India Jones and the Scavenger Hunt

It is October and Boolprop is having a Scavenger Hunt to celebrate Halloween.  So India has accepted the challenge of finding as many items as possible, with the goal of 200 points as her target.  Each item on the list has been assigned a value, so she has a vague idea of what she needs to do.  And she can’t cheat or use mods to get the pictures – she has to work for them.

The first thing on her list is the Goth family.  Her first 10 points are a picture with Bella Goth.  Then, because she doesn’t want to spend her money on food and shelter, she convinces Bella to let her move in with them.

She then gets 5 points for a picture of a black cat.  That is Lulu and she is a friendly, clever, free spirit.

I was really hoping the Goth household would have some gravestones in their back yard, but they don’t.  So, I did some research and there is only one cemetery in Sims 4 and it has only one ghost – of a dog.  India heads out to the cemetery to see if she can snag the gravestone for Captain Whitaker.  The gravestones are not stealable, so she gets a picture with one for the 5 points, and she checks to see what is next on her list.

As she is leaving the cemetery, she takes another 5 point picture.

Now it is time for India to try to find the spellcasters.  She heard that they could be found in Glimmerstone, and she happens to catch one coming through a portal.  She slips through and finds herself in the Magical Realm.  She meets Morgyn, who is the Sage of Untamed Magic.  They sit around and talk for awhile and then she asks him if she can also perform magic,

After completing the tasks that she receives from Morgyn, he performs a special spell giving her the ability to perform magic.

India has become a spellcaster, one of the occult.

Before leaving the magical realm, India experiments with the cauldron.  That is going to take a little time before she can make safe potions.

Then she heads down to the Caster’s Alley to check to see what is for sale.  She picks up a few items, and meets a ghost.

Deciding to test out her new flying broom, India discovers it is harder than it looks.

Her second attempt goes much better and she gets where she is going without falling off.

India heads back to the only cemetery in the world, and there is a full moon.

Then she gets ready to spend the night in the cemetery, but first she has an apple for dinner.

Then the night comes and she sleeps on a bench in the back of the cemetery.  The night passes quickly – no ghosts – and soon it is morning.


Now it is time for India to find a vampire lair.  She heads to Forgotten Hollow, and meets the creepiest old man.  No, not old, just creepy.

While Vlad plays the pipe organ, India checks out the house.  In the basement she finds several coffins.

She decides it is time to get out of here, but on her way out she stops to get a picture of a frog.

Back at the Goth Mansion, which is technically India’s home now, India begins carving pumpkins.

She has completed three pumpkins and is trying to decide if she wants to carve 20 to fill a room.  She also decides to make tomorrow a holiday – Halloween.  She hopes to get the entire family dressed up.

India changes into a stereotypical witch’s outfit, complete with the pointed hat.

Everyone else in the house is at work or school, so India explores the Goth mansion.  She finds some creepy paintings upstairs.  She is almost to the target of 200 points.

India calls up Morgyn and invites him over with the idea that she would ask him to de-witchify her.  Then she decided to just go goth.  Or as goth as I can get.  This also brings her to 200 points in the scavenger hunt, so she turns in her pictures to Boolprop and settles into a. possibly, quiet life.  For now.







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