Hickey TPC: A New Direction

First things first, Tami takes Bella to the local vet and gets her spayed.  There will be no more surprise puppies.  And in case you are curious – §100 is all that it costs, and it is reversible if you change your mind.

Bella is not happy about the cone of shame but that is what happens when you get pregnant when unexpectedly.

Hunter was not happy about the early morning trip – he didn’t get breakfast first.  Thankfully Tamilynn had a cup for him to keep him quiet until Bella was ready to go home.

Back at home I realized that today is Hunter’s birthday and he is still a little short on his thinking skill.  No matter the challenge, all of my toddlers get the Happy Toddler trait, and despite the crap Hunter has been through, he is getting that damn trait.  Once that is finished, everyone heads to bed to sleep away the day.  This is one family that does not have any idea what a normal schedule looks like.

Tami and Hunter head back to try the fishing thing again (still no luck).  Hunter doesn’t have the dogs to distract him so he starts off by making a mess.

Tami spends several hours fishing, catching fish, leveling several levels (New Skill Day), but she doesn’t catch anything else interesting.  Eventually it will happen.

I check on Hunter and he has maxed out imagination and potty, so I send him on a journey to the other end of the park.  By the time they are allowed to go home, he has reached level 4 movement.  That gives him level 4 communication and level 3 thinking.  He may have had a rough time, but he isn’t lacking in skills.

When they get home, it is a good thing he can run, because he really, really needs to potty.

Tami feeds him dinner and is about to take him to bed when Surprise decides to grow up.

That leaves sad Hunter to put himself to bed.

Tami never did take a pregnancy test after her night with Don.  I had almost forgotten that.  Well, surprise, she is pregnant.

Deciding that they needed to get out of the house for awhile, Tami takes Hunter out into the area around their house.  He enjoys playing in the leaf pile – that is pretty cool.  In fact taking him out and just leaving him to choose, he stayed pretty busy.  There was the leaf pile.

And he rudely introduced himself to this dog.

Then he was sad.

He was nice to this dog, but Lady wasn’t nice to him.

Then she was.

While Tami was out with Hunter she met Quebec Grace.  Quebec is new to town and they hit it off.  He is different from the sims she has known in the past.  There is something that she can’t put her finger on, but they talk for hours.

Quebec Grace is one of the last kids from the first matriarch in my 100 baby challenge.  Out of 35 kids, was the only redhead.  He rolled Friend of the Animals and this seemed like the perfect place for him to join.  So here he is.  He is Creative, Gloomy, and Childish.

Tami and Quebec were still talking when Hunter came looking for Tami.  They hadn’t even noticed the rain. They were just really getting into the flirting and about to get to the kissing.

And then it got really awkward when Hunter joined their conversation.

Deciding it was time to take the party home, Tami invited Quebec back to the trailer.  Being without a home, technically homeless, Quebec said hell yeah.  Hunter didn’t waste any time getting into the house (out of the rain, to the potty, and into bed).

Meanwhile, still in the rain, Tami and Quebec picked up where they left off.

Tami knows that Quebec has nowhere else to go so she invites him to move in, which yeah.  Quebec isn’t an idiot.

In all of the excitement, Hunter’s birthday got forgotten.

He grew up alone in his room – yes, go ahead and feel sorry for him.  He rolled Goofball and Social Butterfly.

In the kitchen Quebec and Tami were still getting to know each other better, while they make dinner.

The house was upgraded with the money Quebec brought in.  Bills were paid for the week.  They will worry about next week’s bill, next week.  I was hoping no one would have to get a job, but someone is going to have to get a job because all of the crafts they make and anything they collect will be for the yard sale in three weeks.  There will be three bills that have to be paid between now and then and it took everything Quebec brought in with him to get this to this point.

The dogs have been moved to the fenced in back yard.  The back porch has been enlarged, still fully covered, and a bed has been added for Surprise.  Quebec will be learning the veterinarian skill in his spare time so he can treat everything that doesn’t require surgery.  The family now has basketball goal and a telescope.  I have hopes that a fertile male will be abducted at some point.  If nothing else, they will pick up space prints that can be sold at the yard sale.  The bee box was replaced and moved to the front porch, under cover, and will hopefully not get struck by lightning again.  They also added: the vet lab so Quebec can learn to make wellness treats, the easel, piano, woodworking table, and small bar.  The broken stereo was finally replaced.  The fridge and stove were upgraded along with the cabinets.  They got new toilets and one new bathtub.  Hunter’s big boy bed was upgraded and another bed was added for his incoming sibling.  

Tami got a new man and a new bed.

Hunter is celebrating the fact that the stereo is working again by dancing before heading off to sleep in his brand new big boy bed.

Why can I not remember the damn night lights?

Seiji comes out to see what is going on.  I can move his grave elsewhere, and I reserve that option for later.  I will leave the ghosts on the lot for now.  Until they begin to irritate me.

Monster took all of the balls that I scattered around the yard for the dogs to play with and lined them up around the toy box.  I actually might like this dog.  It is Bella and Surprise that I am not fond of.


Quebec gets to know the dogs and finds he also has a preference for Monster.  The girls are both stubborn and don’t want to listen, but Monster is smart and loyal and a sleuth.

He takes Monster for a walk around the house.

Tami still has the dead-eye stare going on.  This is from morning sickness.

She spends the day piddling with her hobbies, not really finding anything that catches her attention.

Until she remembers the bar they bought.

Yeah, that is much better.

She tells Hunter about the incoming baby.

Quebec feels they have reached the point where he wants to propose, and I hold my breath wondering what she will say.

She said yes.  I don’t know if they will actually get married, but for now, they are engaged.

Tami has bonded with her bees and she collects a swarm that goes out and brings her back some metals.  I am really bad about not exploiting Tami’s klepto trait.  Or, making her collect more.

Oops, guess she needed to pee.

So the first test of my new idea – Quebec will treat everything that doesn’t require surgery.  Surprise is the first dog to get sick.  And according to her symptoms – she has Projectile Repugnitis, which can only be treated with Surgery.

But she is get the Cone of Shame since Surgery is expensive.

Tami collects another swarm and they bring her another metal.  I like this arrangement.

This is what Tami never had with Seiji.  She was never able to increase their relationship beyond mid-friendship.  With Quebec, they have easily become good friends.

And then best friends.

Hunter came home from school tense and went straight for his car to play emotionally.

I almost forgot to have Surprise spayed until I saw the option on her menu to have her mate with… yeah not happening.

And Surprise is back in the cone of shame once again.

Cleaning up the shit autonomously.

It is baby time – Tami has given birth to Don’s daughter, Krystal.


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