Hickey TPC: Full House Again

To start things off, someone needs to get a job.  Since Quebec was fired during his last shift, he can’t return to Culinary.  That means he will be taking a job in the Gardener career, so he starts as a Seed-Scatterer, level 3.  It will take a little while before he is ready to promote as he will need to build up some skills.

Tamilynn realizes the dog food bowl is empty and gets up to fill it for the puppies and then heads back to bed.  It makes her sad that the older dogs are gone.  (But they were pains in the stinky asses).

And then I realized the damn ghost dogs were eating the dog food.  Well, that isn’t going to work.  They can barely afford to feed the living dogs, they can’t afford to feed the dead ones also.  The graves will all be moved to the hunting land.  The only grave that will have to be kept here will be Tamilynn, when that time comes.

Krystal is trying to clean up the mess in the kitchen but the fridge is still broken, so it is a lost cause for now.  They don’t have the money to replace the fridge yet.  They were only able to pay the bills for the week because of the bonus Quebec received when he took the new job in Gardening.

Hmm, so I realized Hunter’s age bar was sparkling but it was too late.  Hunter becomes a Clumsy Goofball who wants to find his Soulmate (Love).  As a teen, he is now hands-off.  I can’t give him any direction any longer.  And he has to drop out of the scouts (which is the last direction I can give him).

Quebec wakes up Tiffany to continue her potty training.

She gets to level 2, so she should be able to take care of this on her own now.

Cuteness as Prissy and Dilbert play together.  They are male and female so Prissy will be getting fixed as soon as she is an Adult.  Although it won’t be a problem while the house is full.

Hunter does good for his first day uncontrolled.  Then he is pretty much ignored as I sort through Tami and Quebec’s inventories and get them ready for the upcoming summer sale and Quebec’s new career.

Tiffany begins working on her skills.

Hunter is feeling ignored and wishes someone had remembered his birthday.

Tami uses her influence to get Hunter to do his homework, and then she helps him with it.

After that she checks on Tiffany and she wants something to eat.  She doesn’t actually want to eat it and when she throws it on the floor she gets scolded by both Tami and Quebec.

Father Winter, currently known as Clement Frost drops by for a random visit.  He stays for awhile and helps with some of the chores.  Weird.

Hunter makes himself something to eat.  It wasn’t a family meal, because that would have been more helpful, and he only wants to be a little helpful.

Yet, when Krystal starts working on her homework, I catch Hunter helping her.

Quebec has to increase his gardening to level 4.  He is trying to only grow plants that will be in season all year.  The nips didn’t specify a season so he is crossing his fingers, and he planted them all.

Clement loves on the puppies before he leaves for the day.

Tami puts Tiffany to bed for the night.  Hopefully for the night, anyways.

Dilbert pees outside.  Woohoo!

Tami wakes Hunter up from his nap to tell him to go to bed.

It is the crack of morning – they get up as early as I do, although I am not that animated at 5am.  Tiffany asks for breakfast, and then she actually eats it without throwing it on the floor.

She asks Hunter to help her potty.  The other thing about this picture is the new dresser.  While it is a toddler dresser, it is a dresser.  I had placed a restriction on myself to not give any makeovers until they had a dresser in the house.  I use MCCC to give makeovers so dressers are not required but for this challenge I felt it was in the spirit that they would be restricted in what they had to wear because of money.  They now have a dresser in the house, so they can have makeovers although they are still tight on money.

Which means they are all getting makeovers.  The makeovers are not extensive – just tweaking of their existing outfits where the matching, or lack of matching, bugs me.

Hunter is still making single serving meals.  He doesn’t have time to eat his sandwich though which Tiffany will enjoy later.

Tiffany is sad when she realizes that Quebec went to work and left her behind.

Since Hunter and Krystal started their projects, Tamilynn works on them during the day.  She gets Krystal’s completed, but doesn’t get to Hunter’s project.

Yummy grilled cheesy goodness.

Tiffany discovers the puppies and has to love them and hug them and pet them…

and squeeze them and rub them and kiss them.

Tami remembers the bees were moved to the back porch.  Since they are not on the front porch she doesn’t remember them as often.  But it is safer for everyone.

Quebec comes home from his first day as a gardener and the girls are both there to talk to him while he unwinds.

Hunter goes to Tami for advice, while she waits for another gift from the bees.

Tiffany asks Hunter to wrestle and he has time to play with her before school.

After everyone leaves for their daily activities, Tami heads back out to work on Hunter’s project and Tiffany follows to watch.  She still doesn’t get it finished.  That is a small pile of poop on the porch but it is still pretty big compared to the puppy that left it.

This here is a Happy Toddler.  Really.

I always miss it when the puppies become adults.  Prissy is Vocal, Smart, and Friendly.

Dilbert is Vocal, Adventurous, and a Hunter.

Tiffany is imitating the dogs but apparently not very well because they are confused.

This upsets Tiffany because she thought it was a good imitation.

Damn, but it looks like Dilbert is smiling.  Prissy, not so much.

And the house is full once again.  Tamilynn has given birth to her fourth baby, Delilah.  That makes the four required pregnancies for this generation.

Tami tries to influence Hunter to work on his project but he just won’t.  So, she resorts to forcing him to work on it.

He literally sat down, and it was done.  She had already done everything but the last five minutes.  Then she sent him to bed.  Dumbass.  That is a pretty pink castle.

Scoring: 80

Home Sweet Home: (30)

(10) +10 For the Extreme Start

(20) +10 For every 6 x 20 trailer on the lot

Huntin’ Land: (10)

(10) +10 For every 30×30 or larger lot the family owns as “hunting land”

Raisin’ Them Up: (22)

(10) +10 For having at least two dogs living on the main lot before the first heir is a young adult

(2) +1 For each dog that was adopted in as a stray

  • Monster
  • Bella

(1) +1 For every puppy born and raised to adulthood on the main lot

  • Surprise

(6) +2 For every legitimate pregnancy

  • Hunter (Seiji Yamaguchi)
  • Tiffany (Quebec Grace)
  • Delilah (Quebec Grace)

(3) +3 For every illegitimate pregnancy (Krystal)

  • Krystal (Don Lothario)

Shotgun Weddings and Parties: (18)

(2) +1 For every house party for a wedding in the main house.

  • Tamilynn +Seiji
  • Tamilynn +Quebec

(4) +2 For every heir that marries while they or their spouse are showing a baby bump.

  • Tamilynn +Seiji (Hunter)
  • Tamilynn +Quebec (Tiffany)

(10) +5 If the baby is born before the wedding party timer runs out!

  • Tamilynn (Hunter)
  • Tamilynn (Tiffany)

(2) +2 For every party you throw that isn’t a wedding.

  • Silver House Party x1


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