Jordan in the City, Chapter 6

[yes, the name has been changed as my focus improves]

Jordan and the girls are moved into San Myshuno, this time to the Torendi Towers.  Hopefully Jordan can paint enough to paint the bills.

Jocelyn works on her singing without a microphone.

Ariella cooks breakfast, or it could be dinner.

Jocelyn practices the piano.  She is level 9 and needs to concentrate on mastering it.

Naked guy running through the commons.

Not sure what triggered Jordan’s abduction.  She was painting.

Jocelyn makes friends with Penny and gives her a key to the apartment.

Monday evening, more projects.

Jokers and Pranksters festival is happening.  Jocelyn heads down and joins the Jokers.

She is sad though and is having trouble becoming playful.

Meanwhile Jordan is back to painting.

Ariella is swimming in her very own infinity pool.

So, Ariella sets the kitchen on fire.  Accepting what is offered, I have her stand in the fire.  She never burns.  She is a witch.  The entire kitchen was destroyed, wiping out the household funds to replace everything, but Ariella never caught on fire and eventually extinguished the fire.  She looks pretty evil standing there in the fire.

Jocelyn is still skinny, which is amazing as she is trying to learn all of the city food recipes.  In order to make sure I don’t miss any, when she hits a food stand, she eats one of everything.  Here she is with whatever this is finishing up in the penthouse.

The Count comes by to take out the trash and then leaves.  Service with a sm..i…l….e

Ariella assists Jocelyn in completing her project.  Someone is not feeling well.

Jocelyn takes her key back from Penny.

Ariella used forbidden words in front of Jordan.  Jordan responds by grounding her from leaving the apartment.  [and then promptly has her birthday, nullifying the grounding]

Now that she is a young adult, Ariella woos Akira Kibo.  They are both jealous so that will be an interesting match.

She is successful with her proposal and moves in with Akira and his roommates.

Jordan gets a new penthouse – downloaded from the gallery, of course.

With her funds depleted once again, she needs to knock out some masterpieces.

Jocelyn tries her hand at cooking.  I always find holding the bowl while stirring is a good practice.

But she didn’t burn breakfast and she didn’t set the kitchen on fire.

One of her tasks is to paint a mural at the art gallery.

Jocelyn needs to kiss someone at the romance festival – but she has no romantic interests yet.  The guru tells it is not too late, yet…

Jordan Mayer

  • Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire – Completed
  • Career: Painter – Professional Painter
  • Traits: Cheerful, Art Lover, Self-assured
    • Bonus: Muser, Business Savvy
    • Earned: Expressionistic
    • Rewards: Creative Visionary

Jocelyn Mayer

  • Aspiration: City Native – City Expert
  • Career: High School Student
  • Toddler Trait: Angelic
  • Traits: Cheerful, Foodie
    • Bonus: Home Turf
    • Earned: Happy Toddler, Creatively Gifted, Spice Hound


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