Infants, Playing Around

I spent the entire day after release mostly finding updated mods. It took eight hours and I am impressed with how fast the modding community updates their mods. That meant I was able to play during the day of release. Since I am starting a new legacy, after Growing Together releases, I spent the day just playing with Kaila and her scientific baby Ciara. Here are the pictures from Tuesday.

Kaila chose to have a Science Baby and brought home her daughter, Ciara. Ciara was a newborn for 24 hours and then received the notification that it was her birthday.

Bottles to clean up and dirty diapers to throw away. This is a mod I will be looking for. Yep.

From newborn to infant, Ciara floats to the ground on a cloud of love.

Kaila didn’t pick her up, and there were no toys in the house, so Ciara lay beside the bassinet until she fell asleep.

Blowout number 1. Diapers can only hold so much before they overflow.

Kaila is giving Ciara a nap. I LOVE this!

While Ciara sleeps, Kaila checks out something on her phone. I haven’t tried to see if she can play games while holding the infant.

Kaila is testing all the options and reads Ciara a story. By the way, Ciara is Wiggly. They don’t have any skills to learn so there isn’t anything that “they need to do” other than be cute little bebes.

Blowout number 2.

Kaila came into the room to go to bed and immediately began complaining about the smell.

Another nap, this time in the rocking chair.

New house, although they didn’t stay long. They ended up passing through several houses before kicking the Roomies out of their house and taking over.

I didn’t think the censor remover was working but IT IS!!! It is an old version that is no longer updated so I didn’t have high hopes, but this is definitely censor free. Kaila is breastfeeding, by the way.

I don’t know if she is picking Ciara up or putting her down. Either way, look at those blue eyes.

And we end this day with a fire. Thankfully, Kaila was able to get Ciara out of the house, while the sprinklers did their thing.

Okay, for sure this is the last picture from this play session. Kaila feeds Ciara and then burps her before putting her back to sleep in the crib.

Just out of curiosity, I created a household of one single sim and seven infants. Shoot me now.

The infants are heading inside.

It is a race and this one is in the lead. Don’t ask me her name, they were all randomized and I have already closed the file.

It did not take long. Less than 24 hours. Mom has passed out and she is staying just ahead of social services but not by much. Since the infants can not do anything for themselves, this will definitely be a challenge, one I am not going to start now. There is only one infant in a bed. Here are four more.

And here are the last two infants. Time to move along.


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