Generational Objectives

Generation One: Farmer/Fisher

Fiona Miles

Farmer (Fiona)

  • Date/Marry guy with Angler
  • No woohoo before Marriage
  • Get Married (Christopher Steel)
  • Have both Boy and Girl (Samson and Delilah)
  • No Watermelons/Apples to sway gender of child
  • Master Gardening Skill
  • Plant Every Plant from Grocery Store
  • Obtain all Plants/Seeds without Traveling
  • Complete opportunities for Egg, Cheese, Burger, Steak, and Omni plants
Fisher (Christopher)
  • Master Fishing Skill
  • Catch All Fish without Traveling


  • Buy ‘riding’ Horse and/or ‘hunting’ Dog (Phoebe and Tabitha)

Generation Two: Singer

Delilah Miles

Singer (Delilah)

  • Join Singer Profession
  • Become Level 10 Singer
  • Perform at all locations
  • Sing Karaoke Alone and with Another Sim
  • Try Out DJ Booth
  • Deliver Each of the Sing-O-Grams
  • Receive a Steady Gig
  • Have Children (Juliette and Violetta)

Writer/Painter (Willard)

  • Master Painting Skill
  • Master Writing Skill
  • Paint 30 Paintings
  • Write 25 Books
  • Read 50 Books
  • Earn $30,000 in Royalties
  • Earn $30,000 from Paintings
  • Write a Book in Each Available Genre
  • Paint 5 Masterpieces
  • Paint 6 Brilliant Paintings
  • Join the Book Club
  • Paint Family Portraits

Generation Three: Explorer

Juliette Miles

Explorer (Juliette)

  • Travel to Egypt, China, and France
  • Gain Visa Level 3 in all Locations
  • Unlock All Tombs
  • Have a Child from each Location (Kai, Luc, Pia)
  • Learn Photography (level 3)
  • Learn Martial Arts (level 10)
  • Learn Nectar Making (level 10)
  • Create a Mummy (Aziza)

Inventor (Violetta)

  • Master Inventing Skill
  • Master Logic Skill
  • Master Handiness Skill
  • Discover all Inventions
  • Collect 1,000 Scrap
  • Detonate Objects
  • Have a Child from the Time Machine (Silas)
  • Create a Clone
  • Create a SimBot (Clara)
  • Carry a Death Flower
Firefighter (Clara)
  • Become a Firefighter
  • Become a Level 10 Firefighter
  • Master Handiness
  • Master Athletic
Cook (Aziza)
  • Join Cooking Career
  • Become Level 10 Cook
  • Master Cooking
  • Learn all Recipes

Generation Four: Family

Pia Miles

Parent (Pia)

  • Adopt a Boy, Child
  • Adopt a Girl, Toddler
  • Give Birth to Triplets
  • Teach Toddler Skills
  • Have Five Children
  • Have Weddings for Children

Daycare (Pia)

  • Get Married (Hector)
  • Open Daycare
  • Reach Level 5 Daycare
  • Attend Graduation
  • Enroll Children/Teens in After School Activities

Music / Symphony (Hector)

  • Master Guitar skill
  • Learn all Songs
  • Get Married (Pia)
  • Join Music Career
  • Master Logic skill
  • Reach Level 10 Symphony

Generation Five: Athlete

Beau Miles

Athlete (Beau)

  • Join Sports Career
  • Get Married
  • Master Athletic skill
  • Donate to Charity Regularly
  • Complete Cardio Challenges (Fitness Nut and Marathon Runner)

Fortune Teller (Bianca)

  • Join Fortune Teller career
  • Reach Level 10 Mystic
  • Master Alchemy skill
  • Master Charisma skill

Alchemist (Bianca)

  • Learn all Elixirs
  • Transform Human into any Occult with Elixir
  • Transform a Sim into the Tragic Clown

Witch (Bianca)

  • Meet a witch
  • Have a baby with a witch
  • Become a witch OR have witch in household to control
  • Use all magic types
  • Reach level ten in witch abilities (hidden skill, achieve Reanimation Ritual)

Toadification (Bianca)

  • Become or create a toadificated sim
  • Cure toadification with a kiss

Generation Six: Celebrity

Willow Miles

In the Spotlight (Matthew)

  • Join Film career
  • Max writing
  • Max charisma
  • Become level 5 celebrity
  • Have kid

Celebrity (Willow)

  • Become 5 star celebrity
  • Pay off paparazzi twice
  • Sue paparazzi for slander
  • Have two celebrity friends
  • Go To A Hot-spot once a week
  • Try a drink at every bar
  • Dance at every club
  • Find love of your life at bar

Film / Acting (Matthew)

  • Reach level 10 Acting
  • Befriend co-workers and boss

Mixologist (Willow)

  • Master mixology skill
  • Master cooking skill
  • Buy a bar
  • Have a kid
  • Level five gardening skill

Vampire (Matthew)

  • Get turned into a vampire
  • Get feed on by a vampire
  • Feed on a donor
  • Master all skills
  • Have a love or two
  • Make a vampire
  • Have vampire kid (Let them learn all skills available)
  • Public woohoo in at least five different spots.

