Hickey TPC: A New Heiress…

The community has spoken and a heiress has been chosen.  Tiffany will continue the reign as trailer park princess while her sisters will be freed from this life once they become young adults.  Or sooner, if Delilah can get her shit together and max out three skills.  Additionally, because Delilah is a knowledge sim, she can be given five commands every day.  The timing as of the beginning of this update: Krystal has 5 days, Tiffany has 10 days, and Delilah has 11 days until they become young adults.  Tami is 15 days and Quebec is 16 days from elder.

Ninja will move out with Krystal.  She loves on Prissy, but she is taking Ninja.

Delilah heads out to enjoy the first snow of the year and then she is directed to use the telescope.  She is left there until her needs force her to quit.  She only collects one space print to add to the growing pile of crap to be sold during the yard sale next year.

It wasn’t her needs that caused her to call it quits – she broke the telescope.

Dumbass dogs get into a fight over their food.

I wasn’t sure who won, but immediately after the fight, Ninja ran away.  Ninja also grew out of the puppy stage into a full grown adult.  Apparently he got into a fight with Dilbert and I am going to say he lost.

Ninja comes back, but not all the way.

Tami heads out to where he was seen and she welcomes him almost home.

Then she leashes him and leads him the rest of the way home.  Dumbass.

Quebec and his fat ass are practicing yoga.  They thought about buying a treadmill, but are trying not to spend all of the money they made at the yard sale just yet.  The yoga mat was a gift last Winterfest, and it is almost time for Winterfest again.

Tami takes Dilbert out for an adventure and they invade some private area and see a ghost, but come home empty-handed.  I was hoping they would bring home crap to sell, but nope.

Delilah uses one of her five daily commands to play chess with Tiffany for a hot second.  At least it was long enough for Tiffany to finally get logic to level 3.  I am looking forward to Sunday – New Skill Day and hoping that Delilah can get some good skill progress.  I really don’t expect she will be able to max three skills though.

Krystal cleans up the place and I will miss her when she is gone.  Her birthday is on Wednesday – Winterfest.

Dilbert went hunting and came home with squirrel scratch fever.  Dumbass.

Nope, three maxed skills isn’t happening. At the end of New Skill Day, Delilah had reached level 5 in logic.  She started at level 4.  She did get level 2 in dancing and don’t forget level 1 in video gaming, fitness, comedy, and cooking.  Tami and Quebec spent the day training the dogs.  They were able to train Dilbert and Prissy to Heel, Prissy also knows how to Sit, and they started working on Heel with Ninja.  Tami is level 4 in Pet Training and Quebec is level 3.

And they are off, Monday morning.

I am just making sure before Prissy is in heat again.  When I glanced at it, I thought Give Bath said Give Birth and just about freaked out.

With the house empty and everyone off at school and work, Tami continues training the dogs.

When she takes a break to deal with her needs, Prissy and Dilbert get a little frisky.  Seriously, they are both fixed.

Tami masters Pet Training

So, I heard a rumor that one of the pet treats might resolve their heat.  So, Quebec made the Cooler than Liquid Nitrogen Bar and gave it to Prissy.

I would say that rumor has been put to rest.

Quebec gets Prissy up on the exam table and gives her an exam and determines that the treat gave her Frozen Mange instead.  Oops.  She is all better now.

In the house, the girls are doing things in the kitchen.

This is not your heiress.  After everyone went to bed, she went through and repaired and then cleaned everything.  She will pay for it tomorrow when she passes out after school, but for now the trailer is in excellent shape.  She is moving out in two days.

Too little, too late.  After Krystal leaves for her last day at school, Tami sees there is a project not completed.  She and Quebec work to complete it, but Krystal will end her teen years with a B.

They come home looking like they have had a rough day.  Well, except for Tiffany who has a little swagger in her step for some reason.

Winterfest dawns and it is also Krystal’s birthday.  Even though she is a vegetarian, Quebec makes a fish grand feast.

The tree and presents are placed outside where they will remain year round from now on.  Well, the presents will be decimated when they all open them together, but the tree will stay year round.

Krystal’s age bar begins to bubble so Quebec bakes her a cake.  It is time.

