GBOC75: Blair Waldorf 1

For this next attempt, we are going for 75 hosted social events. To that end, Blair Waldorf, socialite-wannabe, will be taking the challenge. She will need to host 75 social events with a bronze rating or higher. As she proceeds, the rating might be increased – mostly if she is knocking golds out of the park. But, to start with bronze or better is the goal.

Blair is Outgoing, Self-Assured, and a Music Lover. Her aspiration is to become a Party Animal, of course. Blair chooses to demolish the existing crashed plane located at Admiral’s Wreckage. Then, she has to hook up utilities since the area is off the grid when she moves “in”. Then, she builds a small house to get started. She is really hoping to marry someone rich and well-connected, like Diego Lobo. But I don’t like living in the apartments, so the hope and plan is for Diego to move to Sulani with Blair.

Blair’s first social event will be her wedding to Diego. Which means she needs to find Diego and convince him to get married.

Diego is always at his computer when my sims go looking for him.

Blair and Diego hit it off, taking selfies together, becoming best friends, and progressing to romantic interests.

Blair takes the chance and proposes to Diego, and he accepts. Woo! As she starts to plan the wedding, she realizes that she doesn’t have anyone to invite.

So, she heads downstairs to complete her first milestones – meeting new sims and making some friends.

Once she has that done, it is time to plan the ceremony.

Here comes the Bride and Groom.

Lovely picture. I will have to see if I can get him to paint from reference using this picture for their wall at home. And then I realize this picture isn’t in her inventory since it is the picture I took of the game. Too bad.

All the guests, and they are all sitting for the ceremony. Cool.

She needs the cake for gold, and this is the cake she made.

Good enough. Wedding is Gold, but apparently it is not considered a Party for her aspiration. Either way, one social event done, 74 more to go.

Diego and Blair head back to her empty lot in Sulani. Diego agreed to move out of the city, sold all of his belongings (most of them anyways), and will be spending the money on building a new house.

After some time looking, Blair found a house to download from the gallery.

It is dark, but the house only needed minor renovations. Most to remove the walkout over the water, since they don’t have waterfront property. They are on the beach but with a short walk to the water.

Diego and Blair head upstairs to celebrate their marriage.

And their celebrations have a long-lasting consequence.

Diego is level 7 as an Art Critic, but he has zero painting skill. So, he begins to work on remedying that deficit.

Blair makes a nice breakfast but when Diego gets hungry he gets a bowl of cereal instead of a hot breakfast.

Blair throws her second social event with her first House Party. While the guests are mingling downstairs, she and Diego slip away to the upstairs bathroom. Seriously Diego? Is this the time for a bath?

After the Silver party ends, Diego gets back to working on his painting skill for his next promotion. He is also listing all of the paintings on Plopsy, so it will take a little time for him to begin cashing in.

Go away Vlad. My eyes are burning.

Blair and Diego both work from home on Tuesday. Diego has to install a bubble blower since he has an assignment to try out three different flavors.

Once they both have their work assignments completed, it is time for the next party. This time Blair throws a Dinner Party. My intention is to have one of every party and event available and then to start working on getting Gold on the ones that fell short. Being pregnant is an added challenge especially when she doesn’t take a break to potty. Maybe no one will notice the puddle of pee next to the bar.

The dinner party ends up at Silver because no one wanted to drink at the same time, and for some reason they needed to all get playful.

After the party, Blair heads up to bed leaving Diego to do all of the cleanup. At some point, they will hire a daily maid to handle the after party cleanup, but that day isn’t today.

Blair is rewarded for doing a great job and receives a promotion. Diego is already fairly high up and his performance still needs to improve some more before he will get another promotion. He has the requirements in place, just needs the performance boost.

A little pre-baby fun.

And then they have to make a trip to the Arts Center so that Diego can review a performance. Thankfully someone was performing for him to review.

Yeah, okay.

Blair should have stayed home.

Random intruder.

It will soon be time for the baby to come, and Blair is still trying to get the third “party” for her aspiration. It is not the Dance Party, which also does not receive a medal.

Blair and Diego spend the dance party sleeping.

She almost makes it to the bed before passing out.

Cooper Lobo is born several hours later.

I was really hoping they would win the lottery, but oh well.

Then they have a Kava Party. I thought this would be a good, easy one for Gold. But they got stuck on Silver and could never get the Gold to pop even though the party bar was completely full. And the Kava Party did not count as the third party.

I forgot to take a picture of the Black and White Party, which she earned a Gold Medal.

After the party, Diego had to run out to the Arts District for some work related assignments. You know, because graffiti.

Coming home, Blair is making more food that she won’t eat.

Random dude came in for water, while the entire household is sleeping.

Then Blair tries the Keg Party.

And a Keg Stand. She ends up with Silver because she can’t get enough party-goers to listen to the stereo. I also realized that the house did not have any lot traits, so now they have Party Place, Geothermal, and Natural Well.

Time has passed with work and parties and it is now time for Cooper to become a toddler.

He is cute, and he is Fussy.

He is really cute as he tells the stuffed animal all about his toddler woes.

Blair gives his some airplane lessons so that he will be able to get up and down the stairs on his own. And then everyone goes to bed.


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