Karma Academy: Chapter 9

With the simoleons that Jayceon brings to the household, they are able to improve their situation somewhat.  Jayceon and Astraea will actually have a bedroom and a bed, while Athena will also get to move her belongings into a bedroom.  Astraea buys a rocket kit so she can begin building her rocket.  They get a full kitchen, dining, and living room along with two complete bathrooms.  Yes, they have definitely improved the living situation.  Now, if Astraea can just find her bed to get some sleep.

Just out of curiosity, let’s check out Jayceon’s disguise…  Yeah…  Jayceon is Materialistic, Erratic, and Outgoing.  His aspiration is Leader of the Pack so he also has the Gregarious trait.  Since his aspiration doesn’t require a career, he will be working on painting to beef up the household funds and it might as well count towards his career.

Morning comes and it is time to spend the rest of their money.  Jayceon starts off by cooking mac and cheese for breakfast.  Yum?

Then we realize that it is Athena’s birthday and her bar is already bubbling, so he makes her a birthday cake after he finishes eating.  She is excited and watches him mix up the batter.

Outside in the courtyard, Astraea spends the bulk of their savings as she starts working on the rocket.

The cake is ready and Athena is so excited she gives Jayceon a hug before blowing out the candles.  She really is happy that he is her caregiver now.

It is time to blow out them candles.

Athena rolls the erratic trait and the rambunctious scamp aspiration.  She definitely spent a lot of time with Jayceon.

Thanks, Jayceon.

Money, money, money.  Jayceon has some minutes to kill before leaving for work, so he runs to the orchard behind the house and harvests the lemon and cherry trees.

Home alone, Athena plays with her one single toy and watches TV.  She really needs to play on a jungle gym while playful, but because I don’t like traveling very often, there will be no traveling while anyone is at work.  So she does other skills.

She does remember to join the scouts and she heads over to the pond to get in some fishing.  Not enough to actually catch any fish, just enough to check off the badge requirements.

Astraea and Jayceon come home without promotions, so they have just enough to pay the bills for the week.

And just enough for Jayceon to actually start learning to paint.

Astraea needs to level fitness so she spends the rest of the evening jogging since they don’t have enough to buy fitness equipment.  Yet.

Jayceon and Astraea have finally discovered that they are both aliens.  Funny how woohoo reveals such secrets.

Morning breakfast with special stories.  Erratic sims are terrific story tellers and they have captive audiences.

The family has their first breakfast together.

Athena heads for her first day at school and Astraea spends the day working on the rocket since she has the day off.  Jayceon paints until he has to leave for work.

With the rocket finished, Astraea heads out for a jog or three to finish leveling her fitness skill for her next work promotion.

Once that is done, she takes the rocket up for her first trip into space.  Here’s hoping that she comes back safely and the rocket comes back in one piece.

Jayceon comes home with a promotion to Art Book Collator and a tiny bonus.

Athena heads back out to the pond to fish for actual fish this time.  She homes home with four fish that she sells for §43

Astraea demonstrates that she is her father’s daughter.  She brings back the rocket in many, many pieces.

Thankfully, she is able to crawl away from the crash.


Thankful to be alive, she asks Jayceon to celebrate with her.

Athena packs up her fish and runs home.

As I was re-reading Jenn’s Vatore CEA (looking for something, I can’t remember what), I remembered that Astraea needed to get pregnant with her first baby in the rocket.  So after making sure she hadn’t accidentally already gotten pregnant (she hadn’t), she and Jayceon got busy repairing the shattered rocket (there went another §1,000).

Once the rocket was ready to fly, she and Jayceon went for a ride.  Twice.

That is another mission objective completed.    All that remains is to fully upgrade the rocket and to find an alien best friend.

The notification finally came – Felix has died.

Jayceon creates a club for his aspiration and fills it with aliens.  During the gathering Athena starts doing mean things and ends up in time out.  After meeting all of the aliens, and talking with them, Astraea knows who she wants to become best friends with – now she just has to make the time to actually become her friend.

Jayceon earns another promotion – go Jayceon!


Athena has completed 3/9 badges and earns a promotion to Unicorn Scout.  She is still very sad about Felix though.

Athena doesn’t use her bathroom.  The nice big bathroom connected to her bedroom.  No, she walks to the other side of the house, and kicks Jayceon out of the small, tiny, little bathroom so she can pee.

After fifteen minutes in build mode trying to remember why I was in build mode, Astraea buys a woodworking table so she can build something for her aspiration.

Jayceon also begins working on charisma.  While it might be faster building the skill in practice, I can’t ever seem to figure out which friendly actions actually build the skill.  So, practice in the front the mirror.  And, go.

Yeah, Astraea is her father’s daughter.  Someone please take the tools away from her.  On the other hand, she did complete the bar stool and has moved on to the next tier of her aspiration.  She now has to launch or upgrade the rocket five times.  She can’t do either at the moment – she can’t launch while she is pregnant and she doesn’t have the money to upgrade.

Astraea went ahead and made a second stool to go with the first one so she would have a matched set for the bar, even though they don’t actually go with the rest of the kitchen furniture.

Jayceon moves the easel into one of the spare rooms and plans on turning it into a studio.  Astraea is taking another spare room as her office, assuming they ever have the money for the furniture to furnish them.

Athena and Jayceon are still close.

Pregnancy is hard on Astraea.  She will be so glad when this baby is born.

Hello, Monster-Under-the-Bed.

Athena hasn’t made friends, but is on speaking terms.  And every time she thinks of the monster she gets excited and can’t sleep.  So Astraea spends some more money to put in the nightlight.

Astraea was working on another upgrade when she went into labor.  It is baby time.

She has a girl – Miranda.


While Astraea heads back out to finish working on the rocket and Jayceon is at work, Athena plays with Miranda.

With the current upgrade completed, Astraea rolls the dice and goes for three more launches.  She can’t afford any more upgrades, so fingers crossed.  3/5…


And not only is this 5/5, but she has also maxed out rocket science with this last launch into space.

Now she needs to finish maxing out logic – 8/10 and fix or upgrade five objects for her aspiration.  For her career she needs to max out fitness.  For her mission objectives, she just needs an alien best friend.

Scoring: 85

  1. +10 Maxing Logic Skill (2.1) -done
  2. +10 Maxing Rocket Skill (2.1) -done
  3. +10 Maxing Scientist Career (2.1) -done
  4. +10 Get abducted by aliens 3 times (2.1) -done
  5. +10 First alien pregnancy (2.1) -Astraea
  6. +5 Each additional alien pregnancy (2.1) -Athena
  7. +10 Visit Sixam for the first time (2.2)
  8. +10 Marry an alien (2.2)
  9. +5 Have an alien best friend (2.2)
  10. +10 Build a Close Encounter Academy [non-residential lot] (2.3)
  11. +10 Not using any money cheats -done


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