Honey, Let Me Bee: Drone 2.1

Honey bulldozed her house, and then spent every penny building a new one.  Yes, it is a square box, but I built it.  Now, to see if if works for this generation.  That random grave on the back corner of the lot was in the family inventory and will be poofed momentarily.


Redhead, but married.  Honey ran over to meet him but he didn’t hang around for long.

Honey tracks down what is probably the only single male in the world, Tatum Cleveland.

Tatum is a Childish, Gloomy, Glutton who wants to become a Renaissance Sim.  Childish.  Gloomy.  Glutton.  And he wants to be good at many things at once.  This sim is a winner.  Honey thinks so, because he has moved in to be the second drone.  He did come with lots of money, so that is a point for him.

Honey and Tatum need to build their relationship up so they are stargazing. I want them to have a full relationship before they begin making baby bees.  Several changes to the challenge effective with this drone include more traits for Honey, new lot traits, and toddlers will have their birthdays once they have maxed out all of their skills.  Traits that Honey has purchased with her aspiration points include: Fertile, Speed Cleaner, Creative Visionary, Free Services, Frugal, Observant, Entrepreneurial, and Waterproof Sim.  The lot traits include On Ley Line, Child’s Play, and Good Schools.  Tatum moved in without a job, so he will stay home with the kids while Honey will continue to work towards completing careers, aspirations, and skills.

Tatum brought in more money which Honey spent adding more items to the house.

With plenty of money in the bank, Honey is no longer chained to the easel.  She will be painting enough to finish up her career, but otherwise she will be exploring other worlds.

The time before the first baby is always boring especially when there isn’t a career to be worked towards.  Tatum is working on his aspiration even though there aren’t any points to be earned for it.  He has to read three books and then begin leveling logic.

While they haven’t tried for a baby yet, there was some risky woohoo that took place, and now there is a nooboo on the way.  And they are off and running.

Honey was sent to shower and pee before work.  She chose to shower and play on the computer instead.

Tatum completes the first tier of the aspiration and now needs to have level 4 in four skills and level 3 in any career.  So, he is now on free will.

And he chooses to troll teh forums.

Honey kills time before work.  She is enjoying having space in the house and it is wide open space.  Tatum is busy leveling cooking so he will be able to making excellent meals for all of the kids.

It is never pleasant to watch a glutton eat.

Honey and Tatum are able to max out their relationship before the birth of the first baby during their Love Day date marathon.

Tatum is running around in a panic so it must be time for a baby.

Or, make that two babies… Todd and Trey Freebush.

Honey finally receives her next promotion to level 8, Professional Painter.  Now she has to work on Logic again.

Tatum steps up and begins taking care of the babies while Honey works on the requirements for her career and her skills.

She does find time to have some fun with Tatum and as a result the next pregnancy is confirmed.

While Honey works, when the babies are sleeping, Tatum is still working on building four skills to at least level 4. He switched to Computer Whiz and needs to play video games for five hours and practice programming for five hours.  That should keep him busy for awhile.

Honey practices chess while sporting a very interesting rash.

This pretty much sums up their time as babies.  Todd was never happy and cried the entire time, while Trey rarely needed anything.  I am curious to see what traits they get as toddlers.

Once Honey raises her logic to level needed for her next promotion, so she is back on the treadmill to work on her fitness for as long as possible, until the pregnancy throws up a blockade.

Reaching her own personal blockade – she had to pee and she was tired – she stopped by to check on the boys.  At which point, everyone realized it was time for them to have birthdays.  The quiet is about to be shattered.

There are definitely makeovers coming for these boys.  Trey looks like he dressed himself while Todd isn’t that bad other than he looks like he is trying to be “too cool for school”.

Todd did become a fussy little shit, umm toddler.

And, Trey is a perfect little angel.

After giving the boys their makeovers, and returning to livemode, everyone is in their summer outfits.  And, wow – Tatum’s summer outfit is as bad as Trey’s first choice.  The drone’s are not getting makeovers since they are only in the house long enough to provide for the six little bees.  Hopefully, Tatum won’t choose to wear this outfit very often.

