Kat’s Kisses, Chapter 5

Kat is halfway through her second semester and just under two weeks from becoming an elder. She is going to be cutting it close to get Spring to a teen before she dies. I am not even going to hold my breath that Spring can become a young adult.

That sad face is for the pee on the floor. Kat’s sad face is because she is friends with so many elders and they are all dying. Oh, and Spring mastered the potty.

After the potty, Spring masters communication, and then she plays with Kat for a little bit and gets her movement up to level 4.

She is exhausted and wants to go to sleep, but first Kat must read her a book, and then read her a story so that she can fall asleep. This gets her imagination to level 2.

Kat catches the last of her lovers and now everyone is friends only, except the sims that are already ghosts. She can’t exactly invite them over.

I am losing track of time but I think it is still Wednesday.

While Kat is at school, and the nanny is making more food, Spring is working on her creativity.

And her temper tantrum throwing.

Cyrus doesn’t want to listen to it so he puts Spring down for a nap.

Explain this to me – she was already in bed and asleep.

Kat gets her back to bed, but this won’t be the last time today.

After a glitch with the last caterer, Kat finally gets Jesminder over to stock the fridge. And Jesminder is awesome, she made food and food and food.

Someone is not supposed to be up again.

Kat tracks her down and puts her back to bed. Again.

Kat and Spring are working hard to get through this week. Spring is aiming for Top-Notch Toddler, and then she will have her birthday, while Kat is working on those perfect grades. Kat only has one more day of classes remaining for the semester. Then she will work on completing the aspiration.

Spring is working on mastering creativity and Cyrus follows along behind her cleaning up the mess.

Almost have creativity mastered.


Spring is now following Kat around with the watching.

She has eaten every meal, just about, outside.

Kat works with her to get her to level 3, Happy Toddler. They are going to have to go to bed soon.

Yeah, I am not sure either. I mean, this is the Selvadoradian dance, whatever it is called.

Today is Love Day so Kat invites Lily over for the woohoo. Just completely ignoring the toddler asleep on the other side of the room.

As Spring starts to wake up, Kat and Lily take the fun out to the hot tub. Spring goes to the potty, does a great job, and throws a tremendous tantrum.

Oops, Lily doesn’t look so well.

Kat doesn’t seem to notice, and if she does, she doesn’t seem to mind.

Kat, go back and grieve for your lover, that you woohooed to death.

So now Kat is watching Spring, and Spring is watching Kat, and Grim is reaping Lily.

It is at this point that I realize what challenge Spring can do when she grows up.

She is going to become a Black Widow.

Kat was romancing Grim and then, damn! It is time for her finals. Hopefully she can call him back when she gets home.

Spring went in to talk to Grim, but he poofed away. She stood there and talked to empty air for way longer than she should have.

Of course once Kat gets home from school she is not able to call Grim to come back and visit.

And this is the result of her being late to the final exam. C-, but at least she got an A for the semester.

Spring masters thinking, and she becomes a Top-Notch Toddler. That means it is time for her to blow out some candles.

While Kat makes the cake, Spring chatters with Cyrus and dances with herself.

I love their cake faces.

Appropriately, Spring rolls Erratic. And she takes the social aspiration.

Cyrus hasn’t left yet, which is fine since he is helping Spring with her homework. Spring joined the scouts, did her homework, ate dinner, and went to bed. At some point, Kat dismissed Cyrus as his services are no longer needed.

Spring was rocking the social skill and she has already mastered it. On her second day as a child.

Kat needs to tutor five sessions, so this is where they plan on spending the day.

Spring is working on the social aspiration so she is meeting other sims. But then she needs a BFF, so she will wait until she meets another child.

Since she has some time to kill, she goes fishing. This completes another badge.

Kat is nowhere near being done, so Spring is heading home by herself.

And, done! Time to go home.

With the last semester about to start, Kat needs to get her homework, presentation, and term paper completed.

Oh, hey Lily. Welcome out.

So, I guess woohoo is not on the menu tonight. And for the record, today is New Skill Day, not Fight Your Dead Lover Day.

Twice! They had two fights. So, Kat was sent to bed, and I am considering releasing Lily to the wild.

And then, despite the two fights, there was woohoo.

The next day at school, Spring meets a couple of kids, and she ends up becoming best friends with Kaylie.

Umm, okay. Sure come on over, but pretty sure you didn’t raise her. This is actually the first time she has ever seen you.

Spring has completed the social aspiration and heads to bed.

Okay, there was food first, and then she went to bed.

Kat has been trying to get the last level of Research and Debate that she needs for the aspiration, and it is going so slow. So instead, she contributes knowledge to the database. Of Logic I believe, just in case it takes it away from her and doesn’t just share it. Not really sure what it does, but I will figure that out later.

Isn’t this over yet? Not until you die.

Spring completes her last badge, so she is now a Llamacorn Scout.

Not really sure what this is. But I think it was her homework originally.

Yeah, okay.

That is straight orange juice, there is nothing else in the glass.

Lily comes out and starts breaking everything, so Kat takes her to the hot tub as a distraction. It worked actually.

Then everyone is up now, because why would they want to actually sleep until morning. Lily begins making a cake.

I am surprised that she actually stayed with it until it was done. And as soon as she put that awful thing down, Spring was there to toss it in the trash.

What are you doing, outside in the storm?

See?!? Thankfully she wasn’t struck by lightning this time.

Springs comes home with an A, but not sure why she is in her scouting uniform since she quit the scouts once she completed her badges.

Today is the last day of class – Kat has two final exams and then she will be done.

I am not sure, but I think she is twerking? This is one way to kill the time between your exams.

Spring has completed the creative aspiration. That is all I am going to do with her as a child. I am thinking about growing her up early, but after Kat graduates.

I don’t know where those Bs came from because she did everything to a high standard, but whatever. The overall GPA is A so that is good enough for me.

Seriously, I don’t know where the mixologist certification came from. She did find her old homework so it wasn’t that after all.

And this will be how they spend their time now. She is pretty much done with the kissing and just waiting it out until the challenge ends.

Kat graduates from university and then takes a job as a Charity Organizer in order to complete the aspiration.

The focus transfers back to Spring and she is going to blow out her candles because I am really not doing anything else with her as a child.

As a teen, she adds Materialistic to Erratic and takes the Mansion Baron aspiration. I also realize that Kat and Father Winter did not make a really pretty daughter, but Spring definitely has a uniqueness about her appearance.

So back to figuring out what the purpose here is – it is a way to make money. Kat is paid for everything she contibutes.

She receives her diploma and hangs it on the wall across from her graduation photo.

And, O.M.G.

Really? Shit.

So that cost me 150 points.

-50 for the premature death and 100 points since it was not from Old Age. Technically it is considered Death by Overexertion. Apparently.

But the challenge is over now. So, yay?!?

Her points total was 1,060 points.

  • Aspirations completed: 7 = 175
  • Skills Mastered: 2 10-level = 40
  • Skills Mastered: 2 5-level = 20
  • Career Maxed: 30
  • Sims Kissed: 47 = 235
  • NPCs Kissed: 22 = 330
  • Occults Kissed: 5 = 100
  • Careers Kissed: 23 = 230
  • Penalty: Forbidden Nooboo = -50
  • Penalty: Premature Death = -50


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