Honey, Let Me Bee: Drone 1.3

Still here, not a dream.

Adrien decides to wake up Asher so that he isn’t in this nightmare alone.

Before he can ask for anything from Asher, Alyssa comes in asking for attention.

While Asher is making breakfast, the toddlers wait in the living room. And, that escalated quickly.

After breakfast, Alyssa really needs a bath.  She actually asks for a bath also.  Shannon‘s kids need to take notes.

Adrien has already maxed out his skills, so he is free to play.  Alyssa, however, is having to work on her skills.  So, Adrien is watching her.

She is not happy.

Adrien finds that having free will can lead to getting into trouble.

Asher spends time cleaning around the house while Adrien tries to stay out of trouble.

More sibling bonding.  They alternate between getting along and not getting along.  Pretty accurate with siblings.

Alyssa needs imagination so Asher reads her a story.

And she also needs to sleep.

Honey has to run to the museum so she gets a few minutes out of the house and some screen time.

Coming back we find Vivian’s ghost has come to haunt.

And she is haunting with a vengeance.  I have been looking for her grave, but I believe it is inside the food stall so we have to wait for that to open to see if it will be possible to release her spirit.

Put the baby down and back away.

Asher is trying to repair the crap Vivian is breaking but she is breaking faster than Asher can repair.

Bitch! Stop!!

That’s right -fix that shit that you broke.

Adrien needs a bath but everyone is sleeping.  Instead of waking anyone up, he cries and then goes out to play.

At some point, maybe the house will get some decorations.  Or this room will.  Honey has been keeping the masterpieces and selling the rest, so she is slowly decorating the house with masterpieces.

Asher is popular today.

Alyssa is on an Asher-watching mission today.

Asher is trying to keep Adrien from destroying the house.

In his spare time, he reads to Alyssa and she finally maxes out imagination.

She is alternating watching and asking why and is almost there.

And that is another top-notch toddler.

Annie becomes a charmer – three toddlers because Adrien hasn’t had his cake yet.

Go away!  Everyone is awake so Vlad doesn’t bother coming in.

Alyssa gets up to pee and then cries for breakfast.  It is a good thing that Honey has just made breakfast.

Everyone gets something to eat and then the girls go back to bed.  Adrien watches Annie sleep in the new bed they put in his room.

Adrien gets to blow out his candles and becomes a slob.

Adrien tried to take out the trash but was distracted by the TV and dropped the trash on the floor.  Asher had to finish getting the trash to the outside trash can.

TV with masterpieces on the wall behind.

Annie is working on communication.

Asher is supposed to be reading to Alyssa, but he spaced out.

It is a good thing someone cleans up around the house.  Adrien is about to start working on his homework.

Getting ready to push that poop out.

A little honesty here – I really don’t remember making this her hot weather outfit.

Asher plays with Annie to get her movement up to level 2 but after that the slide is the better option.

Alyssa is in awe of this cup of milk.  It holds her over until Asher can make dinner.

The fourth baby is Allison.

Again, wasting no time, Honey tells Asher there is another baby on board.  Asher is not impressed.

A little heart-warming bonding happening.  I was re-reading the rules and realized at this point, that I could be influencing twins.  So, starting with the next drone, Honey will buy the Fertile trait and add the On-Ley-Line lot trait.  She is going to finish up Asher’s bees without the influences.

Alyssa’s day just went to hell in a bassinet.  She is the only one that is sad about Allison.  The others were happy.

Honey tells her she has a new sister and that does not make Alyssa feel better.  She didn’t want a new sister.

Milk in a sippy cup doesn’t make her feel better.

When Honey comes home from work, Alyssa is the first one to go out to greet her.

But Honey is already walking inside and walks right past without stopping.

Well, that sucks.

Honey really had to pee.

Alyssa stood outside for the rest of the evening and pouted.

Inside Annie was sad because she had a potty accident and not even a story from Asher could turn her frown upside down.

