Kat’s Kisses, Chapter 1

This is going to be my fourth attempt at the Sweet Lips challenge. I believe I know where I went wrong the first few times – trying to rushing, trying to do too much, used a male instead of a female. Yeah, I know that I prefer to play the girls. But I had tried previously to use a guy so he could woohoo without the chance for babies. But despite Hunter’s fine qualities, I just didn’t connect with him. So this time I am going to start with a female.

I am not even going to create this female. Instead, I will be using one of the Maxis created sims available on the Gallery.

Kat Jenkins

  • Traits: Romantic, Creative, Goofball
  • Aspiration: Serial Romantic

According to Kat’s biography on the Gallery:

Quirky, creative, a hopeless romantic… Kat is a sweetheart who has aspirations to chase a career in fashion. Her dark secret: She’s obsessed with dinosaurs and other buried secrets. While part of her would like to give up fashion and pursue archaeology, it’s a little out of her comfort zone. For now, she’s content to collect as many dino-curios and fossils as she can and display them around the house… or is she?

Kat is going to be taking a chance with this new life, and she will be exploring the jungle and the temples as a way to support her dreams. Her plan is to become a freelance archaeologist and make enough money from authenticating artifacts to build a good life for herself. She doesn’t plan on getting married or having children, because, there are so many sims out there to kiss.

After an extensive makeover – seriously though, as a fashionista she needs more than just one outfit. So she has many outfits. And she also has an empty lot in Newcrest – Optimist’s Outlook, which is in Ridgeline Drive. This is actually a new neighborhood for me as I usually use the biggest lot – Twin Oracle Point in Llama Lagoon. Optimist’s Outlook is also a lot cheaper than Twin Oracle Point and just a little smaller.

As soon as she lands on her new home lot, Kat calls and makes plans to travel to Selvadorada. She has to have a life to consists of more than kisses, so she is going to the jungle. She is also going to be an Archaeologist anyways, so might as well get started.

Realizing that she is not properly dressed for the jungle, Kat changes into something a little more appropriate.

Then it is time to head over to the marketplace. She has to view the statue and eat some food, then buy everything on the tables, and make friends with some locals, and master the Selvadoradian Culture skill.

O. M. G.

Chatting up to level 5 in their culture, and everyone was bored by the time she was done.

She also had to change clothes again as it is really hot today, and I would rather she not die on day 1. Although, then I would be the only person to finish the challenge with negative points.

With some time to kill while she is waiting on the market vendor to come back, Kat scopes out her first target. Juan Estaban Barrueta. There should be points for the length of this name.

He falls for her charms and might just get to be her boyfriend so that she can work on the Serial Romantic aspiration. But for now, she wants to get that kiss.

As she gets the first kiss of her sim life, and the first kiss of this challenge, she finds out that Juan is unflirty. Could not tell because he accepted every flirt she threw out there. When she asked about his career, he told her he is a Stay-at-Home Dad, and it shows up in the career field, so counting those points.

Kat spends the entire first day getting to know other sims. She doesn’t get any more kisses, but her time is coming.

She needs some sleep before she heads into the jungle. Generally we come for a 24 run to the temple, but since she is also working on archaeology, and there is no reason to go home yet, she will be staying for up to 7 days, depending on how things work out.

She also needed to get her fun up – apparently she wasn’t having fun talking to the other sims.

And she is off. To explore. To excavate. To lose most of her machetes.

She excavates all that she finds, and her bags are getting full.

Bugs or bees of some kind.

She makes a quick pit stop to uncover the first artifact, but she doesn’t work on the authentication yet.

Something scare the piss right out of her.

She introduces herself to the skeleton to see if romance is an option. It is not.

She is having a rough time with this last set of puzzles. She passes out, gets poisoned, and then picks the wrong choice 7 times. She is lucky to still be alive.

She reaches the innermost chamber of the temple, and it was a good run. She has a calendar plate and two golden frogs.

Back to the rental to clean up, eat, and sleep.

The good thing is she beats back the poison. She is heading to bed, and do not even get in her way.

While she waits for the temple to reset (24 hours), she begins to work on collecting some kisses. Father Winter looks lecherous and Kat looks really ughh.

But she gets to work, and Father Winter is very receiptive.

She snags a kiss and sends him home. Not sure if this will hurt or help her chance at a great Winterfest present now.

She calls up the next target and because it is getting late in the evening, she invites Danna out to the museum. How have I missed the fact that there is a museum behind the bar?

Not that Kat is going inside the museum. Danna is also unflirty and she carries the career of Stay-at-Home Mom. That takes care of that career for both genders.

Kiss #3

I think Danna is her girlfriend now, because she is going to need 8 total to complete Serial Romantic, so might as well collect those as she goes along also.

While deciding where to go next, Kat notices that Lily Feng is staying in the cabin next door.

Lily runs hot and cold and it takes awhile for Kat to get her in the mood.

Seriously, Lily.

Finally, Lily becomes #4. Lily is CEO in the Business Management career.

Since Kat needs two dates, she might as well have one with Lily, now that they are girlfriends.

The next day in the market, Kat runs into Victor, who is wondering where his wife is – Kat knows nothing.

Switching back to the Archaeology aspiration, Kat authenticates two artifacts before seeing a sim she simply must meet. Actually, she had to pee and ran into the sim afterwards.

Diego! If only Kat could get married, Diego will be the one.

Back to Paulina. She is a Scientist, Lab Technician, so Kat wants to get her kissed and checked off.

Paulina doesn’t give Kat any kind of trouble.

And I forgot to get the picture of the kiss. Kat is not happy with me at the moment. She really wants to sleep before making another run through the jungle. She will only make the two runs for this trip, but she has started working on her kisses, so there is that.

So, I had to get this posted in June so that this challenge will be eligible for the summer fete challenge medal this year. Of course, now I have to complete the challenge.


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