Kat’s Kisses, Chapter 3

Kat gets a good night of sleep and now she will be focusing on finishing up the archaeology aspiration.

She is still working her way through the artifacts in her inventory, trying to find five excellent ones. Most of them are not excellent.

When she reaches a point of needing fun, she goes through her contacts looking for a new target, that has something to offer.

Bess Sterling came with the new Eco Lifestyle pack and she offers the Civil Designer career.

Of course, since Kat is wanting something fun to do, she and Bess give the hot tub a whirl.

It is time to vote for the community goals, and Kat is voting for Free Love this week.

She also has several of the relics that offer the Blessings of Wealth, so she uses them all on herself and sells the ones that don’t give her money.

She couldn’t pass up the Astronaut walking by, even though she really needs to be authenticating her artifacts.

There is the rose.

And then the kiss. And then she asks him to just be friends.

While she is at it, she also asks to be just friends with Guadelope and Bess.

She takes a break from the artifacts and heads out to find a mermaid. None of them are living in Sulani, and Ukupanipo is the first one she locates.

Things seem like they are moving along just fine.

And then he rejects her flirt and her rose.

There is a lot of embarrassment, but she continues trying.

As soon as she has the kiss, she just friends him and leaves.

Back at her house, she is so close to completing Fabulously Wealthy, that she goes through her inventory looking for items to sell until she reaches the §200,000 earned. Then she calls another contact with the goal of having some fun. And that is aspiration #3.

Valentina comes over and Kat gets her kiss.

Then she gets some woohoo. At this point, she receives a notification that she has broken up with Lia. Alrighty then.

The next time Kat uses one of the relics, it shatters. That happens but this is the first time I have caught it on camera.

Not sure how the stereo is broken since she hasn’t had a chance to use it yet.

Kat calls Nancy over to up their relationship.

Nothing like having a cheering squad while you are trying to romance your best friend.

Yeah, so that didn’t go well. I know I am beginning to hurry and not doing the romance in the correct order.

Finally! Nancy gets added to the list.

Then there is the fun activities.

As she is now on the last tier of the archaeology aspiration and at level 9 in archaeology, Kat decides to write the skill guide for her aspiration. Thankfully, it is good enough the first time.

Then, she is still wanting a break from the authenticating, so she snags a kiss from Patricio, Villain [redacted].

She hires a maid and when he shows up, angry, she gives him §100 tip to calm down.

Eugene gives up the kiss and then leaves without cleaning.

As Eugene is leaving, the mail carrier shows up.

It seems like he knows how to play this game.

Ashaya joins the list, and then heads inside to try to break the stereo.

Kat sends him on his way and calls to order pizza. While she is waiting on the pizza, she also calls for the Eco Inspector – Nigel.

Kat ordered pizza three times, and finally it arrives. Fallon gave her the pizza delivery kiss earlier, and it looks like Fallon has moved on in her life.

Kat needs to give an archaeology lecture to complete her aspiration, so she invited Baako.

Done. Archaeology Scholar aspiration + Mastered Archaeology = Career Complete.

Kat takes a picture with Baako to commemorate the achievement.

Then she gives him a kiss as a thanks, and send him home. She is an equal opportunity kisser, but she is only woohooing sims that cannot get her pregnant.

Pizza for breakfast, yummy.

Kat needs to attend the bar nights on Tuesday (aliens) and Wednesday (ghosts), and since the aspiration she has left required traveling back to the jungle, she is working the kisses today. Diego is an Art Critic.

She heads over to the bar earlier and makes sure she knows everyone that shows up.

They are definitely not social distancing.


She is excited to see that the first alien that shows up is female. Someone is getting lucky tonight.

She immediately leaves and takes Wiki home.

They have a great evening.

There are kisses.

And there is the hot tub.

Which means there is hot tub woohoo.

The next morning Paka’a walks by so Kat gets them added to the list.

With another day to kill until Ghost Night at the bars, Kat continues to work through her contacts.

Arihi is the Mixologist NPC from the bar last night.

Lilliana is the career Mixologist, Head Mixologist.

And she is pregnant, and while she isn’t the only one and won’t be the last one, she is the only one that Kat takes the time to check it out.

Candy adds Entertainer, Open Mic Seeker. I have the full list if anyone is interested in seeing it.

After Candy comes Fetia, who is listed as NPC Bar Regular.

Yep, okay.

It is time for the ghosts, and the first one to show up is Ekram Elderberry.

Kat waits for the second ghost, which is Felix Psyded, who came with University, I believe. She can’t invite him away from the bar so they went outside for privacy and both of the military soldiers followed them out.

Finally. That makes all of the permanent life states except Servo, and she is not spending the time to make one.

All of the elders have started dying, or have died. These are all premade Maxis sims.

No clue, other than Yolanda is a scientist in StrangerVille.

Kat runs down at kisses Erwin, who is listed as Curio Shop Owner, NPC.

Then she catches one of the Military Personnel, out of uniform.

Now she gets a kiss from Yolanda, StrangerVille Scientist.

This is the librarian.

And she finds a Conspiracy Theorist.

Sadness has invaded because when the elders started dying, that included all of the ones she had kissed.

She decides it is time to head back to the jungle and work on completing Jungle Explorer and The Curator.


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