Honey, Let Me Bee: Drone 1.1

I was looking through the medals at Boolprop and realized that I had never completed the Queen Bee Challenge. This can’t be, and must be rectified. Having just lost my mind, I went looking for updated Sims 4 rules. I could only find one, last updated in May 2017, but it looks like it covers everything.

So, the basic premise is the queen bee has to have 6 children with 10 sims for a total of 60 children. The difference between this and the 100 baby challenge is the male drone can move in to help and when the youngest becomes a child, he will move out and take the six children with him. At that point, the queen bee will choose a new drone and begin again.

Simple, mindless.  Medal-frenzy.  Not much of a story.

The Queen Bee

  • Honey Freebush: Neat, Creative, Noncommittal > Painter Extraordinaire

Honey heads out to find her first drone. 

She wants to choose a single male that is not a premade – and would like to not have to wait – so she figures she will check out the local librarians.  This is harder done than said.  It takes time to spawn the right gender, but finally she was satisfied.

With his friendship secured, she invites Asher to move in and he accepts.  One thing about librarians is that they generally start off homeless so he is happy to have a place to live.

He surveys his new home – his new empty lot.  He really was hoping for a house and a bed.

And then “boom” there is a house where it was just an empty field.

Honey’s house is from the gallery (by upinthestars).

Honey doesn’t get to keep Asher – Asher Escobar – he is only on loan for the production of six bees.  But he would be a keeper, I think.  They get along really well.  His traits are Outgoing, Bookworm, and Neat and his aspiration is Super Parent.  He also is Chopstick Savvy and Domestic.

They celebrate their new romantic relationship with a tumble in the sheets.

Honey figures out pretty quickly that she is going to have a baby and she shares the news with Asher.

Despite the breakage of his face he is happy about the news.

Honey takes a job in the Painting career as a Palette Cleaner (level 1) while Asher decides to stay home and take care of the baby.  They spend their free time painting together.

It is a good thing this is a Queen Bee and not a Black Widow challenge.

Asher makes dinner and gets Honey to take a break from painting for some food.  She needs to eat to keep up her strength if she is going to be having the babies and working to support the household.

Asher is at loose ends waiting on the babies to start coming.

He goes jogging while he waits for Honey to come home from work.

He meets her at the sidewalk with a request for woohoo.  He is really bored.

Asher notices that there is a skating rink in the neighborhood and he spends the day skating.  Still bored and still boring.  

But, Honey brings home a promotion and she is in her last trimester, so there will be a baby soon.

Asher is finding things to keep him busy and to contribute to the household funds.

And baby #1 is here – Adrien Freebush.  Honey was sent home from work early on Wednesday because she went into labor and Adrien was born that evening at home.

Honey and Asher celebrated by working on the next baby, because why not.

This time it took two tries to get the positive result but Honey lets Asher know that there is another baby on the way.

Asher steps into his role as primary caregiver for Adrien and does a great job.  He learns the parenting skill quickly and is level 3 by the time Adrien becomes a toddler.

Honey continues to spend all of her free time painting.  She is working on both her aspiration and her career and that is keeping her busy.  Asher doesn’t have much to do around the house, so he comes to talk to Honey a lot.

Adrien becomes an inquisitive toddler and I am not sure that Asher and Honey’s genetics make a good combination.  I can’t tell yet if it is just the angle or if he has an unfortunate facial structure.

He may be inquisitive but that does not include the potty chair.  He has no desire to learn anything about that.

It sucks being the littlest person in the room.

He doesn’t look too bad in this picture.

He is still pissed about having to sit on the potty.

Afterwards, Asher puts him to bed.  He may not be tired but the rest of us are.

Good night!


  • Drone+Children set that move out
  • Family Funds
  • Twins/Triplets
  • Happy Toddlers
  • Top-Notch Toddlers
  • Queen Bee
    • Maxed Skill
    • Maxed Career
    • Completed Aspiration


  • Children lost to Social Services
  • Deaths in the Household

Drone #1: Asher Escobar

  1. Adrien


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