sleep but he is Very Energized and can’t fall asleep.

Shannon is enjoying this life – she is inspired to play in the rain.

And she wants to bond with her bees, along with selling the honey and wax.

Pregnancy = Backaches

Vlad comes by and leaves a painting for Shannon to sell, and that gives me an idea.

Shannon keeps rolling the whim to cloud gaze or star gaze with Marcus.

Shannon creates a painting club (Painting for Shannon) and adds several sims with the painting skill. They will be doing the painting and Shannon will be selling the painting.

She almost has enough easels for everyone.

As they go along, she is able to build a painting pavilion using the new platforms along with a roof for protection from the rain.

Vlad comes to drink Shannon’s blood, but she wakes up first and greets him and then sends him home.

It doesn’t always work out like that, but I will take it when it does.

I think Marcus burns the eggs every single time.

The club has been doing really well at creating paintings for Shannon to sell. She has been doing her own also and is at level 6 in the painting skill and level 3 in her career.

There is a break in the action as Shannon gives birth on the painting pavilion.

Conor joins the family.

I tried to send her to bed, but she was chatting and didn’t get the message in time.

The club is off at work and school – she has the best luck in starting gatherings in the evening so no one slips off to work or school.

That leaves Marcus as the one most often taking care of Conor.

Those damn bees. She might be getting rid of them soon.

Hanging out in the very tiny pool.

I don’t even remember what this was about.

Shannon is at work leaving Marcus home alone this time. He goes for a “swim”.

I was having trouble building on to the existing house. When I added a porch, the front would delete and then it would not be placeable. After messing with it for way too long, I finally downloaded a shell for them to use.

It is a nice big floor plan and it is a single story, which is my preference. No stairs for the toddlers to mess with. The garage was converted in the painting studio and there are three full bathrooms in the house. For the moment, there are no bees and no swimming pool. Shannon is at 34/50 whims – and I am not trying, so the ones she is getting are her choices.

They are out of money again, so Shannon starts a gathering and heads to bed.

It is time for Conor to become a toddler and he rolls Independent. Shannon puts him on the potty and then Conor takes it from there.

The benefit to an Independent toddler is that they can potty train themself as needed.

Conor works on communication and fun while Marcus watches him.

The family is eating together. The painting club is all actually painting at the moment.

It is time for Conor to get some sleep and Marcus is right there to read him a story.

Thanks MCCC. Shannon is pregnant again.

Conor works on movement until he masters it. He has also mastered communication.

I went into build/buy mode to add a mirror for Shannon and got distracted. Now Marcus has a full bar.

Looking from the front door to the back of the house.

Now from the kitchen to the front of the house. The main part of the house is completed.

Shannon is trying to cheer up Conor, but it is going to take some sleep to get this boy back into a good mood.

Maybe it is time to end the gathering for a little while. Shannon currently has 38/50 whims completed. I have a feeling Shannon will complete the whims before she completes her aspiration. If that happens, this will become 75 whims instead of 50.

Conor begins working on imagination again, and this time he is able to make enough messes to master it. That just leaves Thinking.

The painting club is busy. Shannon needs to have §50,000 in the bank for her aspiration so she is holding off more renovations to the house until she can get that checked off. The ladies are producing mostly masterpieces these days, so there is some value in their work. I have never used the club system like this before, but this is pretty cool.

Marcus heads off to work. Shannon has taken a day of family leave to stay home with Conor today. And to get some much needed sleep.

Marcus earns a promotion and is able to get out of the costume and onto the dance team.

Conor has never run anywhere. He walks even though he has mastered movement.

He is following Shannon around to build up his thinking skill and walks in just after she gives birth to Allen.

He is not a happy camper any longer.

Nope, I would say this boy is not happy to have a sibling.

Marcus was sent jogging, and maybe he shouldn’t have gone during a thunderstorm.

Conor has mastered his last skill and is a Top-Notch Toddler.

While Shannon and Marcus occupy themselves with some adult recreation, Conor chats up Brent, who stopped by to see Shannon.

With only one item left for her aspiration, Shannon decides it is time to finish the house. And she notices that someone stole the painting of Marcus.

She has two paintings of Conor, which are still in place, and will need to add some paintings of Allen as soon as he is a toddler. She is going to be close between completing her aspiration and reaching 50 whims. She is currently at 44 whims and still needs §57k in earnings.

I haven’t used this much recently, but there was a wall that needed something big, so here it is.


The club is called back although no one stays long. Most of them went off to work and I think Lilith went off to have a baby.

Marcus wants to do his part so he snags an empty easel and creates a figure painting for Shannon to sell.

Most paintings, these turned out pretty nice.

It has been storming nonstop for several days and Conor has had enough.

Marcus tries to comfort him but Conor is having nothing to do with that.

Allen becomes a Silly toddler, and he has Shannon’s hair. Neither of the boys have had makeovers yet, so they are wearing whatever they grew up into.

It is late and Shannon wants to sleep, so she and Allen grab a bite and the Marcus puts him to bed.

Conor is already asleep and now he shouldn’t be woken up by the baby crying all the time. Although there is a new baby coming, so the reprieve is only temporary.

When Allen wakes up, Marcus is there to help him get started on the potty.

Conor is getting to run free since he has mastered all of his skills. His birthday is coming soon though.

Shannon comes home with a promotion, and that is the last day she will work before the baby arrives.

Marcus plays with Allen to get his movement skill up.

Meanwhile, Shannon and Conor are not quite aligned.

Allen masters communication, and now it is time for a bath.

It is time for this boy to blow out some candles.

Marcus bakes him a coconut cake and helps him blow out the candles.

Conor rolls Cheerful and takes the social aspiration.

Bonding while Allen struggles to eat and Shannon works on getting his portrait painted.

I don’t know what happened, but Shannon no longer knows anyone. Oh wait. She picked up the Lifestyle for Close-Knit so I guess she only knows the sims she was good friends with? Either way, she has to introduce herself to Allen.

She also masters painting and needs just one or two more whims to reach 50.

Ulrike is over this free labor club. And the lightning. That irritated her also.

The last painting – this puts Shannon over §200,000 and completes her aspiration.

And the timing is perfect as she has just gone into labor and she really has to pee.

50 Whims Completed – Final score is 280 points.

It’s a girl – Marie joins the family – and the challenge ends.


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