Generation Seven: Criminal

Adrian Miles

Criminal (Adrian)

  • Join Criminal career
  • Master Logic
  • Master Athletic
  • Marry sim (Piper)
  • Have one ‘perfect’ child only (Felicity)
  • Befriend Child (Felicity)

Law Enforcement (Piper)

  • Join Law Enforcement career
  • Reach level ten of super spy branch
  • Master Logic
  • Become best friends with co-worker or partner or boss
  • Get married when young adult (Adrian)
  • Have a kid while young adult (Felicity)
  • Master either athletics

Generation Eight: Journalism

Felicity Miles and Janette Miles

Service (Felicity)

  • Marry service sim (James Reed, policeman)
  • Have child with service sim (Jocelyn – fireman and Jacklyn – pizza delivery)
  • Have child with hidden trait (Jocelyn – pyromaniac and Jackly – pizza appreciator
  • Have part-time job when teen (Mausoleum, level 3)

Military (Felicity)

  • Reach level 10 Military
  • Master Athletic Skill
  • Master Handiness Skill
  • Buy out a business
  • Adopt a child (Jezebel)

Business (James)

  • Master Charisma Skill
  • Reach Level 10 Business
  • Partner in a business
  • Make 50,000 in family funds from working.

Journalism (Janette)

  • Join Journalism Career
  • Master Writing Skill
  • Write 10 books
  • Partner in a business/or community lot

Genie (Janette)

  • Free Genie with Third Wish (Dane Keller)
  • Marry Genie (Dane)
  • Make a baby (George)

Generation Nine: Pets Hoarder

Jeffrey Miles

Horse Trainer (Jeffrey)

  • Race at least 25 times
  • Win 10 times
  • Master racing skill
  • Master riding skill
  • Marry someone who has animal lover, dog lover, cat lover, or equestrian trait
  • Have kid(s)

Pets Hoarder (Honey)

  • Get 15 different types of small animals
  • Own 5 cats (doesn’t have to be at same time)
  • Own 5 dogs (doesn’t need to be at same time)
  • Own 5 horses (doesn’t need to be at the same time)
  • Be best friends with at least 5 of your animals (you’ve always related better to them anyway)

Unicorn (Jeffrey or Honey)

  • Befriend a Unicorn
  • Have them join household

Imaginary Friend (Jeffrey)

  • Become best friends with Imaginary Friend (Honey)
  • Turn Imaginary Friend Real (Honey)
  • Go to prom with imaginary friend (Honey)
  • Marry Imaginary Friend (Honey)
  • Have Children with Imaginary Friend
  • Max Logic

Generation Ten: Politician

Penny Miles

Politician (Penny)

  • Reach level ten of political career
  • Master Charisma
  • Throw political/campaign party
  • Get 10,000 for campaign funds
  • Donate to charity
  • Get married as an adult
  • Have three kids

Generation Eleven: Musician/Rock Star

Caryl Miles

Rock Star (Caryl)

  • Master an instrument
  • Learn all songs
  • Get married
  • Join Music career
  • Play concert 5 times
  • Have 3 signings
  • Get tattoo
  • Top Rockstar branch

Sculptor/Painter/Tattooist (Stein)

  • Master Sculpting skill
  • Learn to use all sculpting materials
  • Make at least 5 sculptures
  • Master Painting skill
  • Paint 25 paintings
  • Sell 10,000 in paintings
  • Buy tattoo chair and give spouse and friends tattoos.

Fairy (Angelica/Rose)

  • Meet a fairy
  • Have baby with a fairy
  • Become OR get fairy in household to control them
  • Use all Fairy Magics and auras
  • Reach level ten in fairy magic (hidden skill > Inner Beauty)

Generation Twelve: Science

Briar Miles

Doctor (Bella)

  • Join Medical Career
  • Reach level ten of Medical Career
  • Master Logic skill
  • Give sim medical advice
  • Decide baby gender for a sim
  • Have baby
  • Vacinate 10 sims

Science (Briar)

  • Join Science Career
  • Max Gardening Skill
  • Max Hardiness Skill
  • Level 5 Fishing Skill
  • Resurrect a Ghost (or Two)
  • Find and have death flower in inventory
  • Max science skill

Plantsim (Jasmine)

  • Become a plant sim or have plantsim in household
  • Have a baby with a plantsim (Forbidden Fruit)
  • Receive or Use flower kiss and poison kiss

Generation Thirteen: Ghost Hunter

Ariel Miles

Ghost Hunter (Ariel)

  • Join Ghost Profession
  • Get to level 10 in Ghost Profession
  • Catch at least 30 ghosts
  • Convince 15 ghosts to move on.
  • If able, have all ghost types on lot. Or see all ghost types, if possible.
  • Marry a ghost.

Time Travel (Ariel)

  • Travel to each of the futures
  • Take a job as Astronomer while in the future

Bots (Ariel)

  • Buy or create a simbot
  • Buy or create a plumbot and upgrade to Future Tech quality

Generation Fourteen: University

Lucy Miles

College Major (Lucy)

  • Go to University
  • Fill out scholarship form
  • Get a degree
  • Brains of the bunch
    • Go to all class and lectures
    • Spend free time studying (at least 2 times a week)
    • Go out but only to movies, comic book store, bowling alley, and school
    • Get a boy/girlfriend while in college
    • Get all A’s
    • Max scholarships

Game Developer (Lucy)

  • Max Nerd influence
  • Become a game developer
  • Get married after you max nerd skill
  • Play video games in spare time

Generation Fifteen: Back to the Beginning

Zylen Miles

Farmer (Zylen)

  • No woohoo before Marriage
  • Get Married
  • Have both Boy and Girl
  • Master Gardening Skill
  • Master Fishing Skill


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