Karma Academy: Chapter 16

There was a lot of frustration last time as every baby born had the alien skin.  I know it is possible for the genetics to give human looking babies.  It just wasn’t happening for me and then I fell into the rabbit hole of trying to make it happen and ignored everything else.  Now the household is a mess, and it is time to get back on track.

  • Miranda needs to marry a human sim.
  • Miranda needs a human best friend.
  • Miranda needs to complete one of the Family aspirations. (optional)
  • Miranda needs to build the Close Encounters Academy/Embassy worth at least §100k.
  • Miranda needs to have at least one human-looking offspring.

The list was placed in order that Miranda is going to work on the objectives.  She has already married a human sim, Glen.  Even though he is living in the house across the street, they are still married.  As soon as possible, they will be moved back into the same household, but because of the CAS limitation, I won’t play with more the eight sims in a household, so for now they will remain with this family structure.

  • Miranda needs to marry a human sim. -done

The next item on the list is to make a human best friend.  Marcella may be the nanny, but she and Miranda already had a solid relations built on trust and great memories.  It made sense for them to become best friends.  Especially as Marcella as basically been living with them since the kids started coming.

  • Miranda needs a human best friend. -done

Maya is married to Oberon and was originally going to become Miranda’s best friend until it was noticed that Marcella already had the relationship.  But Maya is here, so welcome.  She can stay and help around the house for awhile.

Portia has completed all of her skills – Top-Notch Toddler – and is just waiting on Viola to catch up.  Twins will be aged up together to maintain their twin-ness.

Miranda makes spaghetti so the toddlers will have food when they start waking up and Maya repairs the dishwasher.

Then Miranda works on her family aspirations.  She has all three of them at a stopping point.

  • Super Parent – needs a child to have a character value within range to receive a trait – Cordelia is halfway there with manners thanks to being used as the target for the five disciplines as a toddler for burping and farting.  She will also get responsible once she starts doing her homework.
  • Successful Lineage – needs to have a child earn an A in high school and max a skill – the pressure is on Cordelia to perform now.
  • Big Happy Family – have a child get married – this is the one that probably won’t be completed, but who knows.  Maybe Cordelia will get married and move out faster than the other aspirations will be completed.

The toddlers are continuing to work on their skills as that is the key to them getting to have birthday cake.  It is also helping Miranda build her parenting skill – currently level 8.

With Portia already a Top-Notch Toddler, Viola kicks her ass in gear.  She is finally at level 4 thinking and is working hard on maxing out thinking.

She slipped away to bed, but no time for that.  Of course when she was woken up, she had to call for the nanny to come get her out of bed.

After a trip to the potty, she follows the nanny around watching.

Finally, Portia and Viola are ready for their cake.

Portia rolls Slob and the Social Butterfly aspiration.

Viola rolls Loves Outdoors and the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.

While Miranda is working on the family aspiration, she also needs to plan for the Close Encounters Academy.  She has looked through a lot of plans, and eventually settles on the E.T. Club by Foufii.  This is classified as a Nightclub and valued at §105,146.

  • Miranda needs to build the Close Encounters Academy/Embassy worth at least §100k. -done

That leaves having a human-looking offspring.  We return to the rabbit-hole.  Miranda needs to help with homework three times, so that is done.  Now she waits for a character value and/or an A in high school – whichever comes first.

She is still working on level parenting so that will be maxed out when the character value trait is completed.  And she is spending time with Titania.

Othello is trying to max communication…

But he really wants to do something else and keeps having to be sent back to the teddy-corn.

The older girls are working on their aspirations.  Cordelia is working on creative.

Portia is working social.  They still need to have their makeovers as I look at her choice of footwear.

Viola is working on motor.

Not to leave out Ophelia, she has just about maxed out movement.  And yes, I am avoiding the rabbit-hole for a few more minutes.

Viola gets tired while she is playing and takes a nap on the bench before going home.

Miranda puts her disguise back on.  This is one of the things she is going to try to see if it makes a difference in getting babies with human colored skin.

Ophelia successfully eats a meal in the high chair without throwing anything on to the floor.  This is something to celebrate.

With the kids all down for the night, and one spot still open in the house, Miranda calls Glen up and invites him over.  I don’t think he has never seen her disguise before.

They move into the bedroom for the finale.

With a positive pregnancy test, Miranda is hoping that seven is the magic number.  So I am.

Ophelia and Othello listen to Miranda read them several stories until their needs send them all in different directions – potty, food, potty.

They are all still C students – eventually there will be better grades.

Titania’s birthday comes and goes, leaving behind another silly toddler.

Titania wakes up and it is time to start potty training.

She gets away from the nanny after the potty training and heads in to start waking up the older girls.  Everyone received notification that someone they never met had died.

The nanny intercepts Titania and gets her into the high chair.  Silly toddlers never seem to keep their food off the floor.

The nanny tries to entertain the little ones with several stories, but between every story they would all try to go wake up the older girls because they are all sad.

Ophelia and Othello are working on thinking while Titania sleeps.

Maybe Othello should have been allowed to sleep also.

Miranda comes home and helps the nanny put the toddlers to bed.  There was a traffic jam with Othello and as a result he wasn’t allowed to actually go to bed and stay in bed.  It might be just about time to send the nanny home.

Othello is the only toddler awake so he is following Miranda around “watching”.

Sometimes being the youngest isn’t a good thing.  Titania hasn’t received a lot of attention yet.  But there is hope that once Ophelia and Othello has maxed out their skills, she will get some attention.  Maybe at least a bath.

Speaking of, Othello has finally maxed all his skills and is a Top-Notch Toddler.

Ophelia is bringing up the rear and is now working with the blocks while Miranda sleeps.

Just as one mourning moodlet was about to wear off another family member that they have never met dies.

It time for Ophelia and Othello to have their birthday cake.  And just in time because Miranda just went into labor.

Ophelia rolls Art Lover and Whiz Kid

Othello rolls Hot-Headed and Whiz Kid.

To quote my post on Discord…


  • Miranda needs to have at least one human-looking offspring. -done

The last thing Miranda wants to complete is one of the family aspirations.  Her best bet will be the Super Parent.  The first thing she needs is for one of the kids to have a character value within range to receive a trait.

While Cordelia (and the others) work on that, Titania is still working on her skills.

Miranda shouldn’t be exhausted.  She has a nanny.  I wish she could move Glen and Loki back into the house, but two of the kids will have to move out first.

Titania follows Miranda’s example by working until she collapses in exhaustion.

This gaggle of kids includes Cordelia, who now has a character value within range to receive a trait.

Antonio has his birthday and becomes a Fussy toddler.

Scoring: 145

  • Miranda needs to marry a human sim. -done
  • Miranda needs a human best friend. -done
  • Miranda needs to complete one of the Family aspirations. (optional)
  • Miranda needs to build the Close Encounters Academy/Embassy worth at least §100k. -done
  • Miranda needs to have at least one human-looking offspring. -done


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