Karma Academy: Chapter 15

Cordelia wakes up in a great mood, but it is too early so Glen puts her back to bed with a story.

When it is finally time to get up, she heads to the potty and then throws a tantrum because she is starving.  After the tantrum she heads into the kitchen to eat the food that is sitting out waiting for her.

After eating her breakfast she discovers her two new sisters.  This breaks her heart, and now everyone is crying.  Glen has left for work leaving Miranda home along with to take care of the girls.

Cordelia finally cheers up and Miranda reads her several stories.  That is all they do all day.  And then it is time for everyone to go to bed.

A random vampire comes by for a drink.  Thankfully he chooses Glen and not Miranda.

Glen and Miranda both have the Super Parent aspiration and they need to discipline one of their children five times.  Cordelia is the lucky/unlucky target.  She takes off her clothes and burps and farts enough times that Glen can scold her five times in a row.  Afterwards he hugs her lovingly and their relationship is still good.  He even gets to level 5 parenting.   Then he reads her to sleep for her daily nap.  That gets her imagination to level 4.

Where thefuck are you going?  You were told to call in and take vacation dumbass.

Hello Nanny Marcella.

Miranda comes home with a promotion – she is now level 6, Senior Manager.  She is still 36 hours away from giving birth.

Loki runs out to greet Miranda.  Cordelia wanted to give Miranda a hug but only if she came to get her out of bed first.  Because she was waiting for Miranda to come get her and carry her back out to the sidewalk, I sent her to the potty instead.

Glen also comes home with a promotion to Freelance Article Writer, level 3.

Glen heads to bed to get some sleep which means it is Miranda’s turn to stay up with the kids.  She works with Cordelia on her missing skills.

Then after putting Miranda back to bed it is time for Portia and Viola to become toddlers.  Portia becomes Independent.

Viola becomes a Charmer.

With a few minutes to spare, Miranda catches Cordelia and has her belch and fart five times so that she can scold her to complete her aspiration.  Then there are hugs so that she doesn’t have any hard feelings and she puts her back to bed with a story, which maxes out imagination.

Coming back from their minimal makeovers, Portia is begging for hugs.

Outside Viola is scared of the scary slide and stops to cry between each freaking slide.  She is the first toddler to react that way to the slide.

Glen and Miranda slip away to work while I am trying to get the twins situated and the nanny shows up again.  She decides they need to go to bed – Portia gets a trip to the potty before they go to bed but Viola is the first one that Nanny reads to sleep.

By the time the nanny is reading to Portia, Cordelia is snagged some food to eat and she is ready to get up and play.  Nanny puts her back to bed after she finishes eating – just because she slept all day doesn’t mean she can play all night.  Miranda and Glen came home from work ready for bed, so for a few minutes at least, everyone is asleep.

Miranda has an interesting way to deal with the labor pains when they start.  Cordelia is there to witness and while the smashed dollhouse makes her sad, she is way too happy about other things at the moment.  Miranda fixes the dollhouse before she ever does get sad.  Now we wait.

Cordelia and Viola watch TV on the couch with Loki.

It is time for the baby to make an appearance.

Well, crap.  That is five babies that have Miranda’s coloring, and the house is full.  The newest babies are Ophelia and Othello.  The girls are are meeting their newest siblings and Viola is angry while Cordelia and Portia are happy.  I am disappointed since this means there still needs to be more babies and there isn’t any room in the house.

Miranda hates to do it, but Glen and Loki move out to a house across the street to open up space in the house for another pregnancy.  During the transition, the girls have suffered.  Portia was in bed asleep but then decided that she needed to get up and pass out.

With room in the household, Miranda invites Glen over and they proceed to make sure the womb is full.

Cordelia is working on her last skill – any guesses?  Yep, thinking.

Viola is working on creative.

Portia is working on movement.

There is the thought that maybe moving Glen out and leaving the toddlers behind was not the right decision.  Miranda now has to raise all of the kids by herself.

Thankfully, Portia is independent so she is able to finish her own potty training.

Cordelia has maxed out all of her skills and is now a top-notch toddler.  She is going to have a birthday cake – no point is remaining a toddler any longer since she has all of her skills.

Miranda is home from work and Cordelia is awake and ready for her cake.

If only everyone didn’t have a fucked up queue.  Portia wants the nanny to get her out of bed.  I won’t know it until later but she called the nanny seven times.  It will come back to bite them shortly.

Nanny is potty training Viola and then she gives her a bath.  While she is doing this, Miranda has managed to get Portia out of bed for some flash cards.  I think the queue is clear so don’t realize the fuckup is still to come.  I let Miranda finish the flash cards before sending her to make the cake for Cordelia.

Once Miranda leaves Portia and heads off to make the cake for Cordelia, and the nanny is also free from Viola, the queued fuckup begins.  Nanny begins picking up Portia.  Over and over, and over and over, and over and over.  And over.  She even hijacks Portia while she is trying to eat three times to pick her up while she clears out the damn queue.  I was still dealing with Viola and Miranda that I didn’t catch it quick enough to realize what was happening or I would have reset the nanny.  Hours later, nanny finally gets Portia into the high chair and feeds her.

Miranda finishes making the cake and helps Cordelia blow out her candles.

Cordelia rolls the Mean trait, which is not surprising since both Miranda and Glen were Mean.

Portia and Viola enjoy lunch together and even get Nanny to turn on the TV for a little while.  They have managed to get their imagination to level 4 although their thinking is still at level 2.

When Miranda comes home, with a promotion to level 7 Futures Trader, it is time for Ophelia and Othello to become toddlers.  Ophelia is Silly.

Oh, and Othello is Clingy.  This is going to be so much fun.

Ophelia is one of the first to actually use the high chair and the first to make a mess with her food.

The toddler room is getting a little too full.  But, they are all asleep for the moment.  The nanny hasn’t left in several days, and she can stay for now.

Somehow, I believe this is a sign of how many kids it is going to take to get a normal skinned child.  She has five now, pregnant with #6.  I am not ecstatic about this.  She also just earned a pristine reputation.

The toddlers are kept busy working on one skill or another.  If Miranda is going to have to pop out a bunch of kids trying to have a normal skinned kid, these are going to have to grow up quickly.  Portia is watching her sleep.

Viola is slowly working on thinking with the blocks.

And, here we go again…

While Miranda has the baby, the toddlers congregate in the bathroom.  There is only one potty in the house.

Viola really needed to use it and just couldn’t wait.  Portia is just there to watch.

This makes 0/6 – this is Titania.

After Titania is born, the rest of the family comes to meet her.  The girls are first and they are all happy.

Cordelia is also happy to meet Titania.

Othello is late to the meet and greet since he was on the potty, and he is very sad to see another girl in the house.  Being clingy is not helping.  I feel you, little man, I feel you.  Well, time to regroup.

Scoring: 135


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