Hickey TPC: What Comes Next?

Tami loves on Krystal as I read the rules and remember how to play the challenge.  Control the adults and let the kids run free – check.  Can’t make any money – check bounced.

Hunter appeases the gnome with pie (pie works for me too, mostly).  This is the first game I have opened that hasn’t been New Year’s Eve – it is HarvestFest instead.


Tamilynn makes a Grand Breakfast Feast.  That also works for me.  Although I am not sure I would eat anything she cooks anytime soon.

She and Quebec don’t get so lucky with their gnomes.  It takes them a little longer to beg for forgiveness but eventually they get there.

Hunter is glad Tami survives.  He doesn’t care so much about Quebec just yet.

He really doesn’t care about the new baby sister he just discovered hiding in Tami’s bedroom.  That sucks.

Quebec is learning vet lab work so he can make treats for the pack of dogs in the back yard.  They can’t afford to take them to the vet so someone has to be able to keep them healthy.  Or something.

Tami begins painting paintings so they will have something to sell in the next yard sale.

A boy and his toy playing in the bathroom.  That could sound so much worse.

Tamilynn bonds with the bees.

She collects honey, which she can’t sell until summer.

The bees swarm Hunter but Tamilynn doesn’t look too concerned.

But they bring Tami a postcard from Moonlight Falls.  Thanks?!?

Tamilynn just rolled the whim to marry Quebec.  Since this is her second marriage I am not sure if she has to be pregnant to get married or if they can get married without needing to be pregnant.  So whim pinned for now.  Knowing Tami, she will be pregnant soon.

Then I looked at her aspiration – yeah, Serial Romantic and she has a lot of work to do.

First she is going to kiss her way to a high level charisma.

Changing of the guard – Quebec is heading to work as Hunter comes home from school.

Maybe having the bees by the front door is not such a good idea.

Tamilynn needs to kiss 10 sims.  First things first, she has to rekiss the four sims she already has a relationship with.  Quebec has already been counted, so Junior, Don, and Seiji are called into action to get the 4/10 counted.

The bees followed her into the bedroom to express their dissatisfaction about something.

Seiji spends time with Hunter before bedtime.

Surprise guards the food bowl.

Candy came over to visit and took no less than three baths.  She and Tami never spoke a word to each other, Candy just took baths and played with the dogs then left.

It is Krystal’s birthday and she becomes a silly toddler.

What comes out where?

Krystal was hungry but she kept putting down the plate to go play with the blocks.  It took four tries to get her to finish her lunch.

Hunter is a mama’s boy and is always asking for lots of hugs.

Then Tami hears howls from outside and finds Bella stuck in the fence.  True story.

While unsticking Bella, Tami hears howls from inside and finds Krystal having a meltdown.  True story.

After putting Krystal to bed, Tami finds Hunter pouring paint on the floor in the living room.  Really?!?

I don’t blame her – she can have more than one today.

After having a beer, Tami heads out for some me-time.  She also scores two more kisses for her list bringing her to 6/10.

She is exhausted by the time she heads home, just missing some family drama as Bella Goth shows up right after shows scores a kiss off of Mortimer.

It is aggravating when the expectation is Quebec was going to stay home with Krystal but Tami comes home to find out he went to work sending Krystal to daycare.  The same daycare that doesn’t find it necessary to feed her.

Quebec come dragging ass home soon after Tami gets home but no rest for the weary.  No, he doesn’t get credit for going to work.

Tami went straight to bed leaving Krystal’s needs to Quebec to sort out.

Quebec gives her a peanut butter sandwich and grabs himself something to eat.  Then he plops her on the potty and heads to bed leaving her to her own devices for the rest of the night.  Welcome to hell, child.

Hunter is roaming around also – no one tells these kids what to do or when to go to bed.

Monster decides that no one is going to eat today.

Tami is spending more time with Krystal than she spent with Hunter.  She seems to be happier to stay home with Quebec than she ever was with Seiji, but she could also be maturing.

