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Somehow, I think this challenge started itself. It is not a short challenge. In fact it is a very long challenge, as we explore history with our sims. The challenge is called Exploring History and has about 30 generations. I will be using modified and expanded rules by IllusoryThrall, otherwise known as Wyldhawke.

Exploring History Challenge – Main Rules

Generations 1-5 (Stone Age – Roman Times)
Generations 6-10 (Viking Times – Georgian Era) – Still in testing
Generations 11-15 (Regency Era – 1920s) – Still in testing
Generations 16-20 (1930s-1970s) – Still in testing
Generations 21-25 (1980s- 2005s) – Still in testing
Generations 26-30 (2010s-The Aftermath) – Still in testing

Gen 1: The Beginning (Stone Age)

You and your partner are the first sims created. You live in the wilderness and have to build your own shelter. You live off the land and care the the plentiful children you have produced. Life is hard and difficult but there is a sort of peace to it. You live day to day, saving the profits you have made from fishing, scavenging and gardening. Your goal is to set the foundation for your children and their children.

My prehistoric couple will be starting out on Caldera Camp in Mua Pel’am in Sulani, with one of the stone-age lots made by Wyldhawke (on the gallery, CC-free and playtested).

As they get ready to start, some last housekeeping. At this point I have only cleaned out Sulani – deleting all lots. All sims throughout the game have been deleted, but more will be made because that is what MCCC and the game does. However, the founders and their children will not be traveling so any anachronistic sims will be ignored. For game play settings, I have turned off “Fill Empty Homes”, they are “Opting Out of Fame”, and Eco Footprint and voting has been disabled for now.

It is time to meet the founders, and maybe, actually, unpause time. Brud the Dark is Self-Assured, Loves the Outdoors, and is a Child of the Islands. He aspires to become an Angling Ace and knows he will be able to provide many fish for his family to eat.

Joining him on this adventure is Jane the Pale. Jane is Cheerful, Family-Oriented, but just a little bit Jealous. She trusts the plants to grow a bountiful harvest so that she can provide fruits and vegetables for her family to eat.

But before they can begin with the planting and fishing, they need to get to know each other better since they will be sharing the hut, and the bed.

After gazing at the clouds to break the ice, Brud and Jane begin to talk and getting to know each other.

Then there is flirting and preening.

And then they head off to the waterfall to really get to know each other.


With their relationship on the upward track, it is time to deal with some other needs. While Brud tries to catch something for dinner, Jane preps the fire and makes a dinner of vegetables.

Then she collects the one rock in the area.

There is some time to kill while the food is cooking, so she goes for a swim in the lagoon.

As the day winds down, they both get a shower in the waterfall, fertilize a nearby bush, eat their dinner, and go to bed.

Jane has her first accident, and I am sure it will not be her last. She makes a quick trip to the waterfall to clean up.

Then she roasts one of the fish that Brud caught.

Speaking of Brud, he has been allowed to use the canoe for fishing, since he needed to be able to fish from a third spot. I have only found two fishing signs in Mua Pel’am.

Jane realizes that she is going to have a baby and she rushes to let Brud know the good news.

Jane watches Brud roast himself a fish and then she cleans out their inventory. He has been collecting more than just fish and they are beginning to build a savings.

With a baby on the way, it is time for Jane to begin working on their garden. They are going to need more than just fish for the baby. Brud is not being helpful as he keeps moving to stand where Jane is planting.

Brud is also allowed to build a trap to see if he can use it to catch fish also.

It is late when they get to bed. Brud went out for more fish while Jane finished setting the garden up.

Tuesday morning starts off with a shower and some raw taro roots. One was fine but four made her sick.

Then she peed herself before she could get back to the hut. Jane is already showing signs that this is going to be a rough pregnancy.

She heads back for another shower and catches up with Brud, who is only having his first shower.

She tends the garden and then lays down for a nap. Her needs are dropping so fast, she can’t even keep up with them.

It takes some convincing to get Brud to fish again. He won’t stay on the canoe long enough to be told to fish, but eventually he does what he is told. He has to fish for six more hours for his aspiration, so this is his plan for the day.

