Kat’s Kisses, Chapter 4

I just wanted to start this chapter off with the information that Kat is still a young adult with six days until her Adult birthday. She will most likely spend all of this time in the jungle running the temple exploration.

Kat picks up the Blessing of Skeletal Transfiguration and gets a moods boost for most of the temple run.

She meets another skeleton and initially had romantic options. Once she introduced herself, the romantic options disappeared.

She struggles with one of the traps and takes several hits. Thankfully, she survives them.

After clearing the temple, she focuses on the excavations until it is time to go home. She needs to complete a collection, and is only missing two of the Ancient Omiscan Artifacts, both Common so they should be “easy” to find.

Back home she eats, sleeps, and authenticates the vase and mask, but neither are the ones she needs. She sends all the knives and statues to let someone else authenticate them.

Umm, okay. Of course she told them to have a baby. Duh!

Kat heads back to the jungle and it is possible this will be her last trip. She is close to completing both Jungle Explorer and The Curator, it just depends on what treasures she finds.

Oh, she is already home. I guess I didn’t take any pictures while she was there, but she literally excavated and cleared the temple and then came home. It was a good trip as she completed Jungle Explorer.

While she is working on the artifacts she brought home, she hires a repair technician to repairs the stupid stereo, which is broke again.

Of course, she has to collect her kiss from the repair technician. And then she finished going through her inventory, scheduled a day to collect easter eggs, and completed The Curator. She has two complete collections – the eggs and the ancient artifacts.

Apparently, Kat is not opted out of fame and she is now a one-star celebrity.

Kat has finished cleaning out her inventory, caught up on the backlog of authentications, scheduled herself on long term leave, and it is her birthday.

Nancy comes over to help her celebrate, and they talk for awhile while Kat is making the cake.

Strawberry cake, which I won’t eat, but think it looks really good.

Nancy pops the confetti and the timing is perfect for a change. Kat is now a full adult.

So the Neighborhood Action Plan is Free Love. I have been seeing this happen a lot. Randomly.

Kat remembers that she has some expensive frogs to sell, so she starts a yard sale, and then I have to fight to keep her out there.

Finally that is done, she has ~§300,000 in savings. It is time to eat and figure out the next step of the plan.

While she is waiting to hear if she has been accepted into university, she snags a few more kisses. Meredith Roswell.

Mila Munch whatever her last name is now.

Geoffrey Landgraab.

Kat enrolls in university and spends all day Friday doing homework for all four classes, and her project, and writing her term paper.

She creates her presentation and then works on it until it is excellent.

She went to a couple of classes on Research and Development.

Then she worked in front of the mirror for awhile. She was able to reach level 3 before quitting. The Academic aspiration requires level 7 for completion, so she has a little ways to go.

She also bought a treadmill when she noticed her ass was a lot wider than it used to be. She is thinking that maybe she should hire a personal trainer.

The last thing she does for the weekend is to write, and rewrite, her term paper. She submits it Saturday evening, and calls it a week.

Pizza at midnight is one of the reasons her ass is spreading. It is time to deal with that.

She starts off on the treadmill, and since she has completed all of her school work, this is pretty much her Sunday.

Looks familiar, but in my defense, I didn’t realize the step down was so deep.

She needs to check out a gym so she hits a few of them looking for a gym trainer. She finds a paparazzi.

No shame at all.

It takes a few gyms before she finds a gym trainer that doesn’t get pissed when she starts flirting. And there aren’t other sims joining in the conversation making it awkward.

Becca Clarke is the current Gym Trainer in Windenburg (pretty sure that was the last one she went to…)

After her first day of classes, Kat heads back to campus for one of the evening lectures. And this is what she sees when she arrives.

Leaving the fun of the commons behind her, she heads over to the building for the lecture.

Kat buys one of the special computers for her house so that she can research in the comfort of her own home.

Her time on the treadmill is also having a positive result.

She shows up at the university for the nightly lecture, which ended up not counting towards her aspiration. There is a group of Debate Members standing there and since she has time before the lecture, she greets one of the sims.