Alyssa (angelic) is the biggest mess maker.

But she gave Asher plenty of opportunities to progress his aspiration.

Then she ran around all afternoon in the rain.

Annie is slow going on her skills.  Maybe she isn’t slow, but she feels slow.  And it is making me question the need for the points (Happy Toddler vs Top-Notch Toddler – 1point vs 2points)

Asher gives her water to drink.  Maybe milk or juice would have cheered her up instead.

Damn, I forgot to look for Vivian’s grave.

Allison is another angelic toddler.  We will see about that.

Potty accidents are so upsetting.

Alyssa wants to play but Honey is too far along in her pregnancy to rough-house so that isn’t happening.

Oh, Thank, God!

Alyssa becomes a vegetarian as a child.  Yeah.

Asher is taking a break and ignoring the younger girls.

That is really hard to do though.  Allison is really wanting comforting.

Honey has finally reached level 10 painting.

Alyssa has not outgrown her mess-making ways.

Asher puts her into time out for making a mess but I doubt it is going to change her ways.

Asher spends his life cleaning up messes.  The two girls are trying to level their skills.  I am still trying to figure out if the points are worth it.

Annie has achieved Happy Toddler and is working on Top-Notch Toddler.  Allison just got started.

Asher finally finds Vivian’s grave and he heads over to release her spirit.

Allison had it queued up to watch him and so she followed him over to the park.  But he was long gone by the time she got there.  Long, long gone.

Annie is finding imagination and thinking very slow going, and I am lacking motivation on her skills.

Alyssa feels the new baby.  Maybe she won’t be sad when it is born.

By the time Allison comes home, she is exhausted, ravenous, and potty training isn’t even a possibility.

She has to take a nap on the floor before she can eat her dinner.

Finally Asher is able to get her to bed.

Honey is in labor and Annie has reached level 4 thinking because she has started asking why.  Allison is just enjoying that amazing breakfast scramble that Asher made for breakfast.

Everyone is watching Honey.

While Honey gives birth to Ariana (baby 5), Asher entertains Annie and Allison with a story in the living room.

And with space available, Honey takes a day of family leave and she and Asher work on getting the last baby on board.

Annie was on her way to watch Honey and got a little more than she needed to see.

Honey gives Asher the good news!

Outside Annie and Allison are bonding over the dolls.

Asher gets Allison back on the potty a second time and Annie comes in to watch.

Annie is not happy to find out there is another baby in the house.

She brings Allison in to share her sadness, but Allison is happy to see a new sister.

Annie did max out her thinking and just has imagination remaining.

Allison is following Asher around.  She has a few points in everything except communication, which is the only skill she has maxed out.

Asher begins making the grand feast for HarvestFest while the toddlers continue working on their skills.

Annie finally finishes her skills and becomes a Top-Notch Toddler.

Allison wants attention and a bath.  She hasn’t figured out yet how to ask for either.

Oh, wait – she asked for a hug.  That is a start.

Look, it is a picture that doesn’t include toddlers.

And, another one.

HarvestFest was a good day, maybe everyone should have gone to bed a little sooner than they did.

Scoring =10

  • Drone+Children sets that move out (+1 point/each set)
    • Asher Escobar
  • Family Funds (+1 point/each §100,000) +1
    • Funds:  §13,664
    • House: §66,576
      • Total: §80,240
  • Twins/Triplets (1/2 point/each set)
  • Happy Toddlers (+1 point/each toddler)
  • Top-Notch Toddlers (+2 point/each toddler) +4
    • Adrien, +2
    • Alyssa, +2
  • Queen Bee +5
    • Maxed Skill (+5 points/each skill) +5
      • Painting, +5
    • Maxed Career (+10 points/each skill)
    • Completed Aspiration (+10 points/each skill)


  • Deaths in the Household (-5 points/each death)

Drone #1: Asher Escobar

  1. Adrien
  2. Alyssa
  3. Annie
  4. Allison
  5. Ariana


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