Honey, Let Me Bee: Drone 2.2

Honey is enjoying having the freedom to choose her own activities.  I am trying to keep her aspirations lined up with the activities that she chooses.

Trey is the first to wake up so he gets to to the slide first.  He will stay on the slide until he maxes it out.  Which shouldn’t be too long since he is already at level 4.

Todd, clingy Todd, wakes up and gets assigned to watch Tatum.  He calls Tatum to help him out of bed and then they watch each other for a little while.

Then there is the usual whining when Tatum heads into the kitchen to make dinner.

The boys enjoys the Italian Meatballs that Tatum makes.  Then they are back off to build some skills.

Todd masters movement and they are down to movement and thinking.

It is storming outside where the dollhouse is located, and the boys won’t stay outside very long, so they head back inside.

Tatum reads Trey to sleep first.

Todd throws a tantrum while he waits for his turn to be put to bed.

Honey probably should have gone to the bathroom when she came home from work before answering the calls from the boys.

The rains on the plains stop for a little while, so the boys head outside for some doll-time.

Needing to sleep and potty, they are sent to potty first.  For Todd, that was not where he should have gone.

When he woke up he launched right into painting on the floor.

Tatum scolded him and then put him to bed.

This is pretty much their day as they wait for Honey to give birth.  They get up and eat breakfast.

Then there is skills training for the toddlers and then Honey goes off to work, leaving Tatum home with the littles.

Someone passes out before making it to bed.

To spice things up a little, it is time for Travis and Trevor to become toddlers.  Travis is Angelic.

Trevor is Inquisitive.  And they are off as skills training begins.

Tatum reads to Todd and Trey and anyone else that wants to listen.  The sooner they get the skills, the sooner they can have their cake, and the sooner they can move out.

Trey is working on thinking skill while Todd is asking Honey to read another story.

Travis is supposed to be working on communication but he won’t stay on the teddy bear.  The actions complete so quickly it is hard to keep them stacked in the queue when also managed others.

The boys are racing each other and their needs to reach Top-Notch Toddler.  They both have slivers left of thinking and imagination and they are ignoring the need to potty and sleep.

Todd is the first to complete the skills, beating Trey by one story.

Both boys passed out on the way to the potty, and then after taking a nap on the floor, and using the potty, they were able to put themselves to bed.  They will get their cake in the morning since Tatum is not in any shape to cook one tonight.  Trevor and Travis had to put themselves to bed and neither one has had any potty training yet so they will both be starting that tomorrow.

Honey gets up and makes their birthday cake… They aged up with identical hair (Trey’s hair) so they went straight into CAS for their makeovers.

Todd becomes an Insider with the Whiz Kid aspiration.

Trey rolls Active and also gets the Whiz Kid aspiration.

While doing makeovers, Trevor got one…

And Travis got one also.

It is time for Trevor and Travis to begin their potty training.  Travis is willing but Trevor is not happy about being woken up.

Like ships passing in the night, the boys have started their potty training and are now headed to their assigned skill training for the day.

Todd and Trey are working on their homework.

Trevor is still angry about everything.

Despite having two bassinets in the house, Honey chooses to have the new baby out on the front porch.

Tanner joins the family in the nice sunshine.

Back in the bassinets, Tanner’s twin is Tyson.

I might need to go to bed, I have lost patience with the toddlers and have pushed them to the breaking point.  They are ravenous but are so exhausted they can’t find the energy to eat.

Trevor finds the strength to eat but throws a tantrum while he eats.

I should have let them use their diaper, but I had hopes they could make it.

While trying to get the toddlers dealt with and into bed, the monsters came out to visit in Todd and Trey’s room.

Todd decided to go outside instead of bed.  Honey chased him down and took him back to the potty to try again.

Once they were put to bed, Todd wouldn’t stay there.  He kept getting up and going to sleep in the chair in the living room.

Tatum is trying to put him back to bed, but now Tatum is passed out in the hallway leaving Trevor free to make bad choices.

Honey tries to put Trevor to bed.  He slips out of bed and is headed to the chair again, but Honey is determined that he is going to sleep in his bed.

Tatum wakes up from his nap in the hallway and pisses his pants.  Maybe everyone will Sunday as a free day.

Todd and Trey are the first up and they block the path to the babies.

Todd and Trey are sent over to the playground Sunday morning and left there all day.

Honey and Tatum work together to keep Tyson and Tanner happy until it is time for them to become toddler.

So much for giving them Sunday as a free day – Trevor and Travis are set to work to continue building their skills.

Sunday bedtime goes much better though.  Both boys get baths and no one passes out.

Then, Honey and Tatum are able to read them both to sleep and they actually stay in bed.  For the first time in days, Honey and Tatum have some time to build their own fun.

