Hickey TPC: Introduction

What am I doing?  Why am I starting another challenge?  Because this one sounded like fun.  So here we are.  Let’s find out what we are doing first.  The trailer park challenge is basically a rags to rags challenge.

This challenge is to get from start to finish with very little cash, way too many kids, some family dysfunctionality, and a knee-slappin’ good time all the way. (*Knee-slappin’ Good Time not guaranteed for all. Results will vary. Symptoms may include dizziness, nausea, hair loss, and uncontrollable swearing.)

Trailer Park Challenge for Sims 4 (originally created for Sims 2 by Fuzzy-Spork, converted for Sims 4 by Jenn, as posted on Boolprop)

Our trailer fluff is Tami Lynn Hickey.  Funny story here – her name was originally Tami Lynn Hicks but I couldn’t upload her with the last name of Hicks because “it contained an inappropriate word” so the gallery would not let me share.  However, once I changed her last name to Hickey, she uploaded without a problem.  Yeah, true story.

Tami Lynn is Kleptomaniac, Dog Lover, and Clumsy.  She is starting off with the Love aspiration of Serial Romantic.

After creating our lovely founder, I needed to build her a trailer to get started.  There are rules about the trailer (see above link).  This was brutal.  She ended up with §36 left and was still missing a bed and had no lights.  I was able to drop the “special” bush down as a last resort so if nothing else she could crash there.

The base of the house was downloaded from the gallery, originally uploaded by UmbraD.  It is a great trailer, but I then had to make changes to bring it to challenge specifications.

With the trailer in place, it is time for Tami Lynn to do what she needs to do.  She heads down to the library – not to read, of course, but because she heard once that is where the single guys hang out.  Sure enough, there is a librarian who, (1) has red hair and, (2) is single. 

He also is mesmerized by Tami Lynn.

Tami Lynn takes full advantage of her hold over Seiji and brings him home.  Back to her bare empty house.  It is the only place they can talk without third parties butting into the conversation.

Seiji is putty in her hands, and he quickly agrees to be her one and only.  She, of course, never promises the same.

Once he agrees to move in, bringing his stash of cash, Tami Lynn immediately expands the trailer into a double-wide.  Because I suck at building, there are now two interior bedrooms that do not have windows because they are not on an exterior wall.  However, Tami Lynn has a large bedroom, and a bed (very important).  She also fills out the kitchen, adds a living room and dining room.

Once the trailer remodel is completed, she takes the remaining cash (sigh) and buys huntin’ land in Newcrest (30×30).

Can I pee now?

Finally back home, Tami Lynn and Seiji enjoy a quiet evening at home together.  Looking at Seiji’s outfit, I realize I neglected to buy a dresser and Tami Lynn spent all of their money on the huntin’ land so they will have to wait for the next time they have some to spend.

And this brings us to the end of Day 1.  A productive day but a short introduction.

Seiji Yamaguchi is Ambitious, Bookworm, and Neat.  He has the Love aspiration of Soulmate.  He is also Chopstick Savvy.  He brought nothing into the relationship except for his §20,000 which was spent expanding the trailer into a double wide and purchasing the huntin’ land.

I am using MCCC with the following options turned on.

  • Autonomous Woohoo
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Risky Pregnancy

Scoring: 30

Home Sweet Home:

X2 (20) +10 For every 6 x 20 trailer on the lot

Huntin’ Land:

X1 (10) +10 For every 30×30 or larger lot the family owns as “hunting land”


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