Karma Academy: Chapter 6

Astraea rolls Music Lover to go with Genius and she rolls Master Vampire, which is impossible since she is an alien.  She will be working on Nerd Brain aspiration as a Young Adult so she is saving that one for later.   For now she will be switching between the other Knowledge aspirations doing what she can as a teen.

She will also be working to complete the last scouting badge – Outdoor Adventurer.

There still isn’t anywhere to fish, and only one frog spawning location, so she heads home to grill.

But grilling wouldn’t be grilling without at least one fire.

Astraea earns earns her promotion to Llamacorn scout, and I realize her bedroom needs to be updated to be more appropriate for a teenager.

Felix heads to work with high optimism that today is the day that he will receive his last promotion to level 10.  He works really hard completing all of the tasks he is assigned.  Well, not all of them.  But he stays busy and fills the beaker.

He even contacts aliens – but couldn’t they have sent someone younger?

Maybe he shouldn’t have taken all of the items that weren’t nailed down?

Or, spent the afternoon making a bunch of serums to stash in his inventory to take home?

Either way, he didn’t get his promotion today.  But, there is always tomorrow to try again.

Astraea learns the first rule of the house – if you break it, you fix it.

Felix has done it – he has completed his mission objectives.  Today he was promoted to Extraterrestrial Explorer, level 10 Scientist.  There is nothing left for him to do except turn over the reins to Astraea.

As the future heiress, Astraea gets the task to make the feast for Harvestfest.

They all pitch in to appease the gnomes.  Everyone is successful on their first attempt except for Cali on the very last gnome.  She then has to beg for forgiveness three times.

Teen age mood swings, we have them a-plenty.

Astraea needs to read three books, so she chooses skill books.  The first one is Fitness Vol 1: Put Down the Milkshake.  {no, I like my milkshakes}

The second book she reads is Cooking Vol 1: Let’s Cook.  {boring title}

The third book is Parenting Vol 1: Learning to Crawl.  {because I have parenting turned on for teens in MCCC because it is stupid they can’t learn it otherwise}  She doesn’t get to read it though because she is “too tired” and “needs to sleep”.

Felix and Cali have some fun while they kill time before work.  Felix has maxed out dancing, and maybe Cali also.  He is always dancing, whereas Cali is always painting.

Wow – Cali got an excellent opportunity, and of course she is going to take it.  She is about to become an elder and her time is running short.

She is an overnight sensation and finally one of these chance cards showers them with simoleans.  §5,534 to be exact.

Astraea tries again when she gets home from school – she has more success this time.  She reads the parenting skill book long enough for it to count as a book read, completing the aspiration tier.

But as soon as she reaches a stopping point she heads to bed to get some sleep.  It is a good thing she also came home with an A today, because her homework is going to have to wait.

Astraea completes the Prudent Student tier and begins working on Jack of Some Trades.  Since scouting counts as a career, she completes that and just needs level 4 in 4 skills.  She gets that for Cooking, Handiness, Painting, and logic.  Since she is now blocked by the requirement of becoming an adult, she switches to Computer Whiz.  She has played video games for five hours and will now need to practice programming for five hours.  {boring to watch, trust me}.

Astraea completes her prescribed course in programming and is happy to find out she gets to play video games next.

But first she tries out one of Felix’s needs fixer serums, which actually works for a change.  Very nice.

Two hours of very focused Sims – very nice.  Unfortunately, she has to switch back to programming because the only task remaining on the aspiration that she can complete as a teen is to make a video game or an app – which means she needs to build her programming skill to level 7.  She only has level 3 now, so it is a long road ahead, if she makes it that far.  She makes it to level 5 and 71% before she has to stop to take care of needs + go to her scouts meeting.

WTF are you doing over here?  How long have you been here, and why the hell aren’t you at home?  Cali got off of work ten hours ago and she looks like crap.  She also peed herself, apparently.

Cali comes home and reminds Felix that it is her birthday and she didn’t appreciate being forgotten last time.  She takes a nap while he makes her a cake.

Felix gets called out for another meeting with the guys in the sky.  They haven’t been calling as often, but they still call on occasion.

