Hickey TPC: Still Alive and Kicking

It has been several months since the Hickeys have seen the light of day.  It is time to kick back into gear and see what Tiffany can get going.

Tamilynn checks on both of the dogs, giving them necessary baths.

Quebec heads out to harvest the garden with Tiffany’s help.  It is the beginning of spring, so they are still gathering crap to sell in the next yard sale.

While Tiffany is looking for someone to hook up with, she checks in on her siblings.

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There is only one single sim that Tiffany can find living anywhere in the world.  So, she heads over to meet him.  Turns out he is still a teen.

As she is leaving, she sees a really weird looking sim standing near a panel van.  Great disguise!

Tiffany invites Jeff over because she doesn’t have any patience, and he still has more than a week until his birthday.  By allowing him to blow out the candles before he moves in, his traits will be randomly generated by the game.

Then, they get to know each other.

Tiffany pulls out all of the tricks.

It works and they each have their first kiss.

There is only one double bed in the trailer, and Tamilynn is currently sleeping in it – so Tiffany takes Jeff out to the telescope for a little fun.

Tiffany enjoyed the playtime, so she invites Jeff to move in.

Yes, that was quick, but this is sims and Tiffany wants her own trailer.

Jeff Hu is Gloomy, Evil, and a Vegetarian.  He has an awful reputation because he is evil.  Jeff’s mother is a dead alien, but Jeff only inherited the skin color.  Jeff also brought a lot of simoleans so it is time to add some buildings and other things.

The family gallery of photos is updated to add Tiffany and Jeff’s pictures to the wall.

Jeff brought in a crap-load of funds, so they expand the house by adding a second double-wide trailer.  They also add several broken down vehicles as they need trucks and junkers for the points.  At least these represent the truck and junker.

Jeff calls up and quits his job, because working sucks.  He won’t need to get another job until Quebec quits or is fired.

Deciding it is time to get right to the baby-making, Tiffany invites Jeff to come and play some more.

Then she sleeps and he stands guard.

There is a baby on the way and Tiffany gives Jeff the good news.

They still had a lot of simoleons remaining to spend, so they built a third double-wide trailer on the lot.  They finally have a little room to spread out and hopefully that will be all of the building for awhile.

With only one household member having a job, the rest of the family has a lot of time to kill.  So, they work together for the garden harvest.

Then, Jeff and Tiffany takes the dogs for a walk.  (Prissy and Dilbert)

Deciding to move on to a new stage in his life, Quebec quits his job.  They are beginning a generation of no jobs, for the points.

Tiffany finds the new workout equipment and is able to get some repetitions done before her pregnancy puts a stop to that.

Now that no one has a job, they just hang around the house and do various crap.  They need to figure out what they are going to be doing with their lives.  Other than making a lot of babies.

Tiffany spends the last of their savings to set up a wedding corner.

Jeff is pressured into proposing to Tiffany, because it is impossible to plan a wedding party without being engaged.

Tiffany and Jeff start a wedding party and invite over the family.  Surprisingly, they all come outside to watch the ceremony.  Most of them even sit in the chairs.

Just as they finish saying their vows, I remember that she would have received more points if the baby was born during the party.  But the baby is not due until tomorrow.

After the ceremony, Tamilynn heads inside to get a drink.

Hunter and Jeff get to know each other.  Hunter is just happy he gets to leave, although the triple double-wides are a lot nicer than it was when he lived here.  When the wedding party ends, they receive a gold medal for it.  My first wedding party and it was an easy gold.

Because Jeff is evil, the dollhouse has begun to be destroyed daily.  Several times a day.

Tiffany is struggling with her pregnancy – her needs tank very quickly.

Love Day comes and both couples have a good time.

Tamilynn and Quebec are still very loving towards each other.

Everyone gifts a begonia to their partner, and traditions are completed, and it is a good holiday.

Once again, Jeff destroys the dollhouse.  This time Quebec cries while he watches.

Jeff is one of the few to use the basketball hoop out back.

And, it is time for the first pregnancy to produce a baby.

Cocoa is born and she looks a lot like her father.

Of course, so does her twin brother, Almond.  The house is full and Tiffany still needs to have three more pregnancies.  Tiffany isn’t sure how that is going to work out, but it is still early in her life.


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