And then she adds another kiss to her list.

Kiss and Run Kat.

Back home, the next day, it is Winterfest. Kat is still going to class, but first she opens a present. It is a cookie jar.

After class, she is making a grand feast when Father Winter shows up. She has already counted a kiss from Clement as Father Winter, so he is not kissable for the challenge.

However, he is kissable for other reasons.

Yeah. I have never had a baby with Father Winter before. I know this is going to cost her 50 points in the challenge. But I just gotta. Also, Father Winter is the only male she has woohooed. All of her other parents have been female in order to prevent pregnancy.

All that confetti means a loss of 50 points. But I am happy about it.

Kat still has to complete her school work and finish this semester.

She is looking for strawberries and heard a rumor that they can be found in the city in winter.

She freezes her ass off walking to the food stand and is happy to hear that they do have strawberries.

After making her purchase, she heads home.

She ate the strawberries, and now she is back on the treadmill. She will have to take a break from working out soon, but until then, she continues.

Now to repeal the NAP that turns off the water for 12 hours periodically.

Britechester University Mascot. Unfortunately, Kat doesn’t have time to do the kisses, and then she realizes that the mascot is Sade, her Debate Member kissee. Not sure if that changes each semester or each time, so she will be watching.

Her final grades for the first semester are in, and she did great.

Starving! She has finally completed the three lectures for the aspiration and is moving to the next tier.

With the weekend free, and the baby not due until Sunday morning, Kat begins working on her homework for the next semester.

After her homework, she follows the same pattern as for the first semester. She begins working on her presentation.

She works on her term paper.

Then, in honor of the incoming baby, and because baths are much more relaxing, she adds a tub and takes a bubble bath.

For New Year’s Eve she watches the shows and makes the resolution and still has an awful time thanks to getting glitched out.

She goes into labor right after midnight, which might be why she glitched out.

Despite being in labor, Kat is able to complete her presentation and she thinks it is pretty excellent, if you ask her.

Still waiting for the birth, so she attempts to eat some edamame. Whatever that is.

The baby has arrived. It is a girl, like that is a surprise, and her name is Spring Jenkins-Frost.

After giving birth and getting Spring settled, Kat finishes up her term paper, submits it, and goes to bed.

Kat needs to go to a skills class for parenting, so she calls in a nanny to watch Spring while she is out.

Of course, the first priority is getting a kiss from the nanny.

Then she is off.

The nanny enjoys playing with Spring, and apparently Spring is enjoying it also.

When she gets home, while the nanny is still there to watch Spring, Kat begins calling up her romantic interests and friends-zoning them all.

The nanny is gone, the house is empty except for the two of them, so it is time for Kat to get her dance on.

This sim, a Maker NPC of some kind from the new eco pack, comes by to check on Kat. Timing sucks as Kat was literally running out the door to class so she couldn’t even take the time to introduce herself.

Time passes quickly and it is soon time for Spring to become a toddler. Kat has school today, so she wants to get Spring out of the bassinet before she has to leave.

Spring Jenkins-Frost. Independent and Father Winter’s Baby. Although I read that the trait only gives 50% boost to Whims that are completed.

Even though she is independent, Kat gets her into the potty first thing. Spring is waiting for Kat to leave, because she got this.

Then I noticed the real reason Spring wants Kat to leave the bathroom…

Since playing in the toilet is not a preferred activity, Spring is redirected to the bun bun that Kat earned when she completed the eggs collection.

She stops at the potty several times, but she also goes outside to play on the slide.

This semester Kat has a big break between her Tuesday and Thursday classes, so she is about to head back to the second class. Spring has reached the end of her good behavior for the day and she will be going to bed as soon as she finishes eating.

Good food makes a happy tummy, and Cyrus puts her to bed with a story.

He could go now as Kat is back, although she is working on her homework, so maybe he should stay a little while longer.

Homework is done, so with a tuck-in for the little, it is time for Kat to get some sleep also.


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