Honey, Let Me Bee: Drone 1.2

Asher is waiting for Adrien to wake up.  I just realized he has a mustache – not sure how I missed that before.  Well, it is tiny.

Adrien is awake and in a good mood.  It is raining so his moods will be a challenge today.

Honey is in her last trimester and still spending her time painting and working.  In the background is a high chair screw up – I deleted it later.  Since it is raining every time Asher puts Adrien in the chair, he gets scared and must get down.  He is hungry and keeps asking to get in the high chair to eat, but won’t stay in it long enough for Asher to feed him.

I was considering letting them go ISBI or free will (but then I remembered there are points for toddler skills) so Asher asks Adrien if he needs to potty.  Adrien denies that he is about to poop his diaper.

Asher finally gets Adrien into the high chair with the food (food had to go first) but there is an interesting glitch.

Adrien threw his food on the floor so that Asher could scold him for the parenting aspiration.  It didn’t work, so Adrien is going to have to do other things so Asher can discipline him later.  Playing in the toilet worked to give Asher 1/5 times.

Adrien maxes out communication – that is always the easiest.

Then he heads outside to work on movement.  Who cares if it is raining. (not me, unless they get struck by lightning)

He heads inside when he needs to potty; Honey helps him get to level 2 so he will be able to go on his own in the future.  They were both in dire straights though as Honey peed herself and then Adrien passed out.

Asher gets him up from the floor and puts him to bed while Honey takes a shower.

Honey is feeling pretty stressed and sad.  She hasn’t been the focus of this challenge because she has been doing boring stuff while Asher gets to stay home with Adrien.

Oh no, that is just labor pains.

Honey gives birth to a little girl she names Alyssa.  It must be the lighting but Alyssa looks really pink and Honey looks really yellow.

Good morning, sunshine.  Adrien wakes up like this every single morning.

Adrien maxes out movement – it is the thunderstorm that he is not thrilled about.

Okay, he almost maxed out movement.  He had to stop to go potty so he asked Asher to play with him and that maxed out his movement.

Then he passed out.  Once again Asher is rescuing him from the floor and taking him to bed.

He makes some awesome faces.

I am questioning my decision to settle them in Newcrest.  Summer sucks with all of the thunderstorms.

I finally remember that in this challenge we are taking pregnancy tests and Honey gets the good news that the next pregnancy is happening.  Because I started this one and the Lame Name Game at the same time, I keep getting them confused when I play.  And then there is the Manley Monster Mash, Karma Academy, Shannon’s Sliding Doors, Hickey TPC, and Proud of Darkness.  {shameless plugs}  So, on the newer ones I am still getting my bearings and figuring out their stories.  As you might have noticed, I tend to start these without a story and just see what develops.

Adrien has achieved Happy Toddler – he is now on a mission for Top-Notch Toddler.  I believe he is inquisitive.

He also really needs a bath.

Ask and you shall receive.

Time passes and Alyssa becomes an angelic toddler.

A toddler who is sad when her first attempt at potty training ends in a mess.

Lazy ass refuses to get out of bed without assistance.  All the freaking time, he calls for someone to pick him up.

She is still crying about the potty accident.

Angelic, my ass.

This does allow Asher to get another discipline (2/5) done, although Alyssa does not appreciate being disciplined.

She may be angelic, but she sure does have an attitude.

After that, she is sad again because Daddy yelled at her.

She goes over to play with the new dollhouse with Adrien because all she wanted was to do something fun.

That does not make Adrien happy, he was playing with the dolls.  He leaves when she starts playing, and he is angry now.  Stupid sisters.

(This update is pretty much all toddlers) ~ Alyssa bounces around on her skills, working on movement next.

Alyssa watches Asher read Adrien to sleep.  She really needs to potty and she wants his attention too.  I am not doing any makeovers for the kids – or the drones.  We will see how long that lasts.

Alyssa works on her skills until bedtime and then Asher puts her to bed also.

Honey comes home from work sick.  She hasn’t been getting a lot of screen time, but she has been working and painting.  When I said at the beginning that this was going to be simple, mindless, and not much of a story – I wasn’t kidding.

I might have to change this setting, because I really don’t care when NPCs die.  Although that setting was important in my Manley challenge the other day.  More thought is needed.

Honey wishes “someone” would clean the house while he is home all day.  It isn’t in the picture but there are dirty dishes stacked just out of range that is causing Honey to be “uncomfortable”.

Adrien and Alyssa get up very, very early and find leftovers for breakfast.  They have a bonding moment while they eat at 4am.  Maybe little sisters aren’t that bad.

When Asher gets up he reads them several stories as Adrien is close to maxing out imagination.

Adrien works hard on his skills and does the “Ask Why” for a bit, but then he goes back to just watching Asher as it doesn’t irritate him (or me) as much.

Although there isn’t as much privacy for Asher.  I am not complaining about the view, and those bubbles are very strategically placed.

And that is a Top-Notch Toddler.  His face still kills me – I am curious to see what he looks like when he gets older.

Honey comes home with a promotion and about the same amount of irritation that I have about the seemingly constant thunderstorms.  She is also in labor.

It is baby time…

Honey gives birth to another girl, this time she names her Annie.  All names are randomly generated by the game, taking the first name to come up that has the same initial as their daddy.

Then she promptly pees herself.  Because she should have gone the bathroom before her labor progressed too far.

Wasting no time, Honey and Asher do the deed to bring about pregnancy #4.  Because challenge goals.


  • Drone+Children set that move out
  • Family Funds
    • §9,000
  • Twins/Triplets
  • Happy Toddlers
  • Top-Notch Toddlers
    • Adrien
  • Queen Bee
    • Maxed Skill
    • Maxed Career
    • Completed Aspiration


  • Children lost to Social Services
  • Deaths in the Household

Drone #1: Asher Escobar

  1. Adrien
  2. Alyssa
  3. Annie


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