She wishes for many things.

But her biggest wish is to get the hell out of here, and that one will be granted.  And, she is taking Ninja.  Krystal rolls Foodie to go with Vegetarian and Goofball.  She also has Happy Toddler and Responsible.  Her aspiration remains The Curator.

Krystal moves to a nearby lot into a nice little house that was, of course, downloaded from the gallery.  It was uploaded by boxcar155, and called Moderate modern family.

Also living nearby is Hunter and his elderly wife, Marion.  Needless to say, they don’t have any children.

In case anyone is interested, Hunter and Krystal/Ninja are available in the gallery as young adults.  Delilah is also there as a teen.  Search for #hickeytpc or #boolpropnet.

I was going to call it an update, but realized Tiffany will be a young adult in 4 days and Delilah will be a young adult in 5 days, so onward.  Ho Ho Ho.

Quebec is turning into a drinker.  A morning drinker.  He makes a drink before work, but doesn’t have time to drink it so Tami finishes it after he leaves.

Then she goes on adventures with Dilbert all day.  I did not realize they were sequential adventures.  This is so cool.

Delilah and Tiffany come home with an A and in order to age up and move out she has to have 15 total skill points.  Hmm, she has 13 points.  Quebec is just embarrassed because his day sucked.

Delilah just found out she has to stay until she gets two more skill points.  She is not very happy about the news.  She beat the crap out of the bear for hours.  Then she did pushups for a point in fitness.  14/15 points

Not to be outdone by her younger sister, Tiffany gains a point in mischief so that she also has 14/15 points.  Since she also brought home an A, they are still on track to possibly age up together.

I lied.  Tiffany is not a knowledge sim, so only Delilah has the option to age up early.  Tiffany has to wait out her days.

And there is the last points she needs – Delilah is ready to blow out her candles and move on to bigger and better things. 15/15 skill points + A in school.

Delilah rolls Gloomy, Clumsy, and Self-Absorbed with Happy Toddler and Responsible.  As a Knowledge sim she also has Quick Learner and the Nerd Brain aspiration.  Delilah is on the gallery as Delilah Hickey and can be found under #hickeytpc and #boolpropnet.

Before moving her out, there is a quick check for any unexpected puppies (looking at you Prissy).  I think she is chasing her tail.

That just leaves the waiting for Tiffany to becomes a young adult, and hoping Tami doesn’t get pregnant with one of those late in life surprises.  Quebec and Tami pause for a sweet moment in the living room, and it is time to give them something to do so they don’t get any ideas.

They can take the dogs for a walk.

Hmm, now what…

Quebec heads off to work, late, because he was walking the dog.  That leaves Tami home alone where she begins working on the unfinished school projects.  At this point, it isn’t for the grades. it is to sell in the yard sale in the summer.

The dogs are supervising.

Quebec helps when he gets home, but Tiffany is a lost cause.

New Year’s Eve was a success for everyone – Tiffany managed to find herself watching the countdown and even celebrated at midnight with Tami and Quebec.

Tami invited the kids back over so she could get pictures for the wall as it is almost time to hand the control over to Tiffany.

Well, I think Krystal might have just taken a giant step up from the trailer where she began.

As they count down the hours to the bubbles in Tiffany’s age bar, Prissy decides to run away.  Timing sucks pup.

Then, Quebec masters the cooking skill.  On his own – just from cooking for the family.

Tami posts a notice about Prissy being missing and then she cleans up the toys and takes Dilbert for a long walk.

While they are out a stray cat comes a-visiting.  He doesn’t stay long, just wandered through.

Hey there Krystal and Ninja are also out taking a walk.

Tiffany comes home and she still isn’t bubbling.  I feel ya, girl, I feel ya.

Prissy comes home covered in fleas and in heat.  She is still FIXED so she better not be miraculously pregnant.  Just saying.

And there are the bubbles so Tiffany blew out the candles.  Oh this is going to be fun.  Erratic – Lazy – Glutton.  Responsible – Happy Toddler.  Gregarious and Leader of the Pack.  Welcome to the Next Generation.

Score/Points: 81


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