Household Four: 202 Horseshoe Loop

202 Horseshoe Loop, Appaloosa Plains


Hennessey Household
Mara Hennessey


Heriberto Hennessey


Waylon Hennessey


Denny Hennessey


Leroy Hennessey


After a quick assessment of the household it is decided that the elders will move out, along with the pooch. After a little more thought it is decided that Denny will also move out. The house only has two bedrooms and there just isn’t enough room for any extra sims this generation. It seems that instead of moving up each generation, this family is moving into smaller and smaller houses each time.
Are they gone?


Of course, when you go through the process of moving everyone out, you should make sure no one was actually in the process of cooking when you start…


Waylon has the lifetime wish to have a private museum which I decided to keep. This generation will collect relics for their requirements. Waylon doesn’t fare so well against the mummy.


And Oh Henry is back. He is no longer glitched but he is stalking Olive. Apparently the only way to get rid of him is going to be to make him real. Since the opportunity is one of the bugged ones, and Leila left the potion back in the house she grew up in, which no one lives and we can’t get back into, Waylon has to learn logic now so he can discover the potion.


In the meantime, Olive is pregnant and, of course, she has twins. I didn’t want twins. I didn’t try for twins. They didn’t have the fertility reward or potion. But guess what. She had twins. Vanesa and Valera. Great. Twins. And the blue skin is gone. Sigh. My game really hates me. Vanesa will be working on Directing while Valera will be the fun child. Valera got clumsy and absent minded. She will get all the traits I avoid just to see what happens. ::)


Waylon finally discovers the potion for Oh Henry and Olive wastes no time in making him real.


At this point, I even considered keeping him around. Until I looked at his traits and lifetime wish. He rolled angler and equestrian with the lifetime wish to be a Deep Sea Diver, which for Appaloosa Plains was wonderful. Except he also rolled Hates the Outdoors. So I sent him down to train scuba diving then over to City Hall to register as a self employed diver and then I kicked him out.



Olive and Waylon get a little time in the sun while the girls sleep upstairs in their poopy diapers. Waylon is soon to be heading back to Egypt for his next adventure as he has more relics to collect and I am heading to bed.


Sometimes I give them separate physical identities and other times I don’t. These two grow up into the same hairstyle so I went with it and gave them the same everything changing only the colors. There is only one slight difference between them. Well two actually, neither of which is drastic. I didn’t use the walker or playpen this generation and allowed Olive and Waylon to spend their days teaching the girls to walk and talk. After all Olive only works on Saturdays and Sundays and Waylon was only adventuring initially, so they had plenty of free time.


After that was completed, the girls spent their time playing together and building their relationship so they could share a double bed without complaining.



The parents enjoyed an evening rest outside before Waylon started his new job in the Military and Olive finally returned to work.


Vanesa did not want Waylon to read this particular book for some reason. Maybe it was because he had already read it to her the night before?


Olive took Vanesa to the beach to play in the ocean. Vanesa loved it and so did I.




Soon, thankfully, it was time for the girls to grow up.


Vanesa, the heiress…



Valera, the spare-ess…



Waylon tutors Vanesa before she starts school. Thankfully you can send them to school even on snow days since, out of her 5 days of school, they had 1 day off for Snowflake Day and 4 Snow Days.


This is one of the twins, Valera I think.


Both Olive and Waylon grew up at the same time.


This family rates not one, not two, but three paparazzi to watch their activities.


Vanesa will be pursuing writing as her skill and directing as her career. She is spending her free time reading as many books as she can before she begins her climb to the top.


Can you tell the difference?


Valera’s absent minded trait gets her into trouble daily as she regularly “forgets” to go to school somewhere between the call for the bus, getting on the bus, and getting to school. Olive, for some reason lets her beg for forgiveness every time.


Vanesa, on the other hand, gets so engrossed in her reading that she doesn’t notice she needs to go until it is too late.


Spending time together relaxing in the back yard…






…and pool parties fill the twins days. This has not been one of the more taxing generations.


EA story progression is really weak. There is virtually no family in town that Vanesa is not related to making finding a new household almost impossible. After visiting every, single, house she finally finds one single male that is not in her family tree. Israel Miller. Hopefully he will still be alive when she is ready to move. There will be no more spares, intentionally, going forward in this challenge.


Olive dies soon after her 90th birthday; however, Waylon hangs on until somewhere around 110. He spends his time brooding and insulting the twins and anyone else that will talk to him. I resorted to sending him to random locations and letting him brood until his needs would bring him back home.


Valera became an actress


Vanesa mastered writing and became a distinguished director.


She loved to skinny dip and was constantly “losing” her clothes and coming home in a towel.


Finally, the requirements were completed and it was time for Valera to move out and Vanesa could move on.


Olive and Waylon


Vanesa and the relic collection. While there are more than 10 shown, only 10 were counted for the value on the spreadsheet.



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