Hickey TPC: The Yard Sale

So I sold the stupid bush.  In that they not benefit from the money (§40) – I replaced it with a §40 tree.  The reason is – they are idiots.  While this is a challenge, I just couldn’t deal any more.  It is the middle of a thunderstorm and they finally decided to autonomously woohoo – so they walk away from their double bed and head out to the bush – then they stop and freak out about the storm and run back into the house.  Last freaking straw.  Bush has been cut down.  I tried to put it in their inventory or move it elsewhere but I had to eliminate it.  Consider it a barter swap – but they gained nothing useful out of it – only something decorative.

Suffering the after effects of her partying the past few days, Tamilynn has a crappy Sunday. It isn’t much better for Seiji as neither of them get any sleep although they try while swapping taking care of Hunter.  He must be suffering from croup because he is crying non-stop.  Tamilynn has fed him twice and they both are spending time rocking him but nothing is making him happy.  They will both be glad when he outgrows this stage.  It is so bad that Seiji takes a day of family leave to stay home to sleep.

The dogs are feeling a little neglected and have taken to carrying their bowls around – which makes it difficult for anyone to actually put food into them.  When they do actually get to put food in the bowls, the dogs scarf the food down immediately.  They need to learn to hunt for their dinner.

Hunter manages to get himself out of the bassinet and falls onto the floor.  Seiji and Tamilynn are asleep and don’t even notice.

So, he lets them know that he has a booboo from falling down.

Tamilynn decides he is okay and she heads off for a bath leaving Hunter to ask Seiji for hugs.

By the time Seiji bends down to give Hunter the hugs, he has changed his little toddler mind.  “Angelic” my ass.  And he is definitely, one-hundred percent, Seiji’s son.  There is no denying that hair.

With no money for toys, Hunter settles for playing with the dogs.  They have no idea what to make of this new creature.

Neither one of these two are going to get parent of the year awards.  We aren’t even looking at parent of the day awards.  They both got themselves food and proceeded to eat in front of Hunter, giving him nothing.

After they finished, and Seiji has taken a potty break, then Hunter was able to ask for (twice), and finally receive something to eat.

Tamilynn was still recovering from her partying the previous day so instead of going out, she invited Candy over for a while.  They stood outside and talked for a long time.

Inside, Seiji is getting Hunter to the potty and then to bed.  For a change everyone was in bed, asleep by midnight.

Just a pretty picture of their replacement tree in a lightning strike – lucky timing on the snap of the shot.  Also, this was taken in the middle of the night.

The dogs haven’t been clean in days, but why should this make any difference to anyone.

I don’t know what it is about this fridge that is so interesting.

Monday morning, the mail comes.  Those are scary words.  §710 is their total and they have §330.  This is not good.  It is finally summer so it is time to schedule the yard sale.  Schedule, because it can’t be today (Monday) because it is already almost noon, and Seiji has to go to work.  It can’t be Tuesday because the forecast is showing thunderstorms.  That means Wednesday is the first day possible.  Seiji is off and the weather is forecasted as sunny.  That is also the day the bills are due.  The table will cost §300, which Tamilynn goes ahead and purchases, leaving them with §30.  Sad boy needs something to play with so she buys him a wood car for §20.  The sad bank account is now down to §10.

The dogs need to eat, so they are now down to §0 – flat broke.

Hunter loves his car and he plays with it all day, which is good because this is literally his only toy.

Tamilynn goes around the neighborhood collecting anything she can find for the yard sale.

Their only hope is that Seiji is expecting a promotion when he goes to work today.  It won’t be enough to pay the bills but it will put money back into the bank account.

Go – work – bring back money!

With Seiji off to work, Tamilynn gets antsy so she packs up Hunter and they head over to Candy’s house.  But she didn’t call first and they get there as Candy is headed off to work also.  Bye, Candy.

They stay long enough for Tamilynn to introduce herself to Yuki and to swipe a lamp and then they head back to Brindleton Bay.

With Hunter in tow and no money to spend, there is really nothing for Tamilynn to do.  She does not meet up with Don or Junior despite the fact that they both call her twice and invite her to either come over to their house or meet them out somewhere.  She was tempted, but she said no all four times.

Back home, she takes Hunter to the potty – he did very good and never used his diaper the entire time they were at Candy’s house – and then she puts him to bed.  I would say she is turning into a good mom, but she never did give him any food, so he is going to be starving when he wakes up.

Since the bush of crap has been exchanged for a tree, Tamilynn decides to try the dog bath thing again and both dogs get baths one more time.  We’ll see how long that lasts.  They were so dirty, you could hear the flies buzzing around them.

Seiji comes home as Tamilynn is finishing up with the last dog – with a promotion and a little bit of a bonus.  They are still short what they need to pay the bills for the week, so they do what any self-respecting couple would do.  They have a date so they can sell the rewards afterwards.

Two silver dates later, the bills are paid.  Silver, because their radio is broken which means in order to get gold they would have had to woohoo, and they are both too exhausted to go that far tonight.  As it was, they kept trying to bail out on the dates early and go to bed (to sleep).  They are still broke but the yard sale is now just over 24 hours away.

New reshade – this one I think is the one I like the best… so, we will take a quick picture of everyone – also, Tamilynn redecorated the house with better colors.  The crappy off-yellow wallpaper sucked.  During the process I realized that they were missing the flooring from several of the rooms.  Oops.  That will be the next purchase they spend money on – although I will say that I have lived with no flooring in part of my house before while we were remodeling (for months going onto a year or more, so it is not unheard of).  Tamilynn and Seiji are still exhausted and won’t be waking up voluntarily any time soon.

Hunter is about to wake up and he will be HANGRY so someone will be waking up with him.  And it won’t be voluntarily.

