Hickey TPC: Wait, What?

Tamilynn wakes up Hunter to spend some time with him while they are both in a good mood.

She works with him on his basic needs, teaching him with flashcards (invisible ones are cheaper), while Monster supervises.

She plays with him for awhile.

She teaches him to talk.

Hunter is proud to be learning his words.  Have you heard his words?  He knows his words!

While Tamilynn works with Hunter, Seiji gives the dogs another useless bath.

But, there are only so many words you can learn at one time.  And then there are just too many words.

Taking a breaking from learning words, Tamilynn reads Hunter a story.

Hunter is really hungry, so Seiji is cooking breakfast for everyone.  There went §10.  He probably won’t get a promotion today, but at least he will be going to work.

With breakfast ready, Tamilynn comforts Hunter and then they go get some breakfast.

That is a big plate of delicious looking breakfast.  Makes me want some scrambled eggs and toast.  Bacon too but that requires more cleaning than I want to mess with… (yes I went and made scrambled eggs and toast for dinner).

Hunter finishes eating before Seiji and he is impatient to get down.  Seiji is not rushing though, he knows how this game is played.  After he finishes eating, he takes Hunter to the potty, where he maxes out his potty skill.  Go Hunter.  Seiji puts Hunter back to bed after that.  Tamilynn went back to bed after she ate breakfast and Seiji is about to head to work so it is naptime for Hunter.

But first, Seiji gets to fix the broken sink before he goes to work.

Seiji heads off to work, looking sharp in his work clothes- level 3, Caterer.

Once Seiji has left for work, Tamilynn cleans up the house (shock, I know) and gathers up Hunter and heads to town (tell me you are surprised).  She is embarrassed because she sucks at using chopsticks.  She should be embarrassed because of how much she just spent on that food.

Hunter is sad because Seiji left him at home.  Now he is not at home and he is still sad.  They are having a heatwave and there isn’t a thermostat in the trailer and he hasn’t lost that sadness yet (there it goes, now he is just sad because Seiji left him behind).

Hunter wanders around listening to the music and watching the protest.  He is talking to everyone on his own.

Then he sits down and plays with his car.  That car is the best §20 Tamilynn has spent.

Tamilynn enjoys her food (she better as much as it cost).

Then she heads into the karaoke bar.  She actually goes in to sing instead of drink – be proud, people, be proud. Of course, she has no money left after the food she bought so she didn’t have much of a choice.  We already know that she doesn’t drink water.

Hunter comes to watch her sing and then asks when they can go home.

So they went home.

Tamilynn went on into the house – she had to pee.  Hunter began the long walk up the dusty “drive”.  He also had to potty, but he is a big boy now and he can hold it until he gets there.  Once they were both in the house, Tamilynn fed him and put him to bed (yay, Tami).

By the time Seiji came home from work (no promotion, but tomorrow is looking good), Hunter was asleep and the house was still clean.

Tamilynn was out back bonding with her bees and the box is half full of honey.

Oh Bella, stop rolling in your pee.

Tamilynn has been trying hard to make the right choices – she even cleaned the toilet.  Being an adult is hard.

She is still working with Hunter on his flashcards.  Monster continues to supervise.

Stopping shitting on the porch!  Actually it landed on the ground beside the porch, but that was just luck.  Monster was aiming for the porch.

While Tamilynn is tending to the trash plant, Hunter plays in the cabinet.

Then I remembered they bought him more toys and he spends some time playing with blocks, until Seiji wakes up.  Family time!

Seiji takes care of feeding Hunter before he leaves for work while Tamilynn braves the thunderstorm to collect honey from her beebox.  My first honey!

After Seiji leaves for work, Tamilynn puts Hunter to bed.  The thunderstorm rages outside.  It has created several crystals for Tamilynn to collect {yay}.

The bees have mites so Tamilynn goes out to treat them.  They are enraged and she doesn’t think about putting on the beesuit first.  The treatment also cost §15.

Too much thunderstorm gets to Tamilynn and it is time to get out of Brindleton Bay to some place where it isn’t raining.

