Hunter’s Sweet Lips, Chapter 1

I realized that I have never finished (or even started) this challenge from Boolprop, so Hunter manned up and volunteered. He is excited about all of the kissing, and he can’t get pregnant so he will be doing more than kissing, if he gets his way. And he finally can get out of the gallery where he has been gathering dust since he was created.

This challenge is short and sweet. It last until Hunter dies and then it is done. Hunter will stay single and live alone, hence the not getting pregnant clause. He will be working to reach the top of his career, try to complete as many aspirations as possible, mastering as many skills as possible, and will be kissing as many unique sims as possible throughout the course of his life.

Hunter Fox

  • Traits: Romantic, Noncommittal, Outgoing
  • Aspiration: Serial Romantic, of course

Hunter moves into one of the empty lots in Willow Springs. He has §18,000 to spend on a new house, which he plans on downloading from the gallery… … …and it takes just about every simoleon he has, but he finds a cute little green house by Chosomoko, who is also known as CHBlossomProduction on Boolprop. The only changes he makes is to sell the pet items and buy a cheap laptop. He has §31 remaining and is ready to start his challenge.

This is all about the kisses. So, Hunter will be spending just enough time with each target to snag his kiss, and then he will be off again. Of course, there may also be some woohoo, but that will be up to Hunter. For the most part.

Hunter carefully evaluates all of the known sims, and makes a decision on his first target. Grace Anansi is a Spellcaster and she has a job already – Live Chat Support Agent.

With a couple of pictures, Hunter moves to romantic actions. Since he isn’t trying to marry her, he can move on to the kissing faster.

He shows her his sexy dance, and she is properly impressed.

Kiss #1 done.

Grace’s roommate comes out to do his best to cock block Hunter.

It takes some effort but Tomax is finally sent away and Grace and Hunter are all alone. You might be asking why this is important, after all Hunter has already snagged a kiss.

Well, he is working on the Serial Romantic aspiration and he is going to seed as many nooboos as he can during this challenge.

After verifying she is pregnant (MCCC since she can’t be encouraged to take a pregnancy test), Hunter tells her they should just be friends, and then he takes a bath. And he eats. Then he leaves.

He reviews his preparation notes and remembers that he is supposed to be working on Bodybuilder first, for the long life benefit. So, he switches his focus and heads for the gym.

He asks one of the other sims to mentor him, and she does, and then he makes sure to meet every single sim in the gym.

The day is over, and Hunter is exhausted. It is time to head home.

Hunter gets up the next morning and he begins meeting the sims walking around his neighborhood. L. was telling him off for asking her what her job is – she is unemployed and a little bit sensitive about that.

He calls Kalani and invites her over. She is his sim of the day.

He forgot he had to go to work and left, leaving her home alone.

When he got home from work, he started to make himself something to eat while he waited on Kalani to return. Dumbass. I seriously considered letting him die, but the challenge just started and he needs to play long enough to overcome the penalty for an early death.

Kalani is getting the hell outta dodge.

Hunter follows her outside and begs her to stay.

She is not impressed with his advances, and he stinks.

But Hunter persists, and she is eventually a willing kiss receiver. Hunter doesn’t try to woohoo her because she is already pregnant with Gavin Richard’s baby.

Kiss #2 done

Hunter isn’t getting off to a good start. He needs to paint for his career, and he was broke. So, he took a bunch of pictures and some sucker on the internet bought them. He was able to buy a sketchpad and an easel.

He brings home a promotion on his second day. But he is exhausted so he won’t be able to pick up another kiss tonight.

He does invite Kalani back over for a quick question – and she is unemployed so she only counts for the mermaid. Because she is a mermaid no matter how many times she denies it. He says whatever and goes to bed.

Hunter has a rough day at work but he tries to meet his neighbors. Pearl doesn’t work and isn’t an NPC and is just a normal sim. And, she really doesn’t want to get extra friendly with Hunter.

Oliana is already a friend, so Hunter invites her over. Apparently MCCC has been busy because it seems like all of the females are pregnant.

I love her hair.

Hunter has really been struggling. And at this point, I decide I need to revisit my strategy and will be starting over – most likely.

Yes, I will definitely be starting over, but not right away. Maybe this summer.

And this is the week where I clean out my pending stories, so there will be more of these one chapter teasers.


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