Heavenly Stars, Completed 9/30/09

I have started a new Sims 3 legacy with the hope that this one will hold my attention for longer than 2 generations. So far so good. I am using Pinstar’s rules except that the family will not start on an empty lot. I will be playing for points so to balance out the start in an existing home the value of that home will be deducted from the family funds. The legacy house is the Sunny Summer House downloaded from Parsimonious. I will be playing this as a matriarchy. The only male sims allowed to live in the legacy house will be the ones born into the family. I am also doing Story-teller (obviously) and have not yet decided if I will use Family Trait. I will know for sure once the second generation rolls their last traits when they become young adults.

Completion:  I loaded this save file up and realized that the issues I was having way back then with the save error had resulted in the last few days missing.  So I decided to play through those days and try to salvage what I can from the legacy.

Located all of the gravestones for the family with the exception of three: Aurora (1), Auriga (3), and Caroli (6).

Legacy graves

Verified all of the portraits were still in the house.  I couldn’t tell you which was which, but here are all nine portraits.

Legacy painting 6 Legacy painting 7 Legacy painting 1 Legacy painting 345 Legacy painting 8-9Legacy painting 2

Replaced all the missing custom content and got reacquainted with the current household members.

Mercury is the head of the household, and the generation 8 heiress.

Mercury 8

Triton was the first born and generation 9 heir

Triton 9

Alyssa married Tryton and is currently pregnant with generation 10

Alyssa spouse

Proteus is not the heir (he is wearing green swim trunks with this jacket)

Proteus 9

Larissa is Insane

Larissa 9

Thalassa is Evil

Thalassa 9

Galatea might just get her own challenge of some sort.

Galatea 9

Welcomed Phoenix, generation 10, and the completion (again) of the legacy.

Phoenix 10

Updated the calculations on the spreadsheet, with a final score of 113


Family Trees from start to finish

Founder, Aurora


Generation 2, Cassiopeia


Generation 3, Auriga

Auriga Borealis

Generation 4, Lyra


Generation 5, Meissa


Generation 6, Caroli


Generation 7, Talitha


Generation 8, Mercury


Generation 9, Triton


Generation 10, Phoenix



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