Lacey Stiles, Celebrate Carnaval


This was a fast scenario, took 48 hours to complete and only because I took a little time first.

Celebrate Carnaval

Lacey Stiles – downloaded from the Gallery (Maxis)

Coorinberg Cottage – downloaded from the Gallery (aminarzq)


  • Feast: Cook Acaraje, Pao de Queijo, or Brigadeiro together with at least one other Sim.
  • Dance: Have a Sim Dance to Carnaval Beats
  • Party: Host a Party! Plan a Social Event through your phone

Lacey moves into her new party house located on the Coorinberg Cottage lot.  She has heard that this is an easy scenario to complete, and she expects to be done quickly.  With her choices between Feast, Dance, and Party, she decides to go for the Party.  She is a Party Animal after all.

The first thing Lacey does is to buy a Lottery Ticket.  This is the same world as Summer and Leila live and they finished the challenge on the day of the Lottery, so Lacey starts on the day of the Lottery.  Then Lacey heads over to the small park with the hopes of meeting 10 sims.  She will work on the beginning levels of the Party Animal aspiration before actually throwing the party.

While Leila’s friends are now all teens, Lacey is going to focus on meeting adults and young adults and will steer clear of the teens for her group of friends.  Rin Yamaguchi is her first acquaintance.

They take pictures to become friends and then the park is overrun with adults and young adults for Lacey to meet.  After completing the first tier of the aspiration – meeting sims and making friends, Lacey is pretty much ready for the party.

She begins planning for the Incognito Costume Party for the next day.  She has a quick meal and then heads to bed.

This looked gross and to be honest, I completely forgot what it was,  The prank not the toilet.

I didn’t have the option for flush so I sent Lacey to use the toilet, and it exploded of course.  She had to repair it and then clean it

Of course the day of the party is also Harvestfest, so Lacey does the gnomes and decorates the house and completes the holiday early.

She has the party scheduled for 2pm so she spends the morning cooking and making drinks.

Rin comes over for a few hours before the party and she and Lacey become best friends.

Time for the party.

Everyone is showing up and going straight for the gnomes.

Dude is heading to the stereo to dance, which is playing the Carnaval Beats. 

But even with a lot of dancers, the scenario doesn’t complete.

More food, more drinks, and the time is slowly winding down.

Then Lacey goes to dance and completes the scenario with the Dance option.  The Party is still active, so she finishes the party. After the party she cleans up the house, puts the food away, and heads to bed. She started on Wednesday and finished on Friday – 48 hours almost exactly.


Lacey and Rin taking pictures.


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