She has been cooking more family meals.

While Tami is cooking breakfast for dinner, Krystal watches Quebec.  She wonders what he is doing, why he is working so hard.  He tells her it is so he can make treats for the dogs.

Dogs?  There are dogs?  Krystal must meet these dogs.  Monster has the collar, I can’t remember which one is which from this angle between Bella and Surprise.

Krystal wanted Tami to help her potty, so wake up.

How did you get in the house?  The doors are locked to the dogs.

Hunter actually went to the scouts on Sunday.  He never made it to the meeting on Saturday.

Privacy, doesn’t exist.

Quebec has reached level 6 in the veterinarian skill.  He can now make age-up and age-down treats.

Another milestone is Krystal can go to the potty by herself now.

Tami is trying to get back on the bees good side while Krystal follows her around watching.  It is a good thing the bees haven’t attacked the toddler – I am assuming they won’t.

Quebec goes to give the dogs their treat and discovers Monster is already an elder.  Bella and Surprise both get their treat so all three dogs are now elders.  {yay}  Yes, they are being aged up.  Tami and Quebec will be adopting new dogs once these have passed along – smaller/spayed dogs.

Tami and Krystal play after bath time.  I have no idea where Hunter is – I think he went to bed.  Hazards of hands-off playing.  He is truly free roaming.

Krystal is so cold – she needs to change her clothes.  She is definitely not dressed for winter in a trailer with no heat.

She is feeling much warmer, so she dances to the music.

Then she plays with a special toy that she got on her birthday from her daddy Don.

Quebec gets up to realize that Surprise isn’t handling old age well.  She is already sick with Squirrel Scratch Fever – and she hasn’t even been scratched by a squirrel.  Thankfully it is cured with a shot.

Then the bills come.  §1,495 compared to §1,310 in the bank.  48 hours to come up with the rest, and only one day of work during that time.  Quebec is already level 3 in the culinary career, so he can only afford to earn one more promotion

Trying to show more Hunter and this is what he gives me.

Then he cleans out the potty.

Quebec is an overachiever bringing home a promotion to level 4 Culinary.  He has reached the top level allowed.  He will stay in this career as long as he doesn’t have the skills to get promoted.

He is also a good substitute daddy – he is not Krystal’s biological dad, he is not her care-giver, yet everyday when he comes home, his very first action is to pick her up and hold her.  Tami is dancing, not pissing herself – just to clarify that.


He spends time with her talking about her day and getting to know her.  Their relationship is average, just acquaintances, but she is his first thought when he gets home.

Then Tami gives him other thoughts and they leave her on the couch while they head for the bedroom.


Awkwardness.  Especially when Tami wants a second round.  Seiji gets sad and starts crying that Tami has moved on.  Their relationship is complicated: Lovers, Boyfriend, Deceased Spouse.

The family has some quiet time while everyone eats.

Then Hunter enters a Mean Streak and begins yelling profanity.

Tami and Quebec respond like any responsible adults – they head to the bedroom for a third time leaving Hunter and Krystal watching cartoons.

These dogs are not going to go gentle into the night.  Bella and Monster are both sick now.

Bella had Magmafied Organs and was cured with a shot.

Monster has Super-Duper Swamp Mouth and had to have a cone of shame.  He probably needed surgery but who can afford that.

With the dogs handled, Quebec heads instead to double team Krystal on the potty.  Yeah – Tami has a better suggestion for their time.

Which leaves Krystal free to play with the paints.

And to freeze again.  They need to install climate control.

After freezing inside, Krystal puts on her outside clothes and heads outside – only to find out it is actually colder outside than it is inside.  She promptly turns around and heads back inside.

Tami’s activities have finally born fruit.  It literally took them way too many attempts, but she is finally pregnant again. I actually checked to make sure she wasn’t flagged as no offspring but there is a baby on board.  Pregnancy #3.

Quebec is happy that one of the kids in the house is finally going to be his.  This also fills up the house until someone dies or moves out.


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