Hickey TPC: Filling Up the House

Who are you and are you eligible to join the family?

Well, this is Krystal’s brother – Don’s son – so probably not.  And is it me, but doesn’t he look like Don.

Hunter ran out to check out the snow and then wondered WTF he was doing outside in the freezing cold.

Morning sickness sucks no matter what time of day it hits.  And those cravings – mac and cheese at 2am – whatever.

Toddler wandering in the freezing cold in her nightclothes.  Yeah this is going to end well.

How far will she get before she realizes it is ~cold~?

Hang on, she is coming back now.


I am not sure why she just stopped here.  Tami was standing at the door watching her and she was watching Tami and they just stood there.

Then she decided to go inside and ~warm up~.  Yes, Tami finally turned on the heater.  They already had a thermostat, they just needed to turn it on.

Tami waited outside for Quebec to come out and join her outside.  His gloomy streak was showing and he needed cheering up.

After warming up, Krystal headed back out to ask for a bath.

Krystal is going to get her bath but Quebec is still sad.

Hunter is not a bright boy – he is going to regret this meal in a little while.

Merry Winterfest from the Hickey-Grace family.

Tami tells Hunter about the new baby and he is excited.

Krystal is just as excited about her peas.

Since it is Winterfest, Tami spends the last of their savings on a tree and some presents.  Then she replaces one of the gifts with a prank present.

Never time to slow down, Krystal is ready to get out of the high chair.

Tami asks Hunter if he has been good or bad – and he remembers that he has not been doing his homework.  He has been BAD and may not get any presents.

Then he throws paint all over the floor.  Again.

Tami scolds him and gives him a time out.

And then asks Krystal the same thing and she also thinks she has been BAD since she hasn’t done any homework.

The obligatory present montage.

Krystal stood and watched the presents all afternoon.

Quebec spent the afternoon cleaning up all of the paint that Hunter has been spilling everywhere.

Tami was on her way to the bathroom on an urgent mission when Krystal called for assistance in getting out of bed.  Needless to say there is another mess in the hallway that needs to be cleaned up now.

And Krystal got her happy ass out of bed by herself.

Hunter actually doing something helpful.

Hunter catches Father Winter leaving more presents – he is late.

Father Winter has brought presents for everyone, so there is another montage of gifts.

Tami enjoys some quiet time on the front porch after the bedlam of the holiday.

This look is because everything she has attempted to eat has spoiled just as she has started to eat it.

Finally the morning after Winterfest, everyone is getting some food – and beating the spoilage by minutes.

And that is a Happy Toddler

The more that Krystal and Quebec bond…

…the more that Hunter acts out.

Tami doesn’t even look away from TV when she puts Hunter in timeout for making a mess again.

After he serves his time, Hunter cleans up his mess.

Quebec realizes that drinking may be the only way to preserve his sanity.

But then he realizes he has an audience and he doesn’t finish making the drink.

Or it could be because Tami caught his attention.

Pointless shoveling of the snow.

This time he finished making and drinking the drink.

Hunter comes home a solid B student.  He may never reach the pinnacle of the A student.

I do believe that was Quebec’s first “real” drink.

Tami decides it is time for a party and a wedding.

Everyone has to get up and get ready.


Where are you going?

I realized at this point that Tami was stuck.  Like really stuck.  Glitched.  She was supposed to be talking to Krystal. She was also supposed to be pissing herself and passing out.  Krystal was heading back to the bedroom to talk to her where she was planning on doing both.  But Tami is glitched and stuck.  Resetsim popped her into t-pose.  This is not good.  So, I used MCCC to go into CAS and that unstuck her.

And there is the potty accident.

And then she passed out.

But this is Tami’s wedding, so those things are to be expected.  Let’s move on to the vows.  She could not elope with Quebec because “it would be inappropriate to marry someone that worked for her”.  WTF?  Quebec had the option to elope so he tried to initiate the vows – but the option dropped out immediately.  And then she passed out again.

At this point, I paused and went googling.  Apparently there is a long-long-long existing bug and there is a fix in MCCC.  But they don’t have a computer and I can’t change the option until I restart the game.  Their party ends in 30 sim-minutes.  Yep.  They got silver and they didn’t get married.  Good news – this was a house party and she just went into the third trimester.  This is also not her first marriage or her first pregnancy.  She will try again once the setting fixes the glitch – Saturday morning before Quebec goes to work.

The party ends and everyone heads to bed.  Tami had the best shot of getting Krystal to bed without passing out, so Quebec headed straight to bed, did not pass GO.  He didn’t make it, but he was close enough to be in his pajamas.

Tami took Krystal to bed but didn’t make it to her own bed.

Seiji was left to clean up from the party.  He is a little pissed about that.

By selling the silver reward for the practice party, they had enough money to throw another party to try again.  And they were willing to sell the couch since their couch was much better with a comfort rating of 5.

But I forgot to cancel the holiday of the day so first they have to run to town for free food.

But, before they can go for their free food, Tami finishes making the pancakes for Hunter because he has to go to school so he can keep that solid B.

And then they have to wait for Krystal to go potty so they drink the last two leftover drinks from the party, because they can’t let them spoil.

Then they head to the closest place, which happens to be a bar.  They order something to eat while Krystal dances and everyone completes the tradition and then heads home.  If only it were that easy.

This picture is just for the pretty view.

This is Tami’s life.

Everyone gets a little sleep, Quebec takes another day of vacation, and they throw another party.  It is time to try again.

Tami goes into labor right on schedule, it is time to get married.

Hunter plays the music and Krystal is their witness.  They are married!

Tiffany is born with 28 minutes remaining in the party.  The party ended with a bronze medal earning them a used book.

After Tiffany is born, Tami walks all the way out behind the house to pass out.

Random party pictures.

Quebec takes care of Tiffany’s first feeding and Tami goes to bed.

The party guests do not leave after the party is over.  They all stay until midnight.  This sim – Leonardo – fell asleep in the tub and almost drowned.

Candy and her husband, Casimiro share the bathroom before they leave.

After everyone has left, even the dogs are sleeping, for once the house is quiet.


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