Hickey TPC: Down But Not Out

After working on the wedding rules a little, Tamilynn is still struggling along – without a restart.  She has to live with the decisions she has made.  All of them.

Both of the dogs are weird.  Monster is fixated on the fridge and is always staring at it.  while Bella is terrified of the stereo.  They might get locked out of the house at some point.  Let them pee and vomit elsewhere.

Seiji is naturally neat so he is always cleaning up after them.

Damn Monster went and got himself bit by a squirrel.  Well hopefully he doesn’t die before the wedding party because ain’t no one got any money to be taking him to the vet right now.

Tamilynn is a kleptomaniac, but I can’t quite figure out how to make it work, so she is doing mischief to open up her mischief skill.  This is the teenage Wolfgang Munch, in disguise.  He is very mean in this game and he did not appreciate Tamilynn inviting him to a party that doesn’t exist.

Tami then heads down to the library where she started to read the mischief book, and realized that she had the option to try to steal the book.  So we went around the library, over to the museum, and then to a random house.  The only thing she had the option to steal was whatever book she was reading.  Of course it wasn’t dark, so she will try again after dark.

Before she had the option to try after dark, Don called and invited her to a dance party.  Hell yeah.  Seiji had gone off to work, and reading is boring.  Tami had told Seiji she wouldn’t drink any more while she was pregnant and she kept her promise to stay away from the bar.  Which was easy since Don wasn’t tending bar.

She even made it home before Seiji.  She was sound asleep and never even knew of the midnight visitor that never entered the house.  Apparently their house was too low class for Count Vlad (private dwelling).

Seiji came home with a promotion and was so excited that he woke Tami up.  He really didn’t expect to find her at home so that made his news even better.

They talked about having a party to celebrate his promotion.  After all he got a bonus with it.

But first they both needed to sleep and Tami really needs to pee, again.

Tami woke up first and she went shopping.  Wouldn’t Seiji be so surprised to see what she bought for the party?  This is going to be so much fun!

Once they were  both awake, Seiji called in and took the day off – because that is what you do on your first day at your new job.  Then they called up and invited all** their friends*** over for a hootenanny*.  Of course, they both had to watch the season premiere of Game of Llamas first.  Then they cranked up the music to LOUD and cleaned up what mess they could, and the party started.

*Oz: Well, a gathering is brie, mellow song stylings; shindig, dip, less mellow song stylings, perhaps a large amount of malt beverage; and hootenanny, well, it’s chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny. ~Buffy the Vampire Slayer

**Don was not invited because Tami is not stupid.

***This is literally every sim that they know, including the toddler they kidnapped, who wasn’t allowed to attend.

With all of their friends at the house, and realizing that Tami was going to have his baby, their child, Seiji pops the question.  This is always a gamble and could be an embarrassing moment, but thankfully Tami realizes she has a good man on the hook and she agrees to marry Seiji.

Seriously?  Monster picks this moment to get sprayed by a skunk.  This dog is a pain in the ass – and is still not going to the vet.  He is also not getting a bath until we are done with the party and baby.

Seiji is not aware of Monster’s predicament yet.  He is still all into his moment and moves right on into the wedding vows immediately.  He wants to make this baby legitimate.  And Tami has just informed everyone that labor has started.  So if they are going to get married before the baby comes, they need to get it done now.

Seiji cuts short his panic response and they begin to say their vows but Tami has to stop for a series of contractions that results in a loss of her bladder control.

They are still determined to finish getting married before the baby comes so they continue on.

There is confetti!  It is complete – I don’t know how but they are married.  Tami is heading for a shower now.

And I was wrong – the kidnapped toddler was able to come to the party.  She just sneaked in under the radar and went straight for the toilet to wash her hands.

Embarrassment piled on embarrassment – while taking a shower after peeing herself while in labor during her wedding vows – Trent walks in on Tami in the bathroom. True, he was coming in to check on Kayla, but still – it was embarrassing.  Thankfully, Tami has a lot of other emotions she is dealing with at the moment so those two events are not the most prominent.

Imagine my surprise when it is Wolfgang (mean teen) that is comforting Kayla.

With 1 hour and 37 minutes remaining in their party, Hunter Hickey was born to Seiji and Tamilynn.  Tami decided to keep her name because it was a lot easier for her to spell.