They also swapped toddlers, so Honey takes Todd to the potty for his initial training.

Tatum is working with Trey and you just know that Trey is wondering why he had to pick a different outfit when Tatum gets to keep his awful choices.

With three rounds each on the potty chair completed, the boys flip a coin to see who is starting on which skill first.  Todd gets communication and heads for the teddy bear.

His fussiness slips out periodically while he babbles and hugs the bear.  He changed clothes so it looks like he realized it is summer and changed into his cooler outfit.

Trey heads out to the slide and spends the day/afternoon sliding, trying to get his movement skill built up.  Communication goes so much faster than everything else.

Todd maxes out communication and moves on to watching Honey practice the piano while Trey is still sliding.

When everyone starts to get hungry, Honey makes grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and everyone grabs a plate.  The boys have apparently claimed the blue bedroom because they all choose to eat dinner in there.  Alrighty then.

After dinner, the boys get another round on the potty and then they are both put to bed.  Honey is able to get Trey read to sleep and then off to bed herself without passing out but Tatum isn’t as lucky.  He gets Todd to the bed but passes out before he can read him the bedtime story.  Todd puts himself to bed and when Tatum wakes up, he drags himself to bed.

They should be waking up in great moods – their needs are all in the green, even hunger.  But, they are waking up very sad because this is Newcrest and it is summer, which means there is a thunderstorm scaring them.

Just another picture of the sad toddlers, because they are so cute with their sad faces.

Todd is winding up for a bawling, while Trey was going to cry also, but decided he wanted to watch Todd cry instead.

Trey gets the teddy bear for communication practice today, and Todd is being chained to the potty for the day.  Todd doesn’t seem to like this turn of events.

While the boys work on their skills, Tatum makes them pancakes for lunch.  That actually sounds yummy although I haven’t had pancakes in a long time – way too much sugar, says me as I eat more peppermint patties.

Trey is the first to smell the pancakes and he abandons the bear for food.  Sad face will be the face of the day until the rains go away.

Todd’s potty chains don’t release him until he masters the potty.  This happy face was fleeting and I almost missed it as it instantly became a sad face.  He then went for the pancakes also.

The boys listened to Tatum tell a story while they ate.  Tatum looks like he needs some medicine, but most of the time, they can just tough it out – no medicines for my sims.

Despite the faces, they enjoyed listening to Tatum.

Food has been eaten, tummies are full.  It is time to get back to skills.  Todd is heading to the slide, which is outside on the patio, but under cover so hopefully the rain doesn’t bother him too much.  Trey is heading back to the bear to finish communication, then he will be working on the potty.  The chains are rattling.

Todd spends his time on the slide although he doesn’t quite get to level 5.  But soon.

On the other hand, Trey is able to break the potty chains and master the beast.

Honey heads to bed early – pregnancy is hard – leaving it to Tatum to put the boys to bed.  He is able to get them both to bed and then himself, and before 10 pm.  That means everyone will be up early in the morning.

Honey and Tatum were up very early but the boys slept a little later.  They got up in good moods, made a trip to the potty (although Todd needed a diaper change), and then had breakfast of leftovers that were close to spoiling).

They enjoyed telling each other jokes although the knock knock jokes weren’t always received well.

Then as they were finishing up breakfast, Honey went into labor.

Despite the fact that Honey was busy, the boys kept calling for her to help them off of the couch.  Finally they got their own asses off of the couch.

Then they ran down the hall to see what was happening.

Well, this sucks.  Especially when they find two more brothers – Travis and Trevor.

Todd is obviously angry while Trey is sad about this surprise.

I thought about ending the update with the picture of the boys, but well, Honey wanted to share the news that she is pregnant again.

Scoring =32

The scoring and tracking details have been moved to a spreadsheet and will be updated at the end of each set of drone+bees when they move out.

Notes on the House

Ranch Style House


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