Kat’s Kisses, Chapter 2

It is early Friday morning and Kat is about to head out into the jungle. But first she is trying to raise her fun, so that she will have a good, green, head of steam.

She makes a quick trip to the marketplace, which ends up not being that quick. But she picks up some supplies she didn’t have before.

Well! Apparently the 24 hours the temple needs to rearrange is a lie, since it has not been 48 hours and it is still locked. So, she is going to run the path looking for dig sites instead, and then she is going back to Newcrest. Normally, after completing the temple, my sims go home and then come back as that also resets the temple. And a lot faster, apparently.

She takes the archaeology aspiration as far as she can and then switches back to jungle explorer and works on completing the current tier.

Once she has defended against two natural dangers, she can go back to Newcrest.

Back to her empty lot, and it is time to sell the three money items.

She got a lot of celebrities checking out her items. While everyone was chatting, Nancy swooped in to bought the calendar plate.

Down to one last frog, and getting cold, and she changed into the wrong outfit.

She is warm and Katrina and Mila are considering the last frog. Who will get it?

No clue, but it is bought and Kat is done with the yard sale. She now has §123,678 in savings. And she really wants to sleep.

Kat buys one of the expensive sleep pods and then immediately has to repair it since electronics and rain don’t play well together.

She builds a box house to bring the sleep pod inside, and doesn’t do anything else to the “house” because she isn’t ready for that.

Sleeping in the pod.

Apparently she left a pile of trash on the floor so she is now bitching at herself. Not that she even has a trash can, but whatever.

She needs something fun to do, so it is time for some woohoo. L. Faba, who is now L. Ortiz, is her booty call of choice. L. doesn’t know that yet though.

She makes her moves.

She gets her kiss. L. is a spellcaster without a job.

Then she gets her woohoo.

That is a long way to fall out.

After L. she runs into Grace Anansi, and Grace has a job, so Kat makes her moves.

She gives her a rose, and then Grace poofs home.

That meant Kat had to track her down since she no longer lives in her original house.

More woohoo and then Kat needs a bath.

After Grace, Kat locates Lilith in the new Eco town.

I love Lilith and so does Kat. But then Kat loves all the ladies.

Geoffrey enjoys the show as he walks by. Just wait, Kat will be coming for Nancy also.

More woohoo. This time Kat needs to sleep and eat.

Sleeping is allowed but Lilith got mad with Kat tried to cook. Of course, the stove did catch on fire.

The fire was fortuitous as Kat gets to meet one of the new firefighters.

Kat’s reputation is Pristine, by the way.

Not wanting to piss off Lilith, Kat takes Catherine home.

Another kiss.

More woohoo.

She needs 10 kisses, and she considers hitting up her past kissees in order to complete that part of the aspiration. But she is having trouble getting one to leave before the next one shows up.

Then, while Lily stands out at the sidewalk and watches, Kat gets a random visitor. No clue what Lia wanted when she came over, but…

She enjoyed what she got.

[kissing sounds]

Kat runs out to get a quick repeat kiss from Lily just as Lia leaves. No one was upset though.

I have been trying to get Kat back to the jungle, but there are so many sims walking by. She sees the pizza delivery specialist, and sends Lily home so she can catch Fallon Valentin. Yes, that is her name.

She now has the Enchanting introduction.

For the aspiration, this counts as a kiss. I haven’t been counting this for the challenge though. She has to get a real “first kiss” for the challenge.

Diego is also enjoying the show.

Diego! Millionaire Diego! Enchantee! She didn’t get to kiss Diego yet because she really, really had to pee.

So she left for Selvadorada, and upgraded her choice of a house. This one is really nice inside and fairly expensive.

She successfully makes some dinner, and then she goes to bed.

Kat runs to the marketplace, because she can’t head out into the jungle without doing so.

While she waits for other sims to show up, she works on her archaeology.

Of course, she also works on her archaeology as she explores the jungle. This jungle run isn’t as rewarding as the first one, but she keeps collecting.

She is able to assemble a relic, but this is a Totecallama Death Relic so she won’t be using it on herself. She collects the pieces and parts for three Balampalsoh Watcher Relics (Blessings of Wealth).

The first few traps she figures out quickly. The last trap she didn’t do as well and ended up trying all of the options before finally getting past.

But she is done, and collects her treasures, and goes home.

Two calendar plates to sell this time, and she has enough to build her a real home.

I thought Nancy was going to snatch the last plate up like she did last time.

But the random dude between Victor and Mele took it. With her major treasures sold, it is time to build the house.

“Build” meaning download from the gallery, because I wasn’t feeling the building today. This is one of the few houses that I have downloaded and not made a lot of changes. It is completely open and not at all cluttered. Kat adds a space out back for the archaeology table, and she moves in.

It is time for more kisses and maybe some aspiration completions.

Mele is Kat’s next target – she was the last one to leave when the yard sale ended. And she is a Line Cook in Culinary.

Kat is also now 19/20 kisses and 17/20 friends.

After finishing with Mele, Kat works on refining her rare crystals so that she can complete the relics.

Then she is back to complete some aspirations and get some more kisses.

Victor takes the rose – but then nobody has refused the rose.

Kat gets her kiss and then sends Victor on his way.

At some point she will begin breaking up with her many girl and boy friends. But for now, she is just avoiding them all.

Kat is working her way through her contacts – calling over the ones that have something unique to offer – a career, NPC, or occult. Okay, the only occult she has left are the mermaids, and she hasn’t met them yet.

Rocio is high up in the painting career.

I told Kat to send Rocio home, but first they decided to have some fun. I was just crossing my fingers that Rocio doesn’t get over exerted.

Guadelope is the market vendor that kept serving Kat food at the food stall in Selvadorada.

Kat has completed Serial Romantic! That is her first aspiration.

She takes a break for some food, and then calls up there more sims so that she can complete Friend of the World.

These three will all be contributing kisses, just not tonight. Tonight she is just looking for three friends and one BFF.

Nancy gets the honor of becoming her BFF, while Geeta cheers for them in the background. She has completed Friend of the World, aspiration #2.

Nancy and Diego are sent home, and that means Geeta is up to bat.

She is game for whatever Kat has in mind.

It really doesn’t take long any more for Kat to get her kiss. And then she sends Geeta home and Kat calls it a night.


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