Karma Academy: Chapter 13

While everyone sleeps, Puck works.  Puck also doesn’t get his own room.  He will be sharing a room with Astraea and Jayceon until Athena moves out.

Once he reaches level 5 communication, his next task is movement.

Welcome to hell, where even the spare to the spare doesn’t get off easy.

Before school on Monday, Athena finally finishes her school project from the week before.  Then she yells at Oberon for helping her.

Astraea grounds her from using her phone for the next 24 hours for being mean.

Old man, fat boy – this isn’t necessarily the best choice of activities.  Yet it doesn’t phase either one of them.

Monday sucks.  Just saying.

Jayceon helps everyone with their homework and then they head out to do this week’s projects.

While they are working on projects, Puck is throwing a tantrum over his potty training.

Speaking of tantrums, Athena is really struggling with this thing called being a teen.  Astraea looks like she is over Athena.

Puck is back on the potty until he masters it.

Puck is not having any fun with this but at least he has mastered the potty.  He will be happy to know that he will now be chained to the dollhouse.  So fun will be had.

Astraea is wanting to have some fun, and the easiest and fastest way requires Jayceon’s participation.

Forgoing the bed, they choose the rocket.

That is maybe not the best choice for Jayceon as he was already overexerted from working out beforehand.

RIP Jayceon.  Thanks for all the memories.

Astraea tries to comfort Puck but having the Reaper standing there makes that a little weird.

Puck is really having a rough day.

Astraea realizes that she has the ability to hug away sadness in her kids, and as she does so, she reaches level 10 in the parenting skill.  If only someone could hug away her sadness.

Meanwhile, Oberon is trying to work on his badges.  He is able to finish sociability but humor is not available since he is still sad.  Puck has already been hugged back to happiness.

Miranda has two badges remaining – arts and fitness.

Athena stays home with Puck since she has an A but ignores him most of the day to watch movies.

Finally she puts him to bed with several stories despite his objections.

He repays her that night by trying to wake her up when he has a nightmare.  Astraea is able to catch him before he can wake her up and puts him back to bed.

Jayceon comes out to shower in the rain.  You can thank me for not showing the entire picture.

Then he spends time feeding and scolding Puck.  There was some nagging also.

He even spends time working on flash cards with Puck.  Then everyone got stuck and I had to restart the game to get them to all do whatever they were supposed to be doing.

Miranda has become a Llamacorn Scout, and completed her childhood aspiration, and earned an A.  She is ready to become a teen.

Astraea earns another promotion, taking the Space Ranger branch and becoming Planet Patrol.

Astraea needs to max fitness for her career so she will be living on the workout equipment for the foreseeable future.  Puck is doing the watching thing as he continues to build his skills for his place as spare to the spare.  This must be how Prince Harry feels – just close enough to the throne to have to be good enough, but not close enough to ever really have a chance to be King.

Prince Puck is now a top-notch toddler with a day or so to spare.  He is now allowed to sleep and free will until his age bar bubbles.

Saturday is an exciting day because it is Athena’s birthday.  She is going to blow out her candles and move her erratic, genius, cat-loving self out.  She also has Mentally Gifted, Connections, Responsible, Scouting Aptitude, Top-Notch Toddler, and Gregarious.  Athena uses her Connections and job hops before leaving, adding to the family savings and then we say good-bye.  Athena moves back to the house where she was born – Felix’s house.  She evicts the family currently living there and they are left to find another place to live.  Then Athena is released to the time stream.

The rest of Saturday is just a blur as everyone runs around doing free will crap.

Sunday brings a lot of birthdays.

Starting with the youngest, Puck becomes a child.  He rolls Music Lover and picks up Artistic Prodigy.

Miranda becomes a teen.  She rolls Music Lover also, to go with Mean.  She is given one of the Family aspirations (Super Parent) as the generation 3 heiress, which gives her the Domestic trait.  She also has Mentally Gifted, Scouting Aptitude, and Top-Notch Toddler.

