Honey, Let Me Bee: Drone 1.5

The kids are able to get their projects started before leaving for school, which will give Allison something to do while she is home alone, to keep her out of trouble.  Yes, she will be assisting them by working on their projects once she has her homework done.

Asher spends a few hours cooking to stock the fridge while the toddlers sleep.  Anything to get a little bit ahead.

Even with a controlled start to the morning, things go haywire quickly.  The plumbing breaks and the toddlers need baths.

Honey takes a break from painting to give baths where they are needed and then the youngest are set to their tasks.

Allison is doing her part by working on the projects outside.  She finishes all three projects by herself too.

The kids have a homework session after school.  Ariana joins in with her book and ends up maxing out imagination in the process.

She is now working on thinking…

Amber has maxed communication and movement and decides to join Ariana in watching Honey.  Ariana doesn’t look happy to have company.

But in reality she has maxed all her skills, and is now a top-notch toddler.  That just leaves Amber.

Adrien tries to help around the house, he really does.  He cleans out the potty…

But he just can’t quite make it all the way to the trash can with it.  Distractions are everywhere.

It is WinterFest and they have to put the tree outside.  I believe the next generation will be getting a new house.  Honey has made a lot of money with her paintings so she can afford an upgrade.

While Asher cooks the tofucky dinner – he remembers there is a vegetarian in the family this time, although I can’t remember who, Alyssa maybe – Honey repairs the toilets.

It wouldn’t be sims if they didn’t gather in the bathroom for socializing.  So what is someone is actually using the potty.

Honey’s job now requires some logic so as she practices chess, Ariana comes over to chat.

NoNoNo, Honey can’t freeze to death.  That would be bad.

Winterfest in a large household is exhausting.  I didn’t even try to manage them, I just let them do whatever.  I couldn’t even keep up enough to take pictures.  It was wild – just like real life.

Only the children stayed up to talk to Father Winter and ask for presents.  The toddlers were sent to bed, and left there.  Honey and Asher were probably also in bed.  They all had their gold holiday.  It was just the kids that needed to ask for presents for their gold holiday.

Then everyone got up to open one more presents from the pile of presents once he added more presents and made it bigger.  As soon as they opened one more present they were sent back to bed.  This is literally the best they get for a holiday family picture.

After going through the presents from WinterFest, they received TWO piles of poop.  That looks like chocolatey poopy boobs.

Ariana is a whirlwind – wild toddlers are fun to watch on free will.  She is into everything.

Amber is doing her best to get her skills to max.


{running around}  She did this all afternoon.  She around around the house, into and out of every room, and then around and around the outside of the house.  For hours.  And I watched to see how long before she wound down.

She finally came to a stop after everyone went to bed.  And then she threw a fit because she was exhausted and everyone had gone to bed.

Once again, they are up way too early.  Asher is cleaning out the fridge.  Some of those meals had time left on them when they were pulled out.  The hope was someone would come eat them before they spoiled.

Ariana wants a bath so she heads over to ask Asher.  It turns out Asher has gone off somewhere near the frozen pond to shovel snow.  Honey also came over to shovel snow. However, Asher has to leave for work, so he isn’t able to give her a bath.  That left Honey and Ariana standing there looking at each other for a few minutes.

Ariana plays in the snow for a little while and then Honey takes her in for a bath.

By the time they head back to the house, Amber has wandered out to watch them, and then ends up left behind and has to walk her pouting self back to the house to ask for her own bath.

After she gets a bath, she chews on a book for awhile to see if she can build her imagination some before she goes back to sleep.  I am pretty sure you can’t eat imagination.

When the kids come home from school, it is birthday cake time for Adrien.  There is a cake in the fridge that hasn’t been cut into yet, so {yay}.  Adrien rolls Goofball and Slob and picks up Grilled Cheese aspiration, which is switched to Master Chef.

It is also Ariana’s birthday, so Adrien helps her blow out her candles using the same cake.  Ariana rolls Bookworm and Rambunctious Scamp.  There are three days remaining until Amber becomes a child – three days remaining until Asher takes this batch and moves out – three more days to play in this update.

Asher just maxed cooking – another achievement that I don’t get any points for… again, I need to go find the rules.

Moving along to New Year’s Eve, everyone continues to run wild, while Amber continues to try to max her skills.

She has been following Honey around and she is really getting tired of it.  So am I but she has finally maxed thinking. FINALLY!

Amber is down to one skill – imagination.  I am definitely going to be tweaking the rules for the next generation of kids.  Mostly just the timing of the things.

As Adrien reads Amber to sleep, she maxes imagination, and she becomes a top-notch toddler.  Now, we are just waiting for her to become a child so Asher can take them all and move out.

Of course, I sent them all to bed early, and then had to get them all back up for New Year’s Eve.  I do that every time.

Happy New Year’s – one more day.  ONE MORE DAY!

Sunday fun day, Sunday family day.  Everyone does whatever, and they continue to pick at the pile of presents. Several of the kids were having fun replacing gifts with prank gifts throughout the day so this was a crap shoot whether the gifts were good gifts or prank gifts.  At the end of the day, I packed it away.  They did receive one more pile of poop out of the items that they received.  This is all eight of them, in one picture.  I just noticed.

It is finally Amber’s birthday – just waiting for the bubbles.

Since this is an important day, everyone calls and takes a day of vacation from work and school.  Everyone is staying home.

In addition to it being Amber’s birthday, it is also Alyssa’s birthday, so she goes first.

Alyssa rolls Lazy and Vegetarian along with the Super Parent aspiration.

Then it is time for Amber to blow out the candles.  Almost everyone is in the kitchen as she blows out the candles, only Alyssa isn’t in the picture.

Amber rolls Outgoing and Artistic Prodigy.

And as Asher takes his six children and moves out, Honey buys the family portrait and after finding the pose that she likes, she locks it so that it won’t change in the future.  She will try to save this for posterity.  She will also try to paint it from reference.  We’ll see how that works out.

Scoring =30

  • Drone+Children sets that move out (+1 point/each set) +1
    • Asher Escobar, +1
  • Family Funds (+1 point/each §100,000) +2
    • Funds:  §58,767
    • House: §79,689
      • Total: §138,456
  • Twins/Triplets (1/2 point/each set)
  • Happy Toddlers (+1 point/each toddler)
  • Top-Notch Toddlers (+2 point/each toddler) +12
    • Adrien, Alyssa, Annie, Allison, Ariana, Amber, +12
  • Queen Bee +15
    • Maxed Skill (+5 points/each skill) +5
      • Painting, +5
    • Maxed Career (+10 points/each skill)
    • Completed Aspiration (+10 points/each skill) +10
      • Painter Extraordinaire, +10

Drone #1: Asher Escobar

  1. Adrien
  2. Alyssa
  3. Annie
  4. Allison
  5. Ariana
  6. Amber


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