It is one thing when they are your toddlers, but when they are random toddlers, and they come to your house, and throw tantrums, it is a whole ‘nother thing.  And I watched her reject everyone’s offer of comfort – except for Wolfgang.  She would only accept Wolfgang’s comforting.

And then they come into your room where you are recovering from childbirth and wake you up – that takes it up to another level altogether.  She is definitely fussy and it is time for her to go home, which she does just as Tamilynn wakes up.

With the party winding down, Seiji tries to give Monster a bath.

He didn’t succeed.  Their next paycheck will definitely go towards another vet visit.

And just like that the party is over – everyone is gone – Seiji has cleaned up and gone to bed.

Wedding Score:

  • +1 Wedding party (house party social) + bubble blower (proposal and wedding took place during the party)
  • +2 Founder was in 3rd trimester (labor began during the party)
  • +5 Baby was born during the party

Tamilynn is trying desperately to get Bella to stop barking and waking her up.

She is begging Bella to stop barking.

Bella finally understands to stop waking them up.

Seiji?  Where are you going?  With the party over, Seiji headed off to work.  He said there was still time for him to go in and make some money even though he was scheduled for vacation.  I think he might have burned a vacation day for nothing, but I had clicked the button without thinking.

And as promised, his first paycheck is used to take Monster to the vet.

Another cone of shame because that is all they can afford.  Actually, all they can afford is nothing, but that doesn’t fix the problem.  At least the cone of shame does.

With the squirrel bite disease (or whatever Monster had) under control, Tami gets Monster into the bath tub for a worthless bath.  Worthless because he immediately gets sprayed by another skunk.

This bush is the culprit.  Never again will I place one of these on a lot with a pet.

But they are bringing gifts, so maybe I won’t be too hasty.

And of course today is Love Day.  Because Tamilynn needs another reason to be flirty.  They are not getting any woohoo because I am not ready for them to have another baby.  (I am still getting the autonomous TFB settings figured out).  They are having a date because they need the date reward to buy a toddler bed for Hunter.

How about a family portrait to close this update?

So I lied.  It wasn’t the end of the update.  Tami fed Hunter and then Don called and asked her if she wanted to go out and try the bubble blower at the Spice Festival.  Since Seiji had left for work already, Tami thought that would be a great idea.

That was cool.

From there they went to the San Myshuno park.  Don had the keys to the party house and they let themselves in and had some drinks.  It’s still Love Day and Don was in a very loving mood.

Tami was feeling it also.

Don asked Tami if she wanted to see the stars so they took the party to the telescope.  Just enough room for two.

Afterwards, Tami hurried home and was surprised to find Seiji had come home from work early.  He never asked where she had been and she never volunteered.  (I have no clue why he came home early.  As soon as she left the lot, he left work and came home early – which actually pissed me off because they needed the money.)

Tami slept late the next day, well as late as you can with an infant that needs attention.  She had been drinking with Don and she had a killer hangover.  Seiji left the baby to her care and never offered to help.  He stayed in the living room and practiced cooking, cleaned up after the dogs, and generally ignored her.  Despite how this sounds, he was a very happy sim, other than the fact that both dogs have been sprayed by skunks.

Tami finally woke up early that afternoon.  She took care of the baby and decided to go to the library.  Maybe she could find some romance novels to check out to read.

Tami had good intentions.  She always has good intentions.  She actually went to the library, she just never made it inside the library.  Instead she started collecting frogs and other collectibles.

And then she got thirsty and ended up at a bar downtown where she met Junior.

Junior was very seductive and very sexy.

Junior took Tami downstairs to show her around but I don’t think they saw much.

Tami got home right after Seiji so they had dinner/breakfast together and then they both crashed.  No questions were asked.

Scoring: 52

Home Sweet Home:

X2 (20) +10 For every 6 x 20 trailer on the lot

Huntin’ Land:

X1 (10) +10 For every 30×30 or larger lot the family owns as “hunting land”

Raisin’ Them Up:

X1 (10) +10 For having at least two dogs living on the main lot before the first heir is a young adult

X2 (2) +1 For each dog that was adopted in as a stray

X1 (2) +2 For every legitimate pregnancy

Shotgun Weddings and Parties:

X1 (1) +1 For every wedding party (house party social) in the main house. (Bubble blower required)

X1 (2) +2 For every heir that marries while they or their spouse are showing a baby bump.

X1 (5) +5 If the baby is born before the wedding party timer runs out!



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