In the middle of the birthdays, Oberon – the only one not having a birthday – becomes a Llamacorn Scout.

It is finally time for Astraea to become an Adult.

She realizes that it is time to stop hiding who they really are.  It is time to stop disguising their true appearance.  This is going to take some getting used to.

Having embraced her heritage, Astraea gets an invitation to meet her people.  She can even call to chat and text “Mom” but can’t invite her to visit.

Soon after moving out, Athena finds out she is pregnant.

The kids enjoy a movie after school before doing their homework.  Since the boys swapped their hair colors, I am having trouble keeping them straight.  Maybe it is a good thing they are both spares.

Astraea still has two promotions remaining to reach the top of the Astronaut career, but that isn’t required.  Miranda just needs an A, and she has the skills now, so she should get that soon.  Oberon has done what he is going to do as a child, so he is on free will.  That means Puck is the focus until he finishes his scout badges.  Lucky Puck.

Astraea earns another promotion to Sheriff of the Stars, level 9.  She is almost there.

Astraea spends her free time working on fitness until she reaches level 10.  Then there is repairing and cleaning before she can sleep.

Oberon does whatever he wants – the life of a spare that already has his A and all of his badges is pretty nice.

Miranda wakes up early and finishes her homework.  8 more days.

Miranda earns her A and is now just counting days.

Astraea is summoned again.

Puck earns his last badge and becomes a Llamacorn Scout.  Now, there is nothing left for anyone to do, so the last few days should go quickly.  Well, almost nothing else.  Puck still needs an A, but he has the skills, so that is just a matter of time.  And Astraea still needs her last promotion, and that is also just a matter of time.  The time remaining until Miranda becomes a young adult is 6 days.

I really need to be better at checking the calendar for the popup holidays.  Sunday is Prank Day.  They all had fun and the holiday was completed that morning, and ended early.

And then it is Oberon’s birthday.

He rolls Materialistic to go with Insider and rolls the Mansion Baron aspiration.

5 more days…

4 more days…

Tempting, but no, Astraea wants that last promotion.  She doesn’t want to have to resign.  She chooses to look the other way.

Athena finds love with a Villareal, Winston Villareal.

3 more days…

Astraea earns her final promotion to Space Ranger.

2 more days… Miranda goes to visit Athena and meet Andres.

That makes three abductions for Astraea.  I am so glad she can’t get pregnant from the abductions.

1 more day…

It has been awhile since someone random has died.

0 days…

It is birthday time for Puck and Miranda.

Puck will go first.

He rolls Genius to go with Music Lover and Master Mixologist aspiration (+Essence of Flavor).

Finally, Miranda gets to blow out her candles.  She is a Mean, Music-Loving, Dog Lover.  Her aspiration will be one of the Family aspirations (+Domestic), so most likely Super Parent.  This may change as she lives through her generation objectives.  She is also Responsible, a Top-Notch Toddler, Mentally Gifted, and has Scouting Aptitude.  She is ready to move out and begin her mission objectives, and the last generation of this challenge.

Scoring: 90

  1. +10 Maxing Logic Skill (2.1) -x2 (Felix, Astraea)
  2. +10 Maxing Rocket Skill (2.1) -x2 (Felix, Astraea)
  3. +10 Maxing Scientist Career (2.1) -x1 (Felix)
  4. +10 Get abducted by aliens 3 times (2.1) -x2 (Felix, Astraea)
  5. +10 First alien pregnancy (2.1) -Astraea
  6. +5 Each additional alien pregnancy (2.1) -x1 (Athena)
  7. +10 Visit Sixam for the first time (2.2)
  8. +10 Marry an alien (2.2) -x1 (Jayceon)
  9. +5 Have an alien best friend (2.2) -x1 (Aurora)
  10. +10 Build a Close Encounter Academy [non-residential lot] (2.3)
  11. +10 Not using any money cheats -done


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