Household Three: 19441 Bob-o-Link Drive

19441 Bob-o-Link Drive, Appaloosa Plains


Parrott Household

Chin-Han Parrott


Leila marries Chin-Han and moves into his house, where he lives alone with his many parrots.


Olive is the first born and once again we have a heiress through no manipulation on my part.



Hunter loves his Olive.



What bills? Are we supposed to pay those bills?


Apparently, if you zap the repo man, he can’t repo what he is trying to repo. Leila zapped him six times before the zapper rebounded back onto her and he succeeded in taking the oven.


Owen continues the family tradition of the weird chin.



The imaginary friends may or may not join the family. Just in case, their names are Oh Henry and Oreo.


I did not realize how green Leila was until she sat down next to a very blue Olive.


Chin-Han throws many parties as befitting a politician. The flamingos are recovering from the late night.


Olive was toadified by a local witch while practicing her alchemy. She will be getting her revenge, if she can remember who it was that did the deed.


Still we have dragons


We also have ghost horses running around.


Grim caught me off guard three times. Normally I am ready for the family deaths and have cleaned out the accumulated happiness points but each time I was surprised by his appearance. The last time he appeared was for Hunter, the family dog. It was during a party and the camera didn’t move to the event and it took me five minutes to find the urn.


Olive and Owen were close enough in age that they were able to attend graduation at the same time. Unfortunately, Leila and Chin-Han had both already passed on.


A new experience for me as an alien comes to visit and actually hangs around and just visits Olive. Faon and Olive spend enough time together to become good friends.


There was another bug with the imaginary friend. Oh Henry was never made real; however, he showed up as a teen to talk with Olive and then tried to grow up to match her age. He hung in his birthday cycle and when I resetsim on him it reset him to a new magic doll which now is just a normal doll.


One of the changes I like – laptops are now usable on the ground and floor and not just on the tables and desks.


Olive throws epic parties.


Olive is just about done so it is time for Owen to move out. He proposes to his girlfriend and moves out.


Olive picks her mate, uses her elixirs, and makes sure he is ready. He is a little bit of a challenge as she learns a few of his traits – commitment issues and neurotic. He will require a little work.




Olive completes her last requirement when she reaches the top of her career and becomes the Master of Mysticism.


She is racing time as she just received a popup regarding the impeding death of a friend so she meets Waylon at his home and they quickly make their relationship official and she moves into his house.


Leila, Chin-Han, and Hunter’s graves.


Olive and her collection of elixirs.



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