Felix and his dancing skills – he looks broken actually.

Felix brought all of the items he had invented back to work and made sure they were fully upgraded and then sneaked them out again.  He did virtually no work at work today.  But he is planning on taking a permanent vacation since he has 12 days built up and it is almost his elder birthday, so he is not really worried about his performance any longer.  They said he did a Terrible job and gave him a guilt trip about experiments exploding.  Whatever.

Felix calls when he gets home and schedules some time off.  It is time to begin using his vacation.

You have got to be kidding me.  All of the times the aliens abducted Felix, and he didn’t get pregnant.  Now he gets pregnant two days before he becomes an elder?  Seriously?

Let’s look at the rest of the household.  Cali is already an elder.  Felix will become an elder soon after the new baby is born.  There is only one sim remaining that will live long enough to raise the new baby, and raising her sibling was not in her plans.  But… it is +5 points for the challenge, so there’s that.  And that is what makes this game fun to play.

Astraea finally gets to level 7 in programming and begins to work on writing a plugin.  She should have made an app instead, so after making the plugin, she started on an app.  Once that was completed, she had reached the point in the Computer Whiz aspiration where she could no longer progress.  So, she is now done working on things until she becomes a Young Adult and moves out to begin her part of the challenge.

With nothing else to keep her occupied, Astraea takes up yoga.  Despite her skinny frame, she has quite the round little tummy.  Round enough, that I have checked several times to make sure she wasn’t miraculously pregnant.

Time passes, moving along at speed 3, and soon it is Winterfest.  Astraea is the cook again, this time making a Grand Feast of Ham.  Everyone enjoys the dinner and it strikes me that this is their last holiday together.  Well, except for New Year’s Eve, which isn’t the same.  And TV Season Premiere which sneaked into the calendar when I wasn’t looking.

Father Winter comes along and everyone gets a gift since there aren’t any children or toddlers to take priority.

Felix and Cali spend some quiet time together enjoying their Winterfest leftovers.

Felix pregnancy progresses and he soon has another daughter, Athena.

Felix and Astraea share a moment as they realize the time is coming soon where Astraea will move out.  Felix’s birthday to elder is the next day and Astraea will become a young adult the day after.  She will move out and take Athena with her at that time because Felix and Cali will not live long enough to raise Athena so it will fall to Astraea to take care of her sister.

They gather at the tree for one last family picture, before heading off to school and work for the last time.

For a sim that hates children, Cali ended up being a good stepmom.  Even more so since she was also a loner.

Astraea decides that yoga is great but she is going to try jogging to see if that works on her tummy.  Of course, nothing works if you only do it once.  So they say.

New Year’s Day brings Felix’s birthday.  He is now an elder.

That evening they celebrate the holiday as a family.  This is truly their last holiday because the next day is Astraea’s birthday along with Athena’s birthday.  After the fireworks, everyone goes to bed.

It is the first day of spring and a double birthday celebration.  Astraea rolls Good, Genius, and Music Lover.  Her aspiration is a knowledge aspiration as required by her mission objectives.  She also has the Physically Gifted, Mentally Gifted, Creatively Gifted, Top-Notch Toddler, and Responsible traits.  Her knowledge aspiration gives her the Quick Learner trait.  She has about 8,000 aspiration points to spend on traits once she moves to her new home.

She helps the Independent Athena out of the bassinet and steadies her for her first steps.

Astraea shows Athena how to put on her disguise.  And now it is time for Astraea to take over the challenge.

Scoring: 65

  1. +10 Maxing Logic Skill (2.1) -done
  2. +10 Maxing Rocket Skill (2.1) -done
  3. +10 Maxing Scientist Career (2.1) -done
  4. +10 Get abducted by aliens 3 times (2.1) -done
  5. +10 First alien pregnancy (2.1) -Astraea
  6. +5 Each additional alien pregnancy (2.1) -Athena
  7. +10 Marry an alien (2.2)
  8. +5 Have an alien best friend (2.2)
  9. +10 Build a Close Encounter Academy [non-residential lot] (2.3)
  10. +10 Visit Sixam for the first time
  11. +10 Not using any money cheats -done


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