Honey, Let Me Bee: Drone 1.4

Time to wake up…  Allison is starving and there is nothing in the fridge for her to eat.

Allison watches while Asher makes fruit salad for breakfast.  I tried to pick something that didn’t need cooking but I was wrong.

Everyone gets up to eat and the toddlers had to eat two servings to fill them up.  I had never noticed before but either this meal is not a full meal or they were really hungry.  Afterwards the family enjoyed each other’s company until time for school to start.

Allison was exhausted so she went back to bed.

This meant Annie got to have Asher’s attention all to herself.

Asher got a job offer out of thin air – he accepted because Honey is pregnant with the last baby and he will need a job when he moves out.  He is now Low Orbit Specialist, level 5 Astronaut.  He has none of the skills required for the position so he won’t be seeing a promotion anytime soon.

Ariana becomes a wild toddler.

Asher reaches level 10 parenting, which I don’t get points for.  I should get points for this, I think.  I need to go look for the rules.

Honey comes home from work as Annie and Allison wake up.  They both have the action to hug Honey.  Annie looks fierce.

Annie gets there first…

Allison brings up the rear, but only because Annie got a headstart – and she can run faster than Allison.  And she probably intimidated Allison a little.

Even so, it doesn’t look like Annie wants to share.

And this is how it begins – girls go to the bathroom in groups.  There is no privacy in a house full of girls, or toddlers.

Oh, yes, they call her the Streak, Boogity, boogity, Fastest thing on two feet, Boogity, boogity.

Ariana may be willing to go streaking but she does not want to learn to potty.

Annie has her birthday cake (yay).

She rolls Active and Rambunctious Scamp.

Allison is still working on her skills – maxing out Movement (and Communication and Potty).

She just lacks Imagination and Thinking (tell me you are surprised)

Alyssa is back at it again.  I guess she was feeling left out of this update.

Asher sends her back to time out again.  She spends more time in time out than any child I have had.

Asher decides to repair the fridge.  Just don’t freaking die.

Honey gives birth to Amber, baby number six.  They are all in the house now!

And then she pees herself, again.  She really needs to start taking care of that when she goes into labor.

Allison is a little chunk, I say as she heads for the food.

Allison is working on her last skill – thinking.

After watching Honey paint for awhile, Allison takes her sad little self back to bed.

Ariana has mastered communication and is working on movement.

Asher takes over the care of Amber while Honey continues cranking out paintings.  He is just waiting out the time until he can take the kids and move out now.

Asher has to put Ariana back to bed after she maxes out movement.  Two skills down, three to go.  She is a hair short of mastering the potty also.

I am about ready for Alyssa to age up and/or move out.  She is a mess-making terror.  She just got out of time-out for making a mess and immediately made another mess – and looks smug about it.

This time Asher grounded her from the TV.

Now she is losing her phone.  I am curious to how many items she will be grounded from at one time.  Spoiler: just the two.  He never caught her the other times.

Adrien is right on the ball, cleaning up after Alyssa.

I forgot to check the calendar and Prank Day popped up.  The kids enjoyed shocking each other.  Asher and Honey never got around to doing any pranks so they had an awful day.

Allison is playing with her blocks for thinking, and all three of the older kids are helping her.  At the same time.  Cool.  She stops just short of maxing out.  And it keeps the older kids out of trouble – looking at you, Alyssa.

While Allison and the others are working on her thinking skill, Asher is reading a story to Ariana for her imagination skill.

Then, Allison maxes out thinking and becomes a top-notch toddler while watching Asher take care of Amber.

This is the second time Allison ran out to Honey.  She ran out when Honey got home, then ran inside to watch Asher to complete her thinking skill, then ran back outside where Honey was still standing.

Now it is Ariana’s turn to play with the blocks and have her older siblings gather around to tell her how it should be done.

Allison wakes up because she has to pee and is headed into wake up Alyssa.  Alyssa is already awake because there is a monster under her bed.  Annie is awake because she also has to pee.  Again, this perpetuates the myth that girls can’t go to the bathroom alone.  It will also take me another two nights before I add the nightlights to the kids bedrooms to stop the damn monsters.  The monsters that only live under Alyssa’s bed.

Asher makes gumbo for breakfast, because that is how they roll.  They also keep forgetting that there is a vegetarian in the house, so someone is always sick from eating meat.

Allison follows in Alyssa’s footsteps and begins down the path of the mess-maker.

Amber becomes a clingy toddler.  She is the last child of the Asher generation.

Amber has a unique style of her own.  There will probably be some changes to how I am playing for the next generation of kids.  For this set I have not been doing any makeovers, which is hard for me when I see some of the outfits they grow into.

Allison is a little b**… toddler.  Everyone went to bed, but because she wasn’t sleepy, she kept waking up Annie.  After waking her up several times in a row – literally waking her up, then waiting until she went back to sleep and waking her up again, she went in to wake up Adrien.  I finally sent her to bed.  She wasn’t sleepy, but that should buy the rest of the house a few hours to get some sleep.

Amber joined Allison once because she was sad because she actually was tired.  It would make more sense to wake up someone that could actually fix the reason they were sad – but then they are toddlers.  They just want company.

Asher is trying to maintain control over this household, but it is hard.  He has to get up early to have any chance.  He starts by making breakfast and setting it out.

The older kids get up at 6am on the dot.  They all come in for breakfast before school.  Hopefully their homework is all completed, although they did not get any of their projects started.

Honey is home today, so she eats breakfast and then begins her painting for the day.

Hopefully the toddlers will sleep in for awhile.  Well, maybe most of them will sleep a little longer.

But, today is a special day, because it is Allison’s birthday.

Allison rolled Hot-Headed and I gave her Creativity.  She rolled the Positivity challenge, which is not active currently.  I wish there was a way to keep the random trait mod from picking up aspirations that aren’t actually active, such as the “special event” aspirations.

Scoring =14

  • Drone+Children sets that move out (+1 point/each set)
    • Asher Escobar
  • Family Funds (+1 point/each §100,000) +1
    • Funds:  §13,664
    • House: §66,576
      • Total: §80,240
  • Twins/Triplets (1/2 point/each set)
  • Happy Toddlers (+1 point/each toddler)
  • Top-Notch Toddlers (+2 point/each toddler) +8
    • Adrien, +2
    • Alyssa, +2
    • Annie, +2
    • Allison, +2
  • Queen Bee +5
    • Maxed Skill (+5 points/each skill) +5
      • Painting, +5
    • Maxed Career (+10 points/each skill)
    • Completed Aspiration (+10 points/each skill)


  • Deaths in the Household (-5 points/each death)

Drone #1: Asher Escobar

  1. Adrien
  2. Alyssa
  3. Annie
  4. Allison
  5. Ariana
  6. Amber


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