Household One: 76 Shillelagh Street

76 Shillelagh Street, Dragon Valley


MacAnna Household

Shannon MacAnna

  • Brave
  • Family-Oriented
  • Genius
  • Good
  • Friendly
    • Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler


Teagan MacAnna

  • Inappropriate
  • Genius
  • Dislikes Children
  • Evil
  • Mean Spirited
    • Emperor of Evil


Kearney O’Shea

  • Brave
  • Charismatic
  • Handy
  • Athletic
  • Ambitious
    • Become an Astronaut


Breandan O’Shea

  • Brave
  • Handy
  • Charismatic
  • Athletic
  • Ambitous
    • International Super Spy


Shannon evaluates her situation, asks twin brothers Kearney and Breandan O’Shea to move in and after they are settled in the house, she asks her sister, Teagan, to find another place to live.  Now Shannon only needs to choose which of the brothers will be the father of her children.  Breandan, who works with her in Law Enforcement, or Kearney, who is shooting for the stars.


The decision ended up being an easy one as Breandan decided to accuse Shannon of cheating and moved out in a huff.


This meant Kearney was the last man standing.  Shannon and Kearney put on some semi-matching formal clothes and had a private wedding prior to their bundle of joy making an appearance.


Soon afterwards, Caitlin joins the family and the heir is officially here.  She comes in rocking athletic and disciplined and will be taking on professional sports and collecting who knows what at this point.


Caitlin soon is joined by a sister they call Colleen.


They spend time together and with their special dolls while Shannon and Kearney work on their skills.


Caitlin spends her teen years working on her athletic training and completes her skill challenges.


She is very close with her sister, Colleen. This is a good thing as their parents are busy racking up their skill levels.


Eventually Colleen becomes a teen also and begins painting and playing the guitar. Colleen will be responsible for maintaining the friendships for the household.


Caitlin obtains the household’s first dragon, Lasair. Lasair is irish for blaze.


After much internal debate, which somehow seems appropriate, Colleen convinces Kearney to discover the potion in order to make her imaginary friend real. Wiggles joins the family.


Caitlin has identified her future spouse and proposes in order to keep him from slipping away. Now she just needs to complete her final requirements so she can marry him…


Caitlin MacAnna


Aren’t you done yet?


Dragons waiting for the last promotion


With the last promotion in the bag, Caitlin heads straight over to Patrick’s house where they waste no time saying their vows and head upstairs. She has 3 days to spare.


Shannon and Kearney


Caitlin posing with the skill certificates before moving to Patrick’s house


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