The damn monster strikes again, even with the damn nightlights.  The boys are set to nap the rest of the night because I am not dealing with that crap.

Taking it easy for these two means they get to use the tablets for today.  That means skills level slower.

Then there is a period where they follow Honey around watching just for something different to do.  They both had to potty so they watched afterwards and then went to bed.

Honey is glad they are asleep because it is time for the babies to have their birthday.

The youngest twins become toddlers, and because because things can’t get easy, they are both fussy.  Tanner is fussy

Tyson is fussy.  But Tyson agreed to potty training without any trouble, the first two times – he was defiant the third time.

Tanner was the defiant one the first time and then agreeable the second and third time.  By the time they finished their third attempt, both boys were level 2 and capable of going on their own.

Todd and Trey are set to work on their projects and then their homework to keep them out of trouble.

They may not be sleepy but it is bedtime for the adults, so everyone is going to bed.

And the day begins…

Today is the day of imagination – there will be lots of stories read today as all of the toddlers need to work on imagination.

Honey reads them one story before she heads off to work.

Then Tatum gets to read to them the rest of the day.

By the time Honey gets home from work, Travis has maxed imagination and just lacks thinking.  Trevor is at 87% and should max out imagination soon.  Tyson is level 4 +36% and Tanner is level 3 +94% because he is a little baby and kept trying to leave instead of listening to the story.  Something about needing to potty and wanting to eat.

Travis and Trevor spend the next day stalking Honey as they work on thinking.

Tanner starts the day off on the slide.

Tyson maxes out communication with the teddy bear, after which he was promptly chained to the potty for the rest of the day.

Travis needed some attention, so he moved from watching Honey to asking Tatum why to finish leveling thinking.

Trevor is the first of the middle set of twins to become a Top-Notch Toddler.

Travis is only about an hour behind Trevor in maxing out his skills. They are ready to blow out their candles, and no time like the present.

Travis rolls Cheerful and Social Butterfly.

And Trevor rolls Outgoing and Artistic Prodigy.

With only two toddlers remaining, the pressure to finish their skills increases, and the boys are feeling the pain.

Taking pity on the boys, Honey takes Tyson to bed and Tatum takes Tanner to bed.

Tanner is the first one to wake up at 2am – time to get back to work.

Tyson is woken up soon after and sent out to the slide.

Tatum cleans up the kitchen and then makes something for breakfast.

Tatum doesn’t get the food made quick enough and when Tanner is done learning how to communicate, he communicates his anger at being hungry by throwing a temper tantrum.

The older boys enjoy being ignored and mostly just dance.

Tanner wakes up with a smelly diaper and catches Tatum in time to have him change it.  He also wants a bath but who has time for that.

He is chained to the potty until he masters it – then there is much celebrating and dancing in the streets.

With the house to himself – everyone else has gone to bed – Tanner snags a book and goes to bed to read it.

Tyson needed a bath because he was spewing green fumes but didn’t need a diaper change.

Tyson needs to top off imagination so he reads one of the books while Tatum stuffs his face, literally.

Then Tyson heads out to finish up movement.  Tanner is using the tablet for thinking while Tyson is trying to catch up.

And they are both down to thinking.  They are sent to stalk Tatum for awhile.

Their stalking has run its course for the day and both boys are starting to queue up tantrums so it is time for bed.

Honey puts Tyson to bed while Tatum handles Tanner’s bed time routine.  It is Friday night and their birthday is on Monday.  They are just lacking thinking, which is level 2 for both.  So close.  Maybe Saturday will be the day they finish up and have birthday cake.

3am – it must be time to get up.

Tyson heads for the potty, which he needs desperately.  Sweet relief.

Tanner heads into the living room where everyone is watching cartoons at 3am.

The boys are put on the tablets for awhile until tempers start flaring due to one need or another and it is time to eat, potty, and head back to bed for awhile.

They are going to finish before their birthday, and they are running out of time, so up-up-up.

They are both to level 4 thinking, so now they are spamming Ask Why in between tantrums.

They literally will sit here and ask why until they pass out.  At that point they will be sent to the potty, given food, and allowed to go to bed along with the rest of the household. The boys are down to the day before their birthday and I want the extra point for Top-Notch Toddler.

And then, just like that the boys are ready for their birthday cake.

Tanner becomes a Music Lover with the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

Tyson becomes an Art Lover with the Whiz Kid aspiration.

The boys must have known the cake was no longer needed because they all grabbed a piece before Tatum could put the candles back.

And with all six boys reaching the child stage, Tatum takes the boys and moves out to a house somewhere else.  Honey captures a family portrait of Tatum and the boys before they move out.

She puts it up along with the portrait of Asher and the first batch of baby bees.

Scoring =46


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