Karma Academy: Chapter 14

Generation 3 Memorializing Heritage

  • Aspiration: Family
  • Lot Trait: Good Schools or Child’s Play
  • Marry a Human Sim
  • Have at least one human-looking offspring
  • Complete Family aspiration
  • Have a Human best friend
  • Build the Close Encounters Academy/Embassy (>§100,000)

Miranda has moved into her very own empty lot in Newcrest.  Her plan is to build the Close Encounters Academy on the large lot next door, once she has the funds.  For now, she needs a job and a man, a human man.  She might even get a dog.

Oh, and she needs a house…  Miranda forget to bring anything from the old house, so she only has a few serums, the simray that Felix made, a camera, and the digital tablet.

Miranda decides to go on a man hunt before the job hunt.  There are only three males living alone in the world, so she starts with them.  Glen Maddox is her first choice – He is a Mean and Squeamish Dog-Lover.  That gives them a lot in common so she is hoping he is the one.

And he is cute.

Miranda invites Glen back to her house in hopes that he would never leave.  Just as they arrive, someone decides to die.

Since it is still raining in Newcrest, they head inside.  Since Miranda doesn’t have any furniture other than a bed, they sit on the bed to continue chatting.

Their relationship builds up quickly.  They really do have a lot in common.

With their romantic relationship almost fully maxed, they do some cloud gazing to build their friendly relationship also.

Going gold, Miranda is holding her breath that Glen is willing.

This looks like a yes to me.

Glen is happy about this turn of events.

They elope immediately and get that knot tied.  Money was not part of the reason Miranda went after Glen – that was because of his traits.  But, he came loaded.  When he sold his apartment, he brought lots of money.  They will be able to finish furnishing the house and will have a good start on what they will need to build the Academy.

Glen Maddox is a Human Sim – Mean and Squeamish, and a Dog Lover with the Super Parent aspiration.  He had the Good Vampire aspiration, but nope, that isn’t happening so it was changed.

Since Miranda and Glen are both Dog Lovers, they adopt Loki, a German Shepherd.  Loki is Smart, Independent, and Friendly.

Glen greets Loki and they welcome each other to the family.  Miranda headed to the bathroom leaving them to it.

Glen and Miranda decide it is time to get their jobs – Glen takes a job as a Writer’s Assistant (Writer level 1) while Miranda takes a job as an Assistant to the Manager (Business level 3).

The new little family are settling in nicely.  It is almost a shame to change the dynamics.

They aren’t actually trying but risky is risky and once the door is open, anything can happen at any time.

Yep, risky is risky.

It doesn’t take long for the second sim to die outside of the house.  Glen runs around and releases all of the spirits and then heads off to work.

Miranda is having an easy pregnancy, but that could because she isn’t being pressured into a lot of skills or other things.  She has been able to take it easy and take care of herself.  She should enjoy it because if this first baby isn’t human then she will be having more and they may not be as easy.

Loki is independent and he takes himself out for a walk.

When he doesn’t come home, I realize he was stuck in a loop.  Glen calls him home which breaks him out of the loop, but then he is so exhausted that he passes out to sleep.

Glen calls him a second time and Loki turns over.  It takes four calls before Loki finally makes it home.

The next morning Glen makes mac and cheese for breakfast and they have a quiet, calm, peaceful meal.  These are Mean sims here.

Miranda does well during her first day on the job (she loses the papers for that stupid chance card and keeps her job) and she received a promotion to Assistant Manager.

It takes Glen two days to bring home his first promotion to Blogger (level 2).

Miranda and Glen enjoy what may be one of their last nights of sleep before the baby comes.

Astraea has found a new love – Miranda hopes that Gino makes her happy.  When the notification popped up, I was trying to remember when and how Jayceon died.  I might have too many challenges going.

Loki is wanting to get in on the action, but that isn’t happening.  At least not yet.  Miranda needs to have a human baby first.

Glen is looking panicked which means it must be time to meet the next generation.

It would be way too much to expect to get a human looking baby on the first try, but we have to have hope.

Glen heads off to work before meeting his first child – someone needs to make more simoleons since they no longer have quite enough to build the Academy.

Cordelia joins the family and she is definitely not human looking.  They will be trying again.

Glen comes home from work to the news that they need to have another baby – make another baby.  Of course he is up for that.  They had just finished doing the deed when Father Winter came into the bedroom to wish them a happy holiday.

Not sure why, but he decided Glen had been naughty and gave him a large pile of poop.

On the good news list, Miranda is pregnant again, so they have their fingers crossed that this time will be the one.

Then Miranda and Glen open their pile of presents.  They both received yoga mats.

Father Winter spends some time with Loki, who is asking for a special present of her own.  The answer is still no.

Cordelia becomes a toddler and she is adorable.

She is also Inquisitive.

Glen starts Cordelia out on the potty.  Deciding to push her as far as possible, he continues to potty train her until she reaches her stopping point.

She agrees seven times.  Eight times is one time too many.

Sadly she will be sitting on the potty once more time.  Then she hopes they get to do something fun.

Glen gives Miranda some play time and then they both head off to spend some time not together.

She begins working on communication with the teddy unicorn while Loki supervises.

Cordelia gets her first makeover and she is not an alien, even though she has Miranda’s coloring.

Glen locks himself in the bathroom to cry.  I have no idea why.

Cordelia heads outside to play with Loki.  That was her little break.  Then she is sent back inside to continue hugging the teddy unicorn.

When she finally runs down, her battery is depleted.  She makes one last trip to the potty and then Glen reads her to sleep.  Her first day is done.

Cordelia’s first maxed skill is the potty. She is trying to get as much done before the next one makes an appearance, although she doesn’t know this.

Cordelia heads outside to work on movement.  One neat trick is to make a deck and put the slide on the desk.  The game treats it like an inside room and they don’t get cold.  Cordelia is able to stay out and max movement.

As she heads inside afterwards, in desperate need for the potty, it is almost midnight New Year’s Eve.  Also, Miranda is in labor so the next baby is incoming.  Loki is celebrating New Year’s Eve my favorite way – asleep.

After midnight passes, Glen snags Cordelia and puts her to bed.  Miranda went to lay down to wait out the remainder of her labor.  Loki is still sleeping somewhere.

Here we go…  Glen is making grilled cheese so Cordelia will have something to eat when she gets up before everyone else.

{sigh} Twin girls, Portia and Viola.  And definitely not human looking.

So they try again.

Miranda lets Glen know that despite the mediocre woohoo, and the fact that she passed out during it, there was enough action to plant the seed for another pregnancy.

Scoring: 135

House Plans

Country Style House


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