Karma Academy: Chapter 2

Felix is still dazed from his rocket accident but he is doing what he can to get the money together to rebuild his rocket.

Then he gets the bright idea to transform one of the crafted horses.

The first transformation turns the horse into a toy box.   He should have stopped there, but nope.  This is really sad for me because this is my favorite toy box in the game.

The freeze ray comes in mighty handy.

Now that is more money that will have to be spent.  Until then, it will sit here as a testament to someone’s stupidity.

Felix makes himself breakfast but without a stove, it isn’t much of a breakfast.  It is so lacking as a breakfast that after he makes it, he puts it in his inventory and tries to make something else.  Nope, you made it, you eat it.

At work, Felix has a good day.  It was collection day so he spent most of if digging up rocks and then he spent the rest of it doing tests, transforming crap, and chatting with his coworkers.

He gets all of his tasks done and he has 30 minutes to spare at the end of the day, which he uses to text Cali.  His social is tanked and he really could use some company.  I don’t want him married until after he has gotten alien pregnant, but he really needs his fun activity, which he can’t have until he is married.  It is a vicious cycle.

He brings home a promotion to level 4, Serum Sequencer, along with a bonus and a chemistry lab of his very own.  He can even afford to pay the bills.

Being a young sim on a budget, he checks out the local park and notices that someone left their lemonade and cupcake sitting unguarded.  Score!

With his tummy half full, the telescope repaired, and other chores around the house done, Felix calls and invites Cali to come over.

He really likes her and gives her to the key to the house.

She seems to be a good sim – she even helps him finish rebuilding the rocket.

And it is time for Felix to try again.

While Felix is in space, Cali cleans the house and then reads for awhile, but eventually she has to leave because it is late.

He did it!  He went into space and he returned safely. 1/5 launches done.

Unfortunately, his next launch didn’t go as smoothly, and he was lucky to walk away from the crash.

That means he has now crashed 2/3 of his launches.  He is probably not cut out to be an astronaut, and should just focus on the science.  However, he has to have five successful launches for his aspiration.

At work that day, death comes to visit.

On a bright note, the lab’s rocket ship is completed and Felix is able to successfully take it for a launch. 2/5

Felix finally has the breakthrough that lets him invent the satellite dish.  Today is the day…

The first thing Felix does at work is to invent a satellite dish which he slips into his inventory to take home.

Then he gets to work doing work things.

Cali shows up at the lab – not sure why?

Yes, he had the work task to invent another satellite dish and to contact aliens.

Random toddler spam – Cassidy Champagne

Felix has a frustrating day at work.  None of his tasks were able to be completed.  Order a coworker to garden – nothing requires gardening.  Use SimRay on a tourist – there are no tourists. Mix a tainted serum – not an option until he makes three successful serums (he is trying).  He accidentally made a tainted serum and that counted.  His next task was to water a plant – see above note about nothing requiring gardening.  His beaker is half-full and he is pretty much stuck unless he can find a tourist.

Felix finds a tourist.  I remembered reading something about the lot and decided to look up here, and there she is.  He made her change clothes because freezing her wasn’t an option.

Once he was able to get past that stranglehold, his next few tasks were doable – and he filled up his beaker.  He has enough time for a launch into space.

I am trying to figure out where Cali is, since she is apparently here, otherwise Felix wouldn’t have the option to Woohoo or Try for Baby.

There you are – why are you here?  Again.

Felix get one successful launch and is so close to making it home on the second, but his day ended before the count could update.

But he did get another promotion to level 5, Technological Innovator.  Cali calls and asks him out on a date to celebrate, which they have a great time.

He had to hurry home at 10pm so he would be available in case the aliens came – and they did!!!

Felix is so pumped that instead of going to bed and sleeping, he launches his rocket ship twice, and completes his required launches. 5/5

Felix contacts aliens and instead of being abducted, his house gets invaded.  Not what Felix wanted or needed.

Logic – mastered, level 10

Felix tries to contact aliens again, and he is invaded.  He locks his door so they can’g get inside and they just stand outside and talk all night.  Makes me think that he has to contact aliens from work for the abduction, maybe?  And from home for the visits.

Felix decides he needs to propose to Cali.  I don’t plan on them getting married yet, but they might.  It depends on a few things (MCCC and the autonomous settings for woohoo).

Felix is having doubts.  As much as he loves Cali, he finds out after they are engaged that she hates children and is a loner.  This might not work.  But he will make that decision later.  Right now, they are just dating, well except for that little matter of the proposal.

Work is extremely rough on Monday.  He sets himself on fire but successfully puts himself out.

Monday evening at home is much better.  He completes his first aspiration – Nerd Brain.  There are no points, but it is completed.

Then right after he completes is, he is abducted for round number two.  I think I have figured out that if the aliens are contacted they will either swarm the lot or there will be an abduction.  If the aliens don’t swarm, then there should be an abduction.  If the aliens swarm, then no abduction.  This may be wrong, but it is how things are working for Felix.

Felix really needs to stop taking the rocket ship out for a spin.

Felix contacted the aliens from work, and they came calling that night.  This is his third abduction.

After getting his feet back on solid ground, Felix heads down to the local bar for a drink.  It is a good thing they are open 24/7 around here.

Scoring: 30

  1. +10 Maxing Logic Skill (2.1)
  2. +10 Maxing Rocket Skill (2.1)
  3. +10 Maxing Scientist Career (2.1)
  4. +10 Get abducted by aliens 3 times (2.1)
  5. +10 First alien pregnancy (2.1)
  6. +5 Each additional alien pregnancy (2.1)
  7. +10 Marry an alien (2.2)
  8. +5 Have an alien best friend (2.2)
  9. +10 Build a Close Encounter Academy [non-residential lot] (2.3)
  10. +10 Visit Sixam for the first time
  11. +10 Not using any money cheats


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