GBOC75: Grace Noel

Moving on to the next step in this challenge – Grace Noel will be working on producing 75 pets. For this challenge I will be pulling out the two pups that I created for the trailer park challenge: Dilbert the German Spitz and Prissy the French Bulldog.

Dilbert is Vocal, Adventurous and a Hunter.

Prissy is Friendly, Smart, and Vocal. They are both barkers. So much joy. The pups are also coming into this as puppies. So, it will take a few days before they can start reproducing.

Grace and the pups move into the empty lot, Sporting Space, near the vet. Although, they shouldn’t have to use the vet clinic since Grace will be studying the veterinarian skill.

The first thing she does is to adopt an infant, because she doesn’t plan on getting married, and she has to have an heir in case she doesn’t complete the challenge before becoming an elder. And I just randomly clicked on one of the babies without looking, so she brings home a little girl, called Krysta.

These are really my favorite dogs in Sims. Really. I am so glad I have the opportunity to use them again.

Grace spends basically everything she has to build herself a tiny house. Since it will just be Grace and Krysta along with Prissy and Dilbert and their puppies, she doesn’t need a big place.

My plan as Grace moves along, is for Prissy and Dilbert to produce litters of puppies, and then Grace will give them away to other sims by using the move in together function and only moving the puppies. This means she will need to be friends with the receiving household.

She is welcomed to the neighborhood fairly quickly. Brent and Brant Hecking drop by to bring her some fruitcake and check out her puppies.

The house is simple. But Krysta will be out on the front porch until she becomes a child, then she will share the bed with Grace. Because it is a tiny house, and I don’t want to lose the bonuses, the porch and work areas cannot have a fourth wall. Thankfully they can have a roof.

After chatting with the fellows for a bit, it is time for Grace to get to work. She leaves Brent and Brant in the front with Krysta and heads off to begin learning the vet skill.

Her aspiration is Friend of the Animals, but I am not sure if she is going to have a real job, or just work as a vet. I am still debating on having her purchase the vet clinic. I think I would rather she just work from home. Either way, she will need to master the skill so that she can make treats for the pups.

The pups are pretty little as they are standing next to a cat for comparison. They should be growing up shortly and then the baby making can begin.

Dilbert is a hunter and Grace sends him off to hunt. He hunted up a good place to sleep.

Prissy is not a hunter and she is happy to sleep inside the house next to Grace.

Krysta becomes a toddler before the puppies have their birthday. Krysta is Charming.

I have never had a toddler master the potty so fast. Krysta literally did it in four attempts.

She is skilling fairly quickly in movement also reaching level 2 and 99% before she goes to sleep for the first time (as a toddler).


That is better. The last picture she had the thought bubble like nice tiny house.

Grace begins encouraging Prissy and Dilbert to breed.

Krysta watches them get their loving on, and I for one am really glad that this is all they do while breeding (in the game of course).

They try a second time. Still waiting on notification that Prissy is pregnant.

Everyone calls it a day and falls asleep. I still don’t think Prissy is pregnant.

While this picture looks like the last one, Prissy now knows that she is pregnant.

Quiet time in the Noel household as everyone gets some sleep.

Prissy is in labor so of course Grace has to hold her with a weird glitchy hand.

The first two puppies are born – Annie and Yogi. As soon as they become adults they will be rehomed to an existing family in one of the worlds. The process will require Grace to become friends with one of the household members so that she can ask to move in. At that point, she will move the puppy into their household and take §1,000 for payment.

With space in the house, it is time for Prissy and Dilbert to have another litter.

Prissy was successful and is expecting her next litter.

On the sim side, Grace is reading Krysta to mastery of imagination.

That leaves thinking and Krysta is going to be one of the fastest toddlers to reach Top-Notch Toddler.

Krysta is the first one to need the tub – even the puppies have not gotten dirty enough to need a bath yet.

Krysta masters thinking and becomes a Top Notch Toddler with five days remaining before her birthday.

More babies are born – Kona and Sidney.

Prissy loves her babies.

So many messes and much mischievousness. Both the toddler and the puppies.

And there is quite a lot of poop.


I am reconsidering the thought about waiting until they are adults, and moving them out once the house is full each time. I am also reconsidering the breeding of puppies and considering moving to rescuing strays and then rehoming them with another family.

Breed 75 Puppies (4/75)



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