Hickey TPC: Changing Places

Tami treats the bees for mites and tries to calm them down.  She bonds with them and collects a swarm and they bring her a gift.  She tries to do this daily, and they normally reward her with a postcard.  I am waiting for the “real” presents, something worth some money, that she can sell.

It is Krystal’s birthday and she is excited because Quebec is going to make her a birthday cake.

But she has to make one last mess as a toddler while she waits.  Okay, technically she made two messes.

She is a Happy Toddler and has level 5 in communication and imagination, level 4 in movement and thinking.

Tami puts her down at the back of the table and she just stands there, unable to get taller.

Tami picks her up and moves her to the other side of the table where she becomes a Vegetarian.

Outside Bella and Surprise are having a dogfight.  Monster watched.  Surprise won.

They are all getting old and irritable and Hunter and Krystal make sure to give them plenty of loving.  They both went and took a bath afterwards.  The dogs are filthy.

Monster is the first to die – in the bathroom – because this would work if things didn’t happen in the smallest place possible.

The entire family crowds into the bathroom to say their goodbyes to Monster.

Grim decides he is not going to go into the bathroom while it is crowded and stands in the living room to collect Monster’s soul.

Afterwards, he does supervise Quebec’s attempts to bathe Bella and Surprise before leaving.

Hunter discovers the new family member in the form of another sister when he wanders into Tami’s bedroom.  Damn but that makes him mad.  Then Tami forces him to do his homework. (I have never explored the options to influence and force children to do things – I love this)

Tami then goes into to wake up Krystal, who is not happy to wake up.  She uses influence on Krystal and gets her moving.

Both kids get their homework done for the first time in this challenge.

Then I think to check Hunter’s scouting badges – on his own he has completed 5/9 and is promoted to Unicorn Scout.  He can only be a scout while he is a child, unless he rolls a knowledge aspiration as a teen.  I also remember to have Krystal join the scouts.  Even though they now have the option of the Drama club, I am going to keep that off limits for this challenge as I have not played with the options and don’t know how it will play against this challenge.

Then because I need to go 4/4 – it is New year’s Eve.  That makes all four of my challenges played in the last week have celebrated New Year’s Eve.

Krystle is still sad about Monster and wakes up early to go out and cry.  Then she cries about Seiji, just because someone should.

Pot meet kettle – Tami tells Krystle that she smells bad and needs to go take a bath.

While the girls are cleaning themselves up, the boys are hiding in the toddler room eating cake for breakfast.

The bees are still by the front door.  If nothing else, it is a deterrent against visitors.  And everyone else.

The bees brought Tami seeds this time.  She is collecting everything they bring for the yard sale.

Another time out for making a mess.

Autonomous, risky woohoo.  Quebec thinks he is suggesting something really “out there”.  Tami shows him something he didn’t realize was possible in the observatory.  He liked it.

Hunter and Krystal make it home from their scout meeting.  Hunter had a good meeting while Krystal did not.  Something about a sunburn.

It is Tiffany’s birthday so Tami gives her a cuddle and she becomes a wild toddler – because that is just what Tami needs.

I am a little disappointed that she isn’t a redhead.  I also finally added lights to the hallways so now the pictures won’t be so dark.

Tiffany is sad that Quebec had to go to work and left her behind.  This is just the beginning of the sad tears.

Hunter is always dancing.  Always dancing.

They received the dollhouse for Winterfest and they are going to be allowed to keep it.

Tami sent the older kids to bed and she is playing with Tiffany before taking her to bed.  It is late and Quebec will be home soon.

Tami has to get up and fix the sink Seiji broke while he was cleaning the dishes.

Quebec has to get up and examine Bella because she is sick again.  I need to add lights to the back porch.  Bella has Super-Duper Swamp Mouth which will require a Cone of Shame since Quebec doesn’t have the equipment to do the surgery and they can’t afford to take her to the vet.

Monday brings bills they can’t afford to pay, which is nothing new.  This week the discrepancy is §1,736 vs §630.  That is a lot of shortage – and the only item that they can freely sell is date and party rewards.  Which means Quebec and Tami are going to be having a lot of dates.

Getting right to business because Quebec also has to work on Monday, Tami explains to Quebec that they have to string together some gold medal dates.  He is game because it sounds like fun.  If only it was going to be that easy.

Tiffany is on Surprise watching duty.  She must have known something was going to happen.

Just as Tami and Quebec were going for their first gold…

Bella’s time came to an end.

By the time they finished up, received their gold medal award, and made it to the living room, Grim was ready to reap Bella’s soul.

Then, instead of leaving Grim took a long look at Surprise.

And it was her turn.

Tiffany has been busy witnessing all of the deaths today and mourning at the graves.

Tami and Quebec are still working on getting the funds together to pay the bills.  They are just on the second date, while Grim watches.

The kids brought home projects and Tami used the influence option to get them to start the projects.  Well, they started them but they didn’t finish them.

Catering Conundrum – Quebec has a decision to make.  He is level 4 in the Culinary career so he can’t promote any higher.  In order to decide which choice to make, he flipped a coin.

He decided to cater the event himself.

He made a friend with Judith Ward, Global Superstar!  He gained some fame!

He was Fired!  He did get a pretty good bonus from the catering job, but they are still short what they need to pay the bills.  He and Tami will need to have at least one more gold medal date just to cover this week’s bills.  Then soon it will be summer and they can have their yard sale.  They will need to make about §10,000 off the yard sale to cover their weekly bills for the next year.

This is the first time I have seen anyone use the basketball goal.

Tiffany really wants to go to bed, anyone?

With the passing of the older dogs, Tami and Quebec adopt two new puppies.

Quebec brings home Prissy, a French Bulldog.  Prissy is Friendly, Smart, and Vocal.

Tami loves on Dilbert, a German Spitz.  Dilbert is Vocal, Adventurous, and a Hunter.

Scoring: 78

Home Sweet Home: (30)

(10) +10 For the Extreme Start

(20) +10 For every 6 x 20 trailer on the lot

Huntin’ Land: (10)

(10) +10 For every 30×30 or larger lot the family owns as “hunting land”

Raisin’ Them Up: (20)

(10) +10 For having at least two dogs living on the main lot before the first heir is a young adult

(2) +1 For each dog that was adopted in as a stray

  • Monster
  • Bella

(1) +1 For every puppy born and raised to adulthood on the main lot

  • Surprise

(4) +2 For every legitimate pregnancy

  • Hunter (Seiji Yamaguchi)
  • Tiffany (Quebec Grace)

(3) +3 For every illegitimate pregnancy (Krystal)

  • Krystal (Don Lothario)

Shotgun Weddings and Parties: (18)

(2) +1 For every house party for a wedding in the main house.

  • Tamilynn +Seiji
  • Tamilynn +Quebec

(4) +2 For every heir that marries while they or their spouse are showing a baby bump.

  • Tamilynn +Seiji (Hunter)
  • Tamilynn +Quebec (Tiffany)

(10) +5 If the baby is born before the wedding party timer runs out!

  • Tamilynn (Hunter)
  • Tamilynn (Tiffany)

(2) +2 For every party you throw that isn’t a wedding.

  • Silver House Party x1


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