Karma Academy: Chapter 10

Astraea is working on maxing logic. Level 9 and counting.

Jayceon is still cranking out paintings.  As he paints them and sells them, Astraea spends the money on the house.  They now have finished walls and floors in all the rooms.

Athena spends the day fishing to make her contribution to the family.  Everyone pitches in.

Taking a break from playing chess, Astraea spends the afternoon getting to know Aurora.  Aurora was the best option for best friend because she wasn’t evil (Shauna) or mean (Teagan).

And she is a Music Lover, which is something she and Astraea have in common.

Astraea probably spends more time sleeping on the floor than in her bed.  Eventually one day she hopes to have a normal sleeping pattern.

Athena’s erratic trait must be the reason she is mean, because she isn’t “mean”.  But she is regularly mean to other sims.

Once again, she has a short stint in time out for being mean.

They both need something fun in their lives and since they don’t have any spare funds to buy stuff, they resort to the age-old fun activity.

Now Athena is going through a mean phase.  Appropriate.

Jayceon calls in and takes the day off since it is Miranda’s birthday.  He is able to get a couple of paintings completed before it is time to age her up.

Miranda becomes a little charmer.

A charmer who is not very charming when it comes to doing something she doesn’t want to do.

Despite being fed before she had her birthday, she became a toddler with hunger pains.  Not sure what that is all about, EA.

With her belly full, Jayceon manages to get her to bed for the night, before he passes out.  Athena and Astraea also came home exhausted and everyone went to bed early.  Tomorrow is another day.  Again.

Miranda puts on her disguise and she isn’t happy about it.

Since she is up anyways, she heads over to tell the stuffed bear all about her problems.

Astraea and Jayceon double-team Miranda on the potty training.  It would be nice if it would get her done quicker, but I can’t tell that it makes it faster.

They are all so close to passing out, I am surprised that Miranda is the only one that actually passes out.

Astraea buys a punching bag because it was the cheapest and she begins reluctantly punching.  Well, it was called boxing, but then she would shove the bag and it would shove back at her.

Then there was confetti everywhere, which must mean she is pregnant again.  Oops.

Astraea needs to repair or upgrade items.  She hasn’t had the money to upgrade the rocket yet, but there has been plenty to repair.

Miranda is working her way through her skills.  She has maxed out communication and is working on movement in the rain.

Athena is working on the mental aspiration.  She has given up on the physical aspiration as they haven’t bought a personal playground, and leaving the lot hasn’t been on the agenda.

It is a good thing that Jayceon makes breakfast every morning, because Miranda is starving and her bedroom is on the far side of the house.

After breakfast she heads outside to finish up the movement skill.  She doesn’t even take time to get dressed first.

And… movement is maxed.

But leaving a charmer all alone makes for a toddler that feels abandoned.

Not one to take pity on the toddlers around here – Miranda is sent in to work on her potty training.  Jayceon takes the day off and he sporadically helps her out.  His help does not count as giving her attention though and by the time she has mastered the potty, her attention need is so great it is a surprise that social services hasn’t been by to check on the report of a neglected toddler.

This also happened.  Apparently they forgot to pay their bills.

After putting Miranda to bed, Jayceon took care of the bills and got the lights turned back on.

One of these is a masterpiece, one of these is just a normal painting.  They both look the same to me.

Astraea invites Aurora over so that she can finally make herself a best friend.

With that completed, Astraea has completed all of the mission objectives and only has to make sure the next generation survives to become a young adult.  Okay, not all of the objectives – she still has to finish upgrading the rocket, but everything else is done.

Miranda somehow ended up filthy and in dire need of a bath.  Jayceon was available to give her a bubble bath and in an amazing feat, neither one passed out.

Athena is still in her mean phase and incurs another timeout for being mean to Astraea.

Athena completes the mental aspiration, which is good enough for a generation 2 spare.  She is also an A student, and will be completing her badges.  She is currently 6/9 and has been promoted to Pegasus Scout.

Following in Athena’s footsteps, Astraea completes the Nerd Brain aspiration.  The only thing she will be working on is finishing up the upgrades on the rocket, and reaching the top of her career.  And, of course, keeping generation 3 alive.

Way too late in the day, everyone remembers that it is Harvestfest.  The gnomes were appeased earlier, but nothing else was done.  Athena was happy that they had appeased the gnomes.  Quickly they decorated the house, and that made Jayceon happy.  Astraea was satisfied by telling Jayceon how thankful she was about everything.  Miranda the charming toddler wanted the freaking grand feast, and nothing else would make her holiday a success.  Jayceon bowed to the wishes of his princess and began to make a Grand Feast of Ham.  He finished it at 1 am and she was waiting to grab a plate.

But toddlers don’t do anything quickly.  At 2 am, she was still eating and despite everything they did to make it a good holiday for her, her holiday sucked.

Astraea was trying to get to bed after also having a very delicious plate of ham, but she just couldn’t get to the bed.

Before letting the princess go to bed, Jayceon made her listen to a story, and then he took her back to bed.

Labor began the next morning at the same time Astraea was supposed to be leaving for work.  So much for getting that promotion today.

While Oberon is being born, Jayceon slips out to work and since Astraea didn’t actually call and take the day as PTO, she also left late for work.  So the kids have a nanny.

Oberon is really needing attention from the nanny.

Good job, Nanny Duane.

After making sure Oberon was settled down, the nanny read a story to Miranda.  She is still working on her imagination and thinking skills.

Of course, then she realized there was a new baby in the room and that pissed her off.

She watched the nanny while he was taking care of Oberon and then she made him read her more stories.  She finally crawled into bed exhausted but at level 4 on thinking and imagination.  She will be a top-notch toddler if it kills her and everyone else.

Jayceon and Astraea both come home at the same time.  Jayceon is level 4, Watercolor Dabbler while Astraea is level 6 Space Cadet.  She didn’t get her promotion because she was late to work because she was having a baby.  That is discrimination.  Of course, she probably should have called and taken family leave or PTO.  Oh well, maybe on Monday.

Scoring: 90

  1. +10 Maxing Logic Skill (2.1) -done
  2. +10 Maxing Rocket Skill (2.1) -done
  3. +10 Maxing Scientist Career (2.1) -done
  4. +10 Get abducted by aliens 3 times (2.1) -done
  5. +10 First alien pregnancy (2.1) -Astraea
  6. +5 Each additional alien pregnancy (2.1) -Athena
  7. +10 Visit Sixam for the first time (2.2)
  8. +10 Marry an alien (2.2)
  9. +5 Have an alien best friend (2.2)
  10. +10 Build a Close Encounter Academy [non-residential lot] (2.3)
  11. +10 Not using any money cheats -done


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