This time Tamilynn loads up Hunter and the dogs and they head to Oasis Springs to the park.  Tamilynn wants to do some fishing and she is hoping the dogs will enjoy running around with Hunter.  I have never given Hunter a makeover, or Seiji for that matter.  I am thinking that until they can afford a dresser I am going to live with their clothing choices.  Once they can afford a dresser, then they can have makeovers.

While Tamilynn heads back to fish – she is trying to catch a violin which she heard is possible here – Hunter plays with the dogs.

At least it isn’t raining.

What?  I just received a notice that Bella is in labor!?!?!  When the hell did she get pregnant?!?!

That was not on the list!!!

Hunter tracks down Tamilynn to see if it is time to go home yet.  It is getting dark and he is tired.

Tamilynn finally gives up on the violin when she realizes Hunter has fallen asleep, Seiji is home from work, and Bella needs to go home to deliver her puppy/puppies.

One Puppy!

Pouty boy!

Surprise Hickey! a girl… with interesting eyes.

Seiji puts Hunter to bed while Tamilynn takes care of her immediate needs.

Yeah, I am not happy either.  I did not realize they would do that autonomously either.  Oh, I am not happy that you haven’t found the expensive violin either, although you do have a cowplant berry now.

Bella gave birth outside in the thunderstorm so Seiji goes out and finds Surprise and brings her into the house.  They now three dogs now.  I didn’t realize pets would autonomously breed or they would have gotten Bella spayed.  Now I know.  They will be taking Bella to get fixed now.  That is a priority.

During the surprise of finding out Bella was pregnant and the disappointment still not catching a violin, Seiji came home with a promotion.  Tamilynn wanted to do something special for him.

So she made him a special dish.  What she didn’t realize is that Pufferfish Nigiri is difficult to make and can have deadly results when made wrong.

While Tamilynn was repairing the bathroom sink…

Seiji was coming to the fatal conclusion that he shouldn’t have eaten food Tamilynn prepared.

Scarring him, pretty much for life, Hunter is the first one to find Seiji face down in his plate.

Tamilynn is devastated to realize that she is the one that killed Seiji.

Tamilynn and Hunter eat their safe leftover breakfast while Grim watches TV.

Tamilynn realizes she should get rid of the evidence just in case there are any questions.

Hunter spends a little quality time with Grim?!?  He is showing Grim his toy car.

And hugging Grim.  Grim needs to leave now.  Hunter hopefully will not be meeting Grim again for a very long time.

Hunter decides he is just going to go to bed.  This has not been a good day.  Now you can feel sorry for Hunter.

Well that sucks.  Seiji didn’t have any life insurance, and now they don’t have income coming in.

Aww, how cute.

Hunter wakes up and needs some comforting and a bath.

And some food.

After making sure all of their needs were taken care of, Tamilynn packs up Hunter and they head into the city.

She calls Don to see if he wants to meet her.  He has been calling every damn day.  He says he will be right over.

Hunter enjoys listening to the singers.

Don hasn’t shown up yet.  Tamilynn orders another drink.

Hunter is done with the singers and comes out to talk with Tamilynn.

This was her third call to Don, on her invisible phone.  The first two times he said he was going to be right over.  The third time he said he was sleeping.  Yeah.

While Tamilynn went to the bathroom, Hunter randomly hugged a stranger.  Time to go.

After calling her every day, Tamilynn was not going to be blown off, so she went over to Don’s house (midnight:30).  He agreed to go with her to her hunting property “to talk”.  She was still mourning Seiji and really wanted some company.  Although the drinks were stronger than the sadness, temporarily.

It didn’t take them long to head for the tent, where they spent the rest of the night.

Hunter was napping on the chair but he is really ready to go home.  The past two days have been really bad days.  (yes, you can feel sorry for him)

Don finishes “consoling” Tamilynn and it is time for everyone to go home.

Don realizes Hunter was there – he missed that memo apparently.  It was actually Hunter’s crying that cut short their activities when Tamilynn came out to check on him.

Damn dogs and their piles of shit.  Tamilynn carries Hunter to the potty, and while he is doing his business she does her business.  Then she puts him to bed and heads to bed.  Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.


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