Hickey TPC: Another Yard Sale

So, the heir poll does not need to include all kids – It will be run for the girls only.  Hunter will not be included in the poll.  This means it will need to be run while the girls are teens but before Krystal becomes a young adult.  Now, if Hunter would just get an A, he could move out – but he doesn’t have the skills and is resistant to doing anything on his own to learn the skills.

Thankfully the children can still be controlled, so Krystal is sent to play with the dolls to get her creativity up so she can at least get her A in school.  Tiffany is already a happy toddler, but I want all of the girls to be teens at the same time, so there isn’t a rush for these two to have their birthdays as they are waiting on Delilah to catch up.  Because Tiffany has achieved level 3 in all skills, she is now free to choose her own activities while we wait on the others.

Hunter catches Tiffany doing something cute and he reacts to it.  This is the first time I have seen this.  She was hugging the teddy bear.  Then, she hit the teddy bear.

While Hunter and Krystal went to school, Quebec talked to Tiffany about “things”.  Then he went out to work in the garden.

Tiffany went over and hit the teddy bear several times.

When Quebec went back to check on Delilah while Tamilynn was giving the dogs their baths, Tiffany followed him.  That was when she discovered her new sister.

In trying to get Hunter to do something to gain a skill, Quebec decides to take him and Krystal fishing after school on Friday.  Krystal is willing, but Hunter refuses to go.  Something about being so tired he is going to pass out.  While he is standing out at the road debating the long walk to the trailer vs sleeping on the ground, Prissy comes out to greet him.

Quebec and Krystal have fun fishing and she completes her Outdoor whatever badge.

Waking Tiffany up, she talks to her and tells her some jokes so she can earn two more badges.  Tiffany isn’t impressed.

Krystal has earned 5/9 badges and is a Unicorn Scout.  But she is no longer in the green, and it is time to go to bed.  Saturday everyone is going fishing, including grumpy Hunter.

After eating whatever was left out but not spoiled, Tiffany ate several plants that she found that seemed interesting.  I think it was parsley.

Still trying to get Hunter to choose to do something, Tiffany asks him to play dolls with her.  He does but he is absolutely refusing to go fishing.  She gives him hugs to get him to stop playing dolls.

Tami tricks him into going fishing by not telling him they are going fishing until they are at the beach.  Quebec brought his breakfast, because she tricked everyone.  Surprise.

Forgetting that I added Tiffany to the group, she shows up also.  Yep, she tricked EvErYbOdY!

They don’t have time to play with her though so she just watches for a few minutes and then she is dropped from the dropped and sent home.  Quebec was already dropped from the group and sent home to take care of Delilah.

Back home, Tiffany plays with Dilbert,

Dilbert learns to not play in the trash and to not drink from puddles.  Yay Dilbert – those are the first bad behaviors to be trained out of any dog this challenge.  I really like Dilbert and Prissy.

Delilah becomes a charming toddler and grows into one of the new custom hairs that I just downloaded.

Hunter has a problem – he is refusing to do anything but stand here.  He feels like crap and won’t go do anything.

Quebec has tried influencing him and forcing him to eat, pee, and sleep, but he basically tells Hunter to shove off.  He isn’t responding to Tami either.

I finally reset him once everyone else goes to bed.  He bladder and energy are bottomed out and after he pees,, he passes out.

Tami wakes up Delilah to get her to the potty before she uses her diaper and that does not make Delilah happy because she is not ready to wake up.

Also, waking up in a very bad mood is Tiffany who goes straight to the dollhouse and smashes it to bits.

Tami is not in the mood for cranky toddlers so she puts them both back to bed and then goes back to bed herself.

Tami has her hands full with the two toddlers.  Tiffany is in a grouchy mood.  She wants a bath but when Tami checks to see what she wants, she refuses to tell her what she wants.  That look says “Guess bitch-mom”.

Everyone else knows whats up – they are all hiding in the other bedroom.

Tiffany is throwing a tantrum which wakes up Delilah.

Now Delilah is sad because she is still very tired and really wants to be sleeping.

They both want attention and Tami is standing there wondering why the fuck she had so many children.  Quebec comes in to see what is going on.

He is not moved by the hysterics of either of the girls.

Once they are both sorted out, he heads out to the garden.  Apparently no matter how well prepared he is for his job, if he doesn’t do the daily task, he doesn’t get paid.  Which fucking sucks.  He was supposed to research – which he didn’t do because it requires a computer, which they don’t have.  He never made it to the library and boom – he didn’t get paid and he lost performance.

Delilah watches him while he works in the garden and Tami finally gets Tiffany into the bathtub.

Hunter hasn’t slept in several days.  He naps and his needs are suffering.  He will not be moving out early unless he really surprises me with a skill gain somewhere.

Krystal is still hanging around.  She has the potential to get an A, but she needs to wait to become a teen until her sisters catch up so they are closer in age.

Oh.  Hell.  No.  Thankfully the house is full at the moment so there won’t be any surprise puppies.  But, Dilbert+Prissy puppies would be kind of cute.

The only way to get Hunter to move is for the toddlers to ask him to help them out.  Delilah gets him to take her to the potty and then to read her to sleep.  She is so close to passing out, it was a toss up if she would make it to bed.

It is Tiffany’s birthday, but the stove is broken so they can’t make her a cake.  They probably don’t have enough to pay for the ingredients even in the stove was working.  That means Tiffany might be growing up without a cake.  Sucks to be her.

It is finally time for the yard sale – Summer has Come!

“Anything that cannot be placed on the table/gallery can be sold during build mode at this time.”

Oh yeah!  In addition to selling the items in the yard, they also clean out the trailer of all of the hobby items that aren’t being used, or that cost money to use.  And they buy a computer.  They are hoping to make enough money to put back all of the money they will need for bills until the next yard sale, but that is a lot of money to keep in savings.

While Quebec handles the yard sale, Tami attempts to keep Tiffany from tearing down the trailer.

That is a full time job by itself.

Delilah is chained to the potty for the day.  Level 3 here she comes.

Krystal took a sick day and spent the day experimenting on the science lab.  “Sick”

With the first sales they replaced all of the broken electronics and the stove and Tami began making a birthday cake for Tiffany.  There is a race to see if Tami can make the cake before Tiffany ages up on her own.

Trying to keep Tiffany out of trouble, she has been challenged to dance until she drops.

Tami is able to get the cake made in time.  She looks exhausted, which is about right for a mother of four.

Yes, that is the tornado that gets to blow out the candles.  Maybe she will be easier to handle as a child.

Blow out the candles without spitting on the cake.  There are others that will have to use this cake also…

Tiffany also gets a new custom hair – and she rolls Lazy and Social Butterfly.  She joins the scouts and heads off to claim her bed.  Then she does her homework while Quebec finishes up the yard sale.

They had high hopes of making a lot of money, but they made just enough to cover the bills for the next four weeks.  They had to spend money on replacing some electronics and buying beds for Tiffany and Delilah to use when they outgrow the toddler beds, so they probably spent half of what they actually made.  The computer was a big splurge, and they bought a chess table to hopefully encourage the teens to build a skill to level 3 so they can get early birthdays.

Score/Points: 80

I have moved the scoring and tracking to a spreadsheet and will just keep the total at the bottom.  At the end of the challenge, I will list the details of the score.


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