Hickey TPC: Can We Polls Yet?

One of the main goals right now is to help Hunter get his grades up so he can have an early birthday and move out.  He will not be one of the heir potentials.  The chess table is the easiest way to get an uncontrollable sim to skill.

Now everyone is up early.  Delilah is making a trip to the potty.

Quebec is up early making breakfast because everyone is already starving.

Delilah distracts Hunter so Tamilynn can cheat.

The one problem with the chess table is sometimes the uncontrollable sim get stuck.  Hunter is extremely late to school and tanks his performance in the process.

Finally, Hunter has pried himself loose from the chess table and gone to school, leaving Tami and Delilah home alone.  Delilah still needs imagination and movement to make a Happy Toddler so they work on those skills.

Well, at least until Delilah has had enough.

End of the day and everyone has gone to bed.  Tami has finally gotten Hunter to play enough chess to get to level 3 so he has the skills to get an A.  Then she influences him to do his homework and for once he does.  Then she helps him with it before they both go to bed.  Hopefully he will need be able to improve his grade enough to get an A and move out.

And that is a Happy Toddler.

Tamilynn pulls out the birthday cake for Delilah and lets her blow out the candles.

Delilah rolls Gloomy and Social Butterfly.

Since Tami’s age bar is bubbling, she also blow out her candles while the cake is still good.

The girls went fishing to work on one of their badges.  Things are kind of random around the house right now.  Krystal’s birthday is in one day and Hunter’s birthday is in four days – this is if they don’t blow out their candles early, and Hunter doesn’t have the grades yet, while Krystal does, I don’t want her to be that much older than the younger girls since they will be in the poll together.  Tiffany still has ten days and Delilah has twelve days until they become teens, so I am trying to shorten the gap between Krystal and Tiffany somewhat.

On the first day in forever, Tami has no little ones at home.  She heads to the hunting land to move the dogs and Seiji’s graves to their permanent location.

Then she heads home.  Quebec comes home with the last promotion he will receive in the Gardening career, to Petal Placer in the Florist branch.  He doesn’t have the skills to get any more promotions, which is good.

Krystal is blowing out her candles today, despite my intentions.  Tiffany and Delilah are just going to have to get on the ball.

Makeovers will be coming soon, but Krystal rolls Goofball and Vegetarian with The Curator (Nature) aspiration.  Krystal also quits the scouts since she didn’t roll a Knowledge aspiration.

I knew it was Quebec’s birthday but somehow missed getting him to blow out candles.  He celebrated on his own and is going to bed as a sad drunk.

Hunter will have his birthday on Monday.  And there is probably no way he will get an A on Friday, so he won’t be aging up early, but he is out of here in four days.  Love you Hunter, but be glad you are going to escape.

Krystal is now an uncontrollable teen.

She also gets her makeover and is ready to start the poll for heiress.

Delilah cleans up before school, earning another badge.

Tami decides to take the dogs into the vet to be fixed, not realizing that Prissy is actually sick.  They are only getting spayed, Quebec will treat the sickness at home.

Unfortunately, neither dog will successfully be spayed and they go home unspayed despite multiple attempts.

Prissy is feeling much better now.

Hunter is stressed about spending time with the family and Quebec is about to get on to him for shouting profanity.

Krystal decides to repair the toilet {yay}.

Hunter is still shouting profanity so this time he is sent into timeout.

Prissy is sick again, and they still aren’t spayed.

Quebec has a large garden is nips.  They should have cats.

Tami is dancing with herself.  Things are kind of calm at the moment.

There is no excuse for this.

None, absolutely none.

Prissy really needs to be spayed, but she still can’t be fixed for some reason.  No clue what is going on.

Today is the day…

It is Hunter’s birthday…

Hunter is moving out.  He rolls Goofball, Clumsy, and Unflirty.  He earned the Responsible and Happy Toddler traits and because he has the Soulmate aspiration, he also has the Alluring trait.

Have fun with life, Hunter.

Money, money, money.  §350 is nothing to sneeze at in this challenge.

Monday brings projects for everyone.  Tiffany and Delilah are both on track to possibly bring home an A on Tuesday.  Fingers crossed.

Krystal is the last one to bed Monday night.  It sure would be nice to have the girls ready for the poll soon.  Krystal is blowing through her teen years with only eight days remaining.

Serious-fucking-kidding-me?  This is weird because MCCC didn’t show she was pregnant.

Ninja Hickey will be moving out with one of the spare girls.  Ninja is Smart, Vocal, and Hairy.  Oh joy.

Knowing that Prissy just gave birth, Tami immediately takes her to the vet to be spayed.  She is still not successfully going through the process.  Tami even tried to take Dilbert and his neuter didn’t work either.  I believe the next set of dogs will both be males.

Quebec has fame – he picks the Networking perk and receives the Public Number quirk.

On Tuesday, Tiffany brings home an A, so she gets to blow out her candles.

Tiffany rolls Erratic and Lazy with the Leader of the Pack (Popularity) aspiration.

Tiffany remembered that she needed to quit the scouts so she called and did that and then forgot to go back to bed.

The girls are ready to get moving also – Delilah comes home with an A on Wednesday.

Well, shit.  My favorite rolled a Knowledge aspiration.  Delilah is Gloomy and Self-Absorbed and rolled Nerd Brain.  This means she is not eligible for heiress.  But she will have another life, maybe even a better life outside of this trailer.

Krystal starts practicing yoga, and she has my balance – none.

Delilah’s one action for today was to play chess with Tiffany.  Tiffany ignored her and went to bed, so Tami joined the game instead.  Quebec and Krystal went for the food and some TV.

Krystal never makes it to bed – she spends the night dancing.

Tiffany needs to have some pictures for the heiress poll, but she doesn’t want to do anything interesting.

Maybe a little better.

Sisters hugging.

It is Harvestfest so Tami is out to appease the gnomes.  I clicked the wrong option and she kicked the gnome instead.  Damn damn damn.

Tami now has to kick all of the gnomes.  The girls abandon her to the task.

As Tami makes her way around to the gnomes, the girls are cleaning up the trash they are leaving behind.  It isn’t too bad – Tami gets two Easter eggs, some death metal, and blutonium.

And, it is time for a poll.

The options for heiress are Krystal and Tiffany.  They both were Happy Toddlers.  Vote on Boolprop!

  • Krystal is Goofball and Vegetarian with a Nature aspiration
  • Tiffany is Erratic and Lazy with a Popularity aspiration

Score/Points: 81


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