Hickey TPC: Too Much, Too Fast

Tami Lynn has now become just Tamilynn because I am lazy and it is easier to type.  Tamilynn is on a mission to become the town slut.  Well, she doesn’t know that is her mission.  She is in love with Seiji.  She is just going to find that she is also in love with several other sims also.  But that is the future and tonight is her first night living with Seiji.  They are having a quiet night at home, watching some random show on TV while she makes mac and cheese.

Seiji realizes that someone in the family will need to make money and Tamilynn doesn’t have any intention of getting a job so he calls a friend and arranges to take a job as an assistant dishwasher.  His choices when he moved in with Tamilynn narrowed to culinary, gardening, and criminal.

After dinner they enjoy their quiet evening at home by dancing to the local radio station.  They already had their first woohoo – that is how we know Seiji wears socks to bed and bunny house slippers.  Tamilynn has decided not to talk to him about his fashion choices just yet.  She will begin working on that later.  For now, she just enjoys his company.

Then there is a racket outside.  Apparently this is a dog friendly area because they are overrun by a pack of stray dogs.  Tamilynn loves dogs, so she greets every one of them.  Two of them are friendly and two are not.  She makes friends with the two that are friendly and they are quickly adopted.  The other two soon leave.

Joining the Hickey family is Monster: Smart, Loyal, Sleuth, and male.

And coming in with him is Bella: Playful, Stubborn, Vocal, and female.

The next morning finds a flirty couple getting flirty as they complete two home-dates for Seiji’s aspiration.  It is one of the few aspirations that might be completed.

While the happy couple are getting their thang on, Monster and Bella are getting better acquainted in the next room.

Risky woohoo is risky and two dates later, Tamilynn has some special news for Seiji.  It is a good thing he found a job because they are adding to the family again.

Seiji heads to work later that day leaving Tamilynn home alone, so she takes the dogs out for a walk.  Now being alone is not a good thing where she is concerned.  Not at all.  You see, Tamilynn gets bored when she is alone.  She meets one sim on the beach, then heads for a local lounge.  But it is pretty dead out here in Brindleton Bay.  She pops over to the museum, where it is completely dead.  And that is when she decides that it is still early enough to head into the city.  She freshens up and, nope she isn’t showing yet – well, not really.  Looking good, girl!

And that is how she ends up at the Waterside Warble, downing not one, not two, but three EAPAs.

She is going to be feeling that tomorrow.

She was having such a good time that she lost track of time and Seiji actually came looking for her.  She never thought to ask how he found her.


Just a shot of them getting home with a random toddler.  No toddler stealing kleptos living here.

Tamilynn has a really delicious dream that night about the sexy bartender and his sweet kisses.

Color me surprised – one of the dogs is sleeping on the dog bed.

As normally happens, when you can least afford it, the damn dog gets sick.  It is obvious she has fleas, but only a trip to the vet is going to cure her.  Seiji tried to give her a bath first, but nope.

And the only treatment he can afford is the cone of shame.  For fleas.  §150

It was about this point that I realized I had done too much, too fast and that they weren’t going to have the money in time for the required wedding party before the baby is born.  I decided to restart this challenge with what I have learned, but I wanted to share this update since Tamilynn had so much fun.


Other mods I am using:

Scoring: 42

Home Sweet Home:

X2 (20) +10 For every 6 x 20 trailer on the lot

Huntin’ Land:

X1 (10) +10 For every 30×30 or larger lot the family owns as “hunting land”

Raisin’ Them Up:

X1 (10) +10 For having at least two dogs living on the main lot before the first heir is a young adult

X2 (2) +1 For each dog that was adopted in as a stray


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