Bella used to blend into the couch but the new reshade preset pops her out nicely.

Monster always sleeps in the same room with Tamilynn and Seiji.  I believe he prefers Tamilynn but his relationship with both of them is just friends.  This is one of the rooms still missing flooring.  Soon*.

And, he is up.

First he is going to make a trip to the potty then he will get some breakfast.

Hunter spends the morning playing with the dogs.  Well, he babbles – they just watch him, then they go outside to get away.  They really aren’t into him.

With not a lot else to choose from – Tamilynn went back to bed and Seiji is cleaning the house – Hunter watches the kids network on TV.

Tamilynn finally gets up, the house is clean, and Seiji needs to build his mixology skill for his next promotion.  They need the higher income so he is anxious to get there quickly.  They load up Hunter and head down to the local bar, where Seiji convinces the bartender (Leonardo) to let him practice for a little while.  It is mid-afternoon and there aren’t many customers (and Tami is easy on the eyes) so Leo is agreeable.

Hunter naps on the couch at the entry while the adults do their thing.

Tamilynn finds it boring to watch Seiji learn how to bartend, knowing that he won’t make her anything to drink – Leo won’t let her drink free and Seiji won’t let her spend any money, so she passes the time dancing to the jukebox.

She rummages through the trash but doesn’t find anything worthwhile.

Finally, Seiji learns what he needs – he won’t be learning any more because he can’t promote past the next level and his mixology skill, or lack of, will be what holds him back.

He gathers up Hunter and heads home.  He doesn’t know if Tamilynn is coming or not – she said she was “right behind him”.  He isn’t looking back though.

Dumbass game – Seiji carries Hunter all the way to the portal home, then drops him off and leaves him behind.  I popped Hunter home to join his daddy.

Seiji and Hunter waited for Tamilynn to follow along right behind them, but after playing for a little while, it was time for Hunter to go to bed.

Tamilynn got distracted by the fire – Leonardo is apparently a much more skilled bartender than Seiji.  And much more entertaining, at least behind the bar.  Tamilynn hasn’t shown any interest in Leo.

She orders a drink…

…and makes a phone call…

Maybe Tamilynn misinterpreted Leo’s reason for letting Seiji practice behind the bar.  Maybe it didn’t have anything to do with her charms after all.

Tamilynn’s phone call was to Candy – who came down to have girl’s night out.

A quick selfie because that is what all the cool kids do.

While Tamilynn and Candy are chatting, Junior is in the background making lovey-dovey eyes at Tamilynn.

Tuesday is alien night at the bar and apparently it gets a little wild.

Tamilynn still has money to spend so she orders her second drink – from Count Vlad.  Leo must have taken the rest of the night off when his husband showed up.

It is closing time and Tamilynn is wasted.  Junior, being the gentleman he isn’t, heads for home, leaving Tamilynn at the bar alone.

She has a long walk to the portal home.

She didn’t make it to the portal home before passing out.

That feeling when you come stumbling home after a night out drinking, then passing out in the middle of the street, and you step in dog shit (twice) on your way to bed.

Tamilynn collapsed into bed, dead to the world at 4am, completely forgetting the yard sale that is scheduled to start at 7am – bright and early.

Bright and early the Wednesday morning, Seiji had the table setup and was ready to go.

Tamilynn came out at one point to look over the items, but the sun was very bright and her hangover was very strong, and she went back to bed.  She didn’t get up again until noon.

Hey guys!!!  Come buy our shit!!!

Seiji’s sales tactic seems to be working, although I forgot how this works for the first couple of hours – put out the most expensive shot first, then work your way down to the cheap shit.  Since Tamilynn was sleeping, Hunter stayed close to Seiji for the morning rush.

Then he went inside and made a mess.  Several messes actually.  The potty hasn’t been cleaned because I have never bought them a trash can.

Tamilynn decided to get up about this time – she was in the kitchen eating and is scolding Hunter.  He is blaming Monster for telling on him.

Why did Monster be so mean?

Tamilynn takes Hunter and gives him a sandwich and she heads off for a pee and a shower.

During which she breaks both the toilet and the tub.  I am so happy that she is allowed to repair those items.  (They still have not replaced the stereo).

Hunter is ready to get out of the high chair but everyone is busy and he gets stuck waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.

Maybe they forgot about him?

The day wears on – Seiji has been working the table all day by himself – he hasn’t been allowed to eat or potty all day.  Tamilynn comes out to take Hunter inside and put him to bed.

After which, she finally comes out and relieves Seiji for the last two hours so he can pee, eat, and shower.  And not necessarily in that order.

The yard sale ends and they were able to sell everything except for two fossils.  In addition to the items they sold through the table, they were able to unload the three used cabinets, the coffee maker Seiji got from work, several items Tamilynn stole, and a lot of plumbing parts.  They made §1,616, bringing their bank balance up to §1,640.

Never one to let the money rest in the bank, Tamilynn buys a flower arranging station for §250, a bee box for §265, a programmable pet feeder for §240, a teddy bear for §75, blocks for §80, and a big boy bed for Hunter for §240.  With their purchases, they blew through the yard sale money and are down to §490, and they still haven’t replaced the stereo.  Inside trash can §25 and outside trash can §155 (balance §310).  Seiji fills up the programmable pet feeder (§40) and sets it for every 6 hours.  With two dogs eating out of one feeder, it might need to refill every 3 hours, but we’ll see.  And I have no idea where the dog bowls are.  The dumbass dogs have carried them off, or they ate them.  I don’t have a single, loving clue.  (found them in the bathroom finally, so they are in inventory now for next year’s yard sale).  After putting down the rest of the missing flooring, they are back down to §90 in the bank.

Seiji has had a long day and he decides to try out the bubbles – he finds them very relaxing.


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