He comes back to the hut to find Jane has already gone to bed.

He wakes her up because he wants to be social with her once or twice. They both needed the social boost, although she is really miserable at the moment. At least he fell asleep after the second time, so she ate, peed, and went back to sleep.

The next morning Brud checks his trap and he is happy to see four fish and some treasures. Very nice.

But he has to get to work now, so it is back to the fishing spot where he hopes to fill up his bag with lots of fish.

Jane is back at the waterfall for another shower.

After getting cleaned up, she tends to her garden. Amazing how she harvested an apple from the coconut tree.

While she should be working on improving her gardening, she decides to investigate the nearby cave.

She should have stopped after the first time, but she didn’t. Now she has to stop at the waterfall on her way home. Again.

The nearby volcano rumbles and throws four lava bombs their way.

Thankfully, nothing was damaged, but it was a close call.

Jane’s needs continue to drop faster than they can be improved. Although, this is the first time she has passed out on the ground, I doubt it will be her last time.

Brud is rocking along – he is on the last tier of the aspiration and only needs to master fishing now to finish up.

The plan is for Brud to continue fishing until he masters the skill, and then he will take over the cooking duties so that Jane can deal with the garden. They will both be working on their parenting skills.

Jane goes into labor while Brud is off trying to master his fishing skill.

She gives birth to a daughter, whom they name Anitta.

Of course, Brud comes home immediately and wants to celebrate the expansion of their family.

After the celebration, they both need a shower, which they take nude. Jane then spends the rest of the day embarrassed that she was seen showering in the nude. Brud didn’t really care.

After fishing for a few hours, he is just too tired to continue. He doesn’t quite make it home before he has to “just rest his eyes for a moment”.

After they both got a little bit of sleep, it was back to work. Jane sent Brud off to finish mastering fishing with a vague hint that he shouldn’t come back until he was done.

Then she went out to work on the garden. She figured out how to use other plants as fertilizer so that her plants would begin improving in quality.

Jane found out at some point that she is going to have another baby. I missed the notification and the confetti, but apparently it was about 11 hours ago.

Brud hasn’t fished up a cowplant berry yet, so Jane is planning ahead with some strawberry and snapdragon plants. The concern is today is the last day of spring, and she isn’t sure the strawberry plants will be big enough to take a cutting before they go into summer hibernation.

Nothing to do but wait, so she and Brud head out to the waterfall to clean up a little bit.

Showering in tandem, and not nude this time.

The strawberry plants liked the fertilizer and bushed out nicely. And they just barely made it – Jane was able to get the cutting Saturday evening and at midnight they went into hibernation. She almost waited too long.

They are expecting Anitta to begin walking soon so Brud heads out to finish mastering fishing. He also completes his aspiration at the same time.

That leaves gardening and parenting to be mastered and Jane still needs to complete her aspiration.

It looks like just about everything went into hibernation, but that isn’t case. I am not sure why it looks like this, so she will see what happens in the morning.

So just going to say that I am really liking these two sims.

Anitta figures out how to get out of her bassinet and isn’t she little Miss Independent.

With Anitta mobile now and another baby on the way, it is time for Brud to expand the house. He basically makes three huts with a door between each.

The center hut will be the main living area along with the baby area. Then he and Jane will sleep in one of the new huts while Anitta will sleep in the other new hut.

Jane takes Anitta to the bushes to show her where to pee, and notices that Brud has slipped off to the lagoon.

He wanted to get some swimming in before bedtime.

Anitta does not like going to the potty in the bushes but Jane explains that she is a big girl now and she has to act like it.

When Jane rearranged the garden to make room for the expanded hut, all of the greenery came back.

After sitting Anitta in the bushes and telling her to stay there until she peed, or pooed, Jane slipped off to join Brud in the lagoon.

Anitta stayed in the bushes until she peed, but she is not a happy toddler at the moment.

After there getaway in the lagoon, Jane comes back and goes to bed, leaving Brud to settle